Monday, January 19, 2015

Three Day Weekends

Today is the birthday of my great grandmother who helped my mother raise me.  I don't have any pictures of her that I can find.  She was born in 1896, the youngest of 13 children.  Her next closest sibling was 13 years older than her, a brother named Winifred. 

The past week was busy.  I have been taking extra jobs whenever available.  Friday was a meeting after the morning runs, then I needed to have a meeting with the operations manager, then the afternoon runs.  When I returned I said I would help get my bus and another ready for a charter trip over the weekend.  Everyone who was taking a bus was supposed to bring it up to help get them ready.  Let's just say that no one came to help, and by the time I got all 5 buses prepared it was almost 9pm. 

Saturday DH started mixing up the primer to prime the ceiling.  Something did not seem right.  We discovered we bought enamel/oil based primer, instead of the regular latex primer.   I cut into the corners and DH did the rolling or the ceiling so it was all primed after we had removed the popcorn texture and fixed some problems with the ceiling.  After we were finished we cleaned up and were out the door.  Feed store, Joann's to pick up some fabric and ribbon, to Toys R Us to find a toy for Finn for his birthday, and to the home improvement store for a new angled brush to cut in the ceiling paint, and finish painting the wall.  Let's just say not much sewing was accomplished and the house smelled horrendous because of the oil based primer, and it was too cold to open up the windows to air the house out.  Oh and DH and I are too old to go to Toys R Us without a minor in tow!  It was overwhelming so we actually ended up leaving and going to a different store because there was too much that we actually felt like we had sensory overload. 

Sunday morning I had a charter at 5 am.  I was home by 9 am which was nice.  DH had already finished painting the ceiling so it was my turn to paint the final wall in the dining room.  I cut in along the moulding around the windows and floor and the ceiling.  He rolled.  We are a great team. 

There is still wainscoting to do, but we decided that we would at least move the family room furniture into the dining room since it is a bit warmer, especially during the winter.

Sunday afternoon was Finn's birthday party.  Yes we did find a gift for him, which he absolutely adored.  Not long after we left his house my daughter called that Finn had fallen.  Now about 2 weeks ago he had tumbled off of the bunk beds and sprained his ankle.  He wouldn't walk for over a week, and he was still limping. 

The youngest daughter took him to emergency and poor little guy!  He broke his leg.
Here is a picture of his splint and grippy socks.
Finn hanging out with his baby, sportin his new Spiderman pjs.   He is not a fan of the splint, and he doesn't go to get a cast until Thursday. 

Monday-  We do not have flooring in the family room, so we are going to move everything out and at least get OSB down so that the levels match, and we will then move the dining room table, and my quilting machine in here so that I can use it easier than when it is in the sun room.

While we were busy moving furniture from one end of the house to another I did manage to get a bit of stitching accomplished.

Hand stitching some trim.

A bit of embroidery and learning how to use the couching stitch on my sewing machine.  I was surprised at how much I accomplished in just a couple of hours.  My only problem was that I lost my Roxanne's glue baste, and Joann's didn't have any.  I keep hearing how if you use a bottle with a fine tip and some Elmer's school glue it works the same way, so I purchased it. 

Let's just say that I created quite a mess trying to fill this bottle and use it.  Ugh!

How was your weekend?  Did it seem crazy busy too? 


  1. Poor little guy! I'm glad he got it checked out. What a birthday!

    The painting looks wonderful. I love the color.

  2. I had only a 2 day weekend as we worked the "holiday". we dont get many of them. poor little Finn. not a good birthday at all. love the paint job. are you available this Spring? I have some painting I need to do LOL

  3. You certainly were busy and productive too. Poor little Finn, I hope he gets better soon.

  4. So sorry to hear about Finn...he looks so adorable, though, in those jammies. He'll get lots of love to heal the pain! You had such a busy weekend...nice that you had a chance to do some sewing!

  5. Oh Finn is just so cute--I am sorry that he is laid up.
    Phew--I guess busy weekends were in the air. You got a whole lot done.
    Hope all goes well for Finn--and I love that you are couching on your machine--bravo!! Hugs, Julierose

  6. Sorry to hear of Finn's break and yes, those girls do look perky,lol!

  7. Poor little Finn, I bet he's sure not liking being laid up. That's hard on anyone let alone a little boy ! Your we support you is going to be so pretty...I can't wait to see it ! I also love the sunny bright color you painted your walls.

  8. your weekend certainly was crazy busy.
    the ceiling looks great. we took the pop corn ceiling off when we redid our mater bath. I wish I could do the whole house but that is not going to happen.
    Your poor grandson.

  9. Paint job is great, all I did was sew

  10. My weekend was much calmer than yours. The major event was the quilt guild party, then dinner at friends that evening. Poor Finn! My first treadle sewing machine is from 1896. It was used so much that half the paint is worn off. It sews nicely.

  11. amazing that you were able to get a little stitching in. Sorry for the poor fella...hope he is not in too much pain and recovers quickly.

  12. Poor Finn! It's so hard to see little ones injured, but I'm sure he's being properly spoiled while he recovers. I love the paint colors!

  13. Low the pretty yellow you painted your walls! So cheery!

    Poor Finn! I hope he recovers quickly!

  14. I love the yellow paint. So cheery! Tell Finn to get well soon!


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