Thursday, January 31, 2013

I Will Show You Mine!

Can you believe it is already January 31st?  What a whirlwind month it has been with the addition of Finn to our household. 

One of the times he isn't screaming or eating!

A trip to Oregon, to marry my best friend.

My brother Kyle on the right isn't he handsome?  He officiated.  Then of course there is my sexy husband next to me!

Anyway here my UFOs I am going to be working on for the Month of February.


See this box?  Well it is well traveled.  It started out in the Bend, Redmond, Sister's area of Oregon about 30 years ago.  It has moved at least 20 times since then.

What is inside this box you ask? 
These Flying geese the fabric was purchased from The Stitchin Post in Sister's Oregon long, long ago and a few lifetimes it seems. They were traced using a template, and then cut out each and every one with scissors.

They are now in the process of being unsewn and pressed to become these:

Then they are being recut using an EZ angle and Companion Angle to a smaller size:

Then being sewing as a leader/ender project to become these.

Who knows what I will do with them next.  Maybe a Wild Goose Chase or something to use these yummy vintage prints!

UFO 2.  My Meadow picnic Quilt I need to finish the quilting and bind.

This quilt has been hanging around for at least 10 years plus.  

UFO 3.  Easy Street.  Yes I know this is only a small part.  I have 16 of one block to make and 9 of the other.  I am on number 9 of the 16, and 2 of the 9.  But on the upside all my corner blocks are done!  I really enjoyed doing this one and my sewing skills seem to have really increased. 

Just maybe if I get one of these done this month I will start my Chocolate Speck or Jewel Box Quilts their fabrics have been sitting in the wings for a while, and I would love to finish my Ginger Rose which has been hanging around for a year.

What are you going to finish in February?


  1. great projects to work on for February. be sure to link up on my blog Feb 1-4.
    sweet baby and congrats on your marrying your best friend.

    1. Thanks Carrie....have I told you that you inspire me?

  2. Congratulations on your marriage!

    I also have works in progress that have been around a long time. Yesterday was my day to pull a few of them out and get to work. Can`t wait to see your progress!


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