Thursday, May 26, 2022

I Like Thursday #206

 I'm late for my 206th I Like Thursday post, but since I usually only post once a week I am determined to get it in.  Each week LeeAnna of Not Afraid of Color encourages us to find things we like/love during the week to share.  It can be books, food, movies, and so many other things.  Just things that make us smile, or lift our heavy hearts.  

My work schedule was changed, and so I am all thrown off, but what is really kind of amusing, my days off it has been raining, so no weed pulling or gardening for me.  I did wander out to see what was going on, other than the 3 feet high weeds which are taking over of the flower beds.

Lily of the Valley!  Oh I love these little flowers.  Their tiny delicate flowers, the lovely scent!  The bed where these flowers are is under a maple tree, on the west side of a garage.  The starts were brought to me by Jeff years ago, when a resident brought in several 5 gallon buckets full to dump.  It has taken over 6 years for these to establish.  I am always told that they are very invasive, but so far they have had a pretty slow start.

After I did a quick walk through of the yard, I spied the Columbine which seem to decide where they will grow each year.  

As you can see I have thistle already taller than the columbine.  

I saw this sign at work and it made me smile.

I have done a little sewing.  I was caught up with the Moda Blockheads 4 blocks until Wednesday.

Moda Blockhead 4 block 8 4.5 inch

Moda Blockhead 4 block 8 9 inch block

Moda Blockhead 4 Blocks 8  Wild Geese

These blocks were simple.  Then I did the bonus block.  I do ok with blocks but when they have instructions with 1/8th inches it really messes things up.  

This is the Moda Blockhead 4 Bonus block 4.  The large one came out alright.

The 4.5 inch block did not turn out the right size.  I will have to make it again.  Oh well, an orphan block can always be used later on to make a quilt label, or go on the back.

Moda BH 4 Bonus Block 4 4.5 inch block

Moda BH 4 Bonus Block 4 Zipper

Moda BH 4 Block 9 Cross My Mind.

Moda BH 4 Block 9 4.5 inch block

Moda BH 4 Block 9 9 inch block

Moda BH 4 Block 9 Cross My Mind

I also worked on finishing up my gray string blocks.  It is funny how long it took me to make the strings because of my duh moments, ok not moments months.   It actually took me longer to remove the paper than to sew all the blocks when it was all said and done.  LOL  

I have read some really awesome books lately.  

The Business of Blood by Kerrigan Byrne.  1890's London and Fiona Mahoney's profession is cleaning up after corpses after they are taken away.  Fiona's best friend was the last Jack the Ripper victim, and though it has been two years Fiona continues to search for him.  When Fiona is called to a crime scene the victim's body is left in a very similar manner of the Ripper victims, the only difference, this is a man.  Fiona is determined to discoverer the murderer, is it Jack haunting the streets again?  

Somehow I ended up with a book related to Botanical Folktales from great Britain.  I enjoyed listening to the different stories.

Botanical Folk Tales of Britain and  Ireland was written by Lisa Schneidau.

I also read the next 3 books in the David Wolf series by Jeff Carson.  

Cold Lake

Smoked Out

To The Bone

Thanks for stopping by, now head over to LeeAnna's to check out the other I Like Thursday posts. 


  1. Hi Colette! I wonder how your work hours have been changed? Who will receive the shipments and bake the goodies? I have to agree - life IS better with fur babies. I wish I could have one but I enjoy them from a distance anyway. I'm happy to see you were able to enjoy some sewing time! Take care. {{Hugs}} ~smile~ Roseanne

  2. It is definitely good to find things that lift our heavy hearts. Lilies of the Valley are a favorite of mine - so glad yours are doing well this year! I think your blocks look great. 1/8 inch measurements are hard for me, too. Those look like good books!

  3. You read some interesting sounding books this week and so diverse! Love your string blocks. Are you making a String X?

  4. Your strings look good :) As do your posies, we have more weeds this year too, been a challenge to get dry enough to mow...always something, every year.

  5. Lilies of the Valley was the theme for my wedding 38 years ago! They were embossed onto the invitations and napkins. I always loved them. I love your blockheads! Your grey strings are coming along great!

  6. I have lily of the valley too that I transplanted from a west-to a north-facing location, and it's so far not been invasive and has been slow-growing. It's one of my favourite spring flowers too, and reminds me of my piano teacher/(second mum she was). I bought PINK columbine (yes I yelled it because I was so excited to find it, since I had it from seeds given to me by a very green-thumbed gardener when we lived in Alberta. Your Moda blocks are looking so good! I love the possibilities with HSTs.


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