Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Born to Blog

Hello and welcome to my first "official" blog.  I have been writing a bit on My Quilt Place, but not everyone has access, and I decided to try to expand a wee bit. 

So here is my first foray into Blogland.

Come in and become a friend.


  1. Welcome to the blogging world.

  2. Thank you will be easier to share with my friend, and family on the west coast what I am up to.

  3. Hi Colette, thank you very much for visiting my blog on Dare to Dresden. I visited your blog and I think you should take pictures of your ufo's and post them. I would like to see them.

    1. Charlotte I took pictures of my finishes....my UFOs are going to be posted 3 per month and get posted on Carrie P's A Passion for Applique. Hmmm what to try to finish for February?!?!


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