Wednesday, April 11, 2018

I Like Thursday #22

Wow this has been another insanely busy week. 

Last Friday another lady and I from the guild set up the raffle quilt at a store in downtown Monroe, during First Friday Fling  which is a local city's attempt at getting more people to frequent the businesses in the downtown business district.  No we didn't sell any tickets, it was cold and snowing (yes in April) so there was hardly any foot traffic.  But we set up in a very cute shop called Deez Beez Boutique.  The owner sells jewelry and clothes most locally sourced, but all made in the USA.  I saw this and thought it was cute. The older I get the more I like shopping local businesses even though they are a bit more expensive. 

There is a unicorn thing going on around our place so this just makes the boys roll their eyes.

I love old cars and I like to snap a picture when I see them out and about.

Impala.  Check out the opera window in the rear!

Camaro.  Love to see the old girls out and about.  Back when they made things to last.

I like Cabela's.  I like the taxidermy, but I always love their huge statues outside of their buildings.

Two bears fighting. 

Finally my fur babies.  Recently I discovered I had a leak in the roof and this blanket had plaster all over it from the leak.  I through it down the stairs.  Came downstairs and could not find it.  Bobbin had appropriated it.  Since I am not a fan of the microfiber blankets I thought it was alright that she liked it.  It was one of Jeff's favorites. 

How can you resist this sweet thing?

Finally Lucy and Bobbin have been fighting and wrestling a lot, but there have been some quiet moments of contemplation.

Lucy sat here and stared at the music for quite a while today.

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  1. Great things to like. Bobbin looks so comfy I want to join her and Lucy studying music great furkids nicecars I had an impala. Loved it

  2. She must be playing "It Might as well be Spring" kitty on the keyboard...hugs, Julierose

  3. Sorry to hear your raffle luck was bad, hopefully you all do better other days :) The pics of your fur babies made me smile this morning, thank you!

  4. Hi Colette,
    OMG - Bobbin asleep in that blankie - how adorable is that. And Lucy studying the sheet music - don't you just wonder what she was thinking??! I love old cars, too. It's just about time for them to pulled out of storage around our neck of the woods. If they've been restored (or not), they don't want to get road salt on them. Of course, more snow is due this weekend so maybe it's too early. ~smile~ Roseanne

  5. Since living with Tony who loves cars, I've learned to recognize so many now and especially the old ones. They're not built like they used to be that's for sure. That Bobbin photo is adorable.
    Still cool here with the odd snowflake in the air but amounting to nothing, at least.

  6. Your cat reading music is perfect. Hope the snow stops so everyone can get out and enjoy your downtown businesses. I had a big ole Impala back in the 70's-drove like a dream. And, I felt so safe in it. Love the old vehicles. Great post. mary in Az

  7. Love the photos of your animals today! Bobbin all snuggled up in the blanket - awwww! And the cat staring at the music is hilarious! Don't you wonder what she was thinking?

  8. Looks like Lucy is ready to play! lol. Love Bobbin all wrapped up in that blanket.

  9. I could make a poster of the cat music. Bobbin is so sweet in Jeff's favorite blankie. good luck with the roof. I like old cars, but really old like the 40's old. I rode around in many a camaro in my mis spent youth.

  10. I also love old cars. Took my drivers test in a Barracuda. Loved that car. Bobbin looks so comfy, makes me want to go nap. The cat and the sheet music, priceless.

  11. Ha..ha...I love the baby outfit - I want a t-shirt that says that. I am sure it would suit me!! Those fur babies of yours make me smile. Such cute photo's of them!

  12. Our pup also adopted one of those fleece blankets for his bed. They must feel cozy to them.

    Seeing the older cars on the road is always fun. The drivers always look like they are enjoying their day.

  13. Lucy at the piano is such a sweet picture and Bobbin under Jeff's blanket is as cute as anything I've seen today. It sounds like you've been such a busy lady. I think you need a vacation!

  14. Looks like Lucy is ready to play! lol. Love Bobbin all wrapped up in that blanket.



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