Thursday, August 3, 2017

Rogue Ocean Waves

I needed a break from working on Jeff's t-shirt quilt so I decided to pick up the Ocean Waves quilt.  I haven't worked on it for quite a while.  I will say sewing HST and trimming is very relaxing, but you can only do so many.

I cut out a lot of parts.  An old shoe box is nice to stack them in so they are all grouped together.

 I would then  cut my light, draw the line....yes I like to draw the diagonal line.  Then grab about 10 of a color and sew.  Then cut them apart and trim. 

 The bloc-loc HST ruler helps tremendously to trim quickly.  While I am trimming I cut tumblers, hexies,  and parts for other quilts I will be doing soon.

I stacked my HST into a nice under the bed storage box.  All pretty and easy to grab and sew.  I have started laying out one block, sewing the rows together, then holding them in order with a binder clip.  When I have several blocks ready I go and press my seams open, and come back and sew a block unit.  Works pretty well.

Here is what I have so far.  I have some more strips to cut into 3 inch squares and 2 1/2 inch squares and then it will be time to put this up and do something else for a few days.  I really need to get back to my Desert Rose Quilt (Quiltworx).

While I was pressing and playing with the layout in the house, a nice breeze came up out on the sun porch.

I had squares all over the porch, and this is what my nice neat looking box looks like now.  Little did I know that when I titled this post rogue wave that my HST would go rogue.  I will say looking at the layout and my scrappy blocks from the Riley Blake line called Apricot and Persimmon with some solids thrown in makes me happy. 

Of course we know that I had to share my most recent fabric acquisition.

Fun black on whites.  Thimbles, and clothes pins!  And some more chicken fabric for my chicken quilt.  Nancy of Pug Mom Quilts is my fabric enabler lately.  :D


  1. Those are some Happy Chickens!! I hope that you will make a fabulous chicken quilt soon! Just like my cat quilt but better! So glad to be your fabric enabler!
    pugs and kisses

  2. Ooooh that Ocean wave is so lovely--I have a love/hate relationship with the 1/2 sq triangles: love how they look/hate to make 'em! lol
    Great work hugs, julierose

  3. Love the colors for your Waves :) You are picking out some very cute additions to your fabric stash too!

  4. I draw the lines, too. I just don't 'eyeball' that well. If I had that many to do, I'd use Triangulations papers. Much easier and faster than drawing the line.

  5. it's going to be a beautiful quilt

  6. I don't find trimming HST's relaxing. Let's just say I don't always trim off the right spot. I used to have one of those rulers. Guess I better get me a new one and maybe I will find it "relaxing" (probably not.) It's always fun to see your new fabrics...can't wait to see what they turn into!

  7. That Ocean Waves is going to be gorgeous. I love the colors - so calming.

    I love the Bloc-loc rulers too. It makes the task much easier.

  8. Love the Ocean Waves ❤️❤️❤️You have been busy sewing up a storm. I managed to cut some fabric yesterday. I really have to get busy.

  9. Wow! Your quilt is coming along in leaps and bounds. Love it! Karen

  10. One can never have enough chicken fabric! Hope you are doing well.


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