Thursday, July 8, 2021

Lots of Things to Like on Thursday #166

 I have been MIA the past couple of weeks.  Working a lot, traveling to see my family, and back to work and I added a teenager.  Lots of things to like and love which I will share through several weeks. 

The first couple of hot days we had in June I held out turning the A/C on, but when I finally said uncle....nothing....nada.....sigh.  I didn't want to pay for the A/C repairman to come so I decided to hold out until I get home.  Upon arriving home on Monday the 5th the temperature was in the 90's early.  I decided to try my hand at repair.  I remember the last time the repairman came he showed me where the fuse box for the A/C was, and how it worked.  He told me if it quit working the first thing I should do is check the fuses.  These are Buss fuses.  

I opened the fuse box and pulled these out.  

I needed to clean it out too since many bugs seemed to have taken up residence.  I ran to the local hardware store, and bought 2 new fuses.  Came home, put the fuses in and viola'!  I had A/C.  I was so stinkin' proud of myself!  I fixed it!

I love my little travel companion.  

Except for this trip she was much more demanding with the heat.  If it got above 85 she started panting, and practically demanded the A/C on.  I think next trip I will get some of those window shades for the side window. 

Bobbin was also not always happy with the pet accommodations in some states.

 I don't know if you see it, but it says rattlesnakes are native to this area.  In Nevada it was usually a dirt and rock packed area, and one sign actually warned of rattlesnakes, and scorpions.  

We camped one night since we could not find a motel.  We found a campground near a rest area.  We car camped.  It was a nice spot.

Except for this sign on the picnic table. 

I love this little tree frog that was in a bathroom in Northern California.  The tile was about 2 inches square so you can tell how big it was.

I am not too sure if I have shared this before, but this is the road to where Jeff is buried in my family cemetery.  

It is not easy to tell it, but this road is just a wee bit wider than my car.  On the right side of the car the drop off goes to the river and it is at least a 50-100 foot. 

I finished a quilt top finally.

I am very pleased with how it turned out.  Now to choose the next UFO to finish up.

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  1. So glad to see you back, Colette! Hope your dad is doing better. Glad you had a good trip, and a good traveling companion. Congratulations on fixing the AC- that's a good skill to have!

  2. Oh, excellent fix on the AC. That is great! Looks like quite a trip, and so many fun likes. Congrats on the finished quilt top. It looks lovely.

  3. Welcome back. What do you do on that narrow road if there's another car coming the other way? Hope your visit with family went well and the trip to Jeff's grave wasn't too upsetting.

  4. Love your pineapple quilt.gorgeous.kudos to you Miss Fixit. You go girl. Glad you are home safe from your trip.those bears probably wondering who been sleeping in their i mean

  5. Just a beautiful finish to your pineapple quilt, Rheema!! Love the vivid colors in it...great work hugs, Julierose

  6. Yes you should definitely feel proud of changing out those fuses and getting your AC to work! And going on a roadtrip too. Thanks for sharing photos...I'm a little freaky about the ticks this summer...can't imagine rattlesnakes and scorpions. Your pineapple quilt is a real beauty!!

  7. Oh my goodness for a GORGEOUS pineapple log cabin in bright happy colors!!
    Glad you had a nice trip except for the unpet friendly spots.

  8. Yay, for the a/c repairs! I’m sure you saved yourself a bundle. It looks like it was a good trip. Your Pineapple is really gorgeous.

  9. Little miss fix it, way to go 👍👍👍. Love your pineapple beauty.

  10. I love your pineapple quilt! It's gorgeous. I'm so glad you fixed your own A/C. I hate paying repair people. I'm glad you had Bobbin with you even if he was a bit fussy at times!

  11. Your pineapple quilt is! I have always thought you were a wonder woman, but now you've proved it to be so. Fixing your A/C is one thing, but clearing out all those scary bugs would have had me running and screaming. Rattlesnakes, scorpions, bears, and skinny roads definitely gives you a!!

  12. Hi Colette! You r.o.c.k. fixing that a/c issue yourself! Just think how much money you saved! And sweet Bobbin looks like the best traveling companion, albeit she looks a wee bit sleepy in that photo. Umm, I guess I wouldn't love the rattlesnake population nearby when I had to relieve myself either. Yikes, that narrow road looks scary yet one that needs to be traveled now and then. {{Hugs}} I know you traveled it. Great job on your pineapple quilt. I'll bet work was thrilled to have you back - just like me. ~smile~ Roseanne

  13. Great quilt top. Glad you got the A/C working. I don't do well without A/A either, Bobbin.


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