Friday, January 9, 2015

Use It Up

I purchased this fabric earlier this year to use as a backing for the Lazy Sunday Mystery Quilt that I had completed.  I actually purchased a wide backing so I did not have to piece it.

It is the yellow dotty fabric.

Lazy Sunday Mystery backing.

 I used portions of it to piece the backing for the Quilty Barns at Midway Farm backing.
The band on a Magic Pillowcase.

I started to use it on a step in the Bonnie Hunter Grand Illusion mystery but then decided that I wanted to have a fabric as a constant so decided to choose a yellow and took the scrappy yellows out.

 I will admit that it will be showing up in some squares for the daughter's yellow brick road that I am working on. 
There are still scraps left which are too small for the yellow brick road, but they will be cut into my scrap system, and making appearance in other items. 


  1. love the sunny happy yellow. a color I need to put more of in my stash. especially since I love blues. yellow and blue make a fab combo.

  2. I have fabric ike that, that shows up in everything I make. :)

  3. I love yellow, it's a great color. I see you making progress on your GIM...I'm very close to finishing and I will be sew glad. I've never in my life made a quilt with so many seams in it (that I can remember) ! All I can say is, thank goodness there are not that many seams to match !

  4. Such a cheerful yellow! Your projects are lovely. I particularly love the pillowcase. I may need to make a similar one for my son's room. He has pretty much outgrown the superhero theme, but still loves the Spiderman/Batman rag quilt I made for him and a pillow case would be a fun addition! Thanks for sharing!

  5. That is a very pretty yellow! It looks like you are getting a lot of use out of that piece.

  6. The yellow looks fabulous in everything! I love those wide fabrics so I don't have to piece a back.


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