Wednesday, November 10, 2021

I Like Thursday #183

 Whew I made it to Thursday!  Welcome to my I like Thursday post, and a huge shout out to LeeAnna of Not Afraid of Color for encouraging us to find and share things we like/love during the week.  

It has been a long and exhausting couple of weeks, but I think I may catch a glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel.  I know this sounds like a crazy like, but I like that I feel confident enough to try to fix my current roof leak.  About 2 weeks ago I kept hearing a drip, drip.  I found it, unfortunately in my kitchen, it was leaking from the area where the ceiling and wall come together, and it dripped down between 2 cabinets and onto my gas stove top. 

Jeff always said the cabinets were solid oak.  I didn't think so, and unfortunately I was right, they are particle board so of course they started to expand.

I needed a couple of days where it was kind of warm, and not raining.  I think I found the leak, where the roof meets the side of the old part of the house.  I got out my trusty ladder, some silicone sealant and up I climbed.

I didn't see any cracks in the sealant, but what I did see is where the two houses meet at the eave was a crack, of course it is kind of behind the gutter too.  It looks like the sealant that was there has rotted away.  So I tried to seal it, and then filled it with expanding foam.  Hopefully it will take care of the leak.  

While I had the ladder out I cleaned the gutters too.  

I also checked my dryer vent.  How long since you cleaned our dryer vent?  

This is the gunk I pulled out of the vent. 

Of course while I worked I had a plethora of animals helping.  We have catnip all around the house, it grows wild and once it starts it is terrible to get rid of.  Well Cali found this patch and was tearing it up while I was working.  It made me chuckle, none of the other cats seem to bother with it, but she really likes it. 

When I first got Bobbin she was so tiny I couldn't find a doggie sweater to put on her so I found a bottle sweater which is used to wrap a wine bottle. 

Too bad she is a big girl now, she could be an advertisement.

And orange is definitely Bobbin's color!

I saw this calendar and it made me laugh.  Definitely describes me to a T.

In the past couple of weeks the only creative thing I accomplished was to get a block fused.  It is called Familiar and I wanted to make it for Halloween.  I guess I am a wee bit behind, or perhaps I am ahead for next year?

I have discovered when I am working a lot, I tend to curl up and read more.  I read several books this past week but the two I enjoyed the most are:

Murder at the Beacon Bakeshop by Darci Hannah.  Lindsey Bakeswell leaves her lucrative Wall Street job and a broken heart to purchase a dilapidated lighthouse in Beacon Harbor Michigan.  Her plan is to refurbish it and open a bakeshop.  But when opening day rolls around, who should roll into town but her cheating ex and the tart Lindsey found him with.  The Tart starts a small riot during the grand opening, snatching pastries off of customer's plates and coffee drinks out of their hands, and suddenly collapses.   It is discovered she has been poisoned so of course Lindsey is at the top of the suspect list. 

Well-Offed in Vermont by Amy Patricia Meade is the other book which I thought was great.  I loved the characters, and the dialog between Stella and Nick is awesome.  Stella and Nick buy a house and move to Vermont so he can begin his dream job working for the forest service.  Upon arrival to their home they discover a body in the well.  Unable to move in, unable to find a place to stay because of the leaf peepers, the Manhattanites are learning to survive at a deer camp which just happens to be owned by the proprietor of the local diner.  When Stella and Nick are informed they cannot move in until the murder is solved, they are quick to take matters in their own hands.  

Thanks for stopping by, and head over to LeeAnna's and check out the other I like Thursday posts.


  1. OMG, Colette! That ladder looks so scary! Be Careful! I hope you get your leak fixed. Water issues are a bummer! Replacing floor coverings will happen here after the new year! There’s a lot of “stuff” to be moved! *grimace*

  2. You are amazing, finding and fixing that leak! Mike likes that expanding foam stuff - hope it worked for you. I really like that block you fused together. Will you do some machine applique around the cat and other shapes? You are definitely ahead for next Halloween!

  3. Ugh - leaks can be hard to find! I hope you successfully sealed it! We cleaned out our dryer vent not long ago, and it was all gunky like that, too! Love that Familiar block. And sarcasm is a wonderful thing. :-)

  4. Just looking up that ladder makes my knees weak! I hope that was the end of the leak. I had a persistent bird making nests in my dryer vent this year. I hope it does not return this spring.

  5. That seems kind of courageous to go up a two floor house like that and fix that leak...hopefully. I like the way you try to solve these problems yourself first but ladders are scary. Imagine Bobbin tiny enough for a bottle sweater...actually grandson's dog could probably use one of them. She is itty bitty.

  6. Aw Bobbin was so tiny. You are woman hear you go girl

  7. You are so brave to go up on that ladder! I hate leaks. We had to get a new roof this year. The roof was 21 years old. Bobbin was so cute as a puppy! I hope you get to rest more!

  8. I so need that mug... home repairs suck, bobbin was tiny wasn't she? does catnip act like alcohol for cats?


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