Friday, July 31, 2015

Home Again, and Away We Go

We got home Friday morning at 12:30 am.

Friday morning was the beginning of laundry, cleaning out the car, putting stuff away and running some errands. 

We ran into Wyandotte to pay a bill, and of course I had an opportunity to obtain a row.  :D
Sew What in Wyandotte, Michigan is a cute little shop which has a good selection of fabrics.

I thought this pattern was very cool and also loved the kit.

We got home played with the kids, The Finn has become much more talkative since we were gone.  We discovered that we had the car for another two days.  What to do? Check out the Row by Rows for Indiana, Michigan, and Ohio to see who had some rows that I would want which could be acquired during a day trip.  The decision was Ohio was the place to go.  So Saturday off we went. 

First stop was Grannie Fannie's Quilt Barn which the address says that it is in Millersburg, Ohio,but is actually in Berlin.

Love the shop and they actually have quilts which were hand quilted too.  Gives you a whole new perspective on how much a quilt should cost. 

Stop 2 was Lone Star Quilt Shop in Mt. Hope, Ohio.  

Cute shop which shares space with a shoe store.  Love this row!

Stop 3 was Somewhere Sewing in Millersburg, OH.  This was another row that I had to have.
I love this shop, I shop them online often.  They had loads of fabrics, some vintage machines, and DH and the owner's spouse had quite the discussions regarding car/heavy equipment repair, sewing machine repair and starting a quilt shop. 

The final shop was Paw Patch Quilt Shop in Mt. Vernon, Ohio.
They had two rows one horizontal, and one vertical.  I loved their vertical row.  So I purchased it, and a 15 degree triangle ruler by Creative Grids.  I wanted a ruler to do a Dresden quilt and this one is nice and big, and is the first I have seen for a while. 

I have 3 more rows I want to acquire.  One from Threads of Tradition in Archbold, Ohio at Sauder Village, one is from a shop called Bits & Pieces in Wayne, Michigan, and the last is from Lake Erie Mercantile, which is the local quilt shop here in Monroe, Michigan. 

These are my rows so far, and my other acquisitions while on vacation.

Dh and I drive old vehicles, so when we go on a vacation or a long weekend we rent a car.  We had a Toyota Corolla, and while Dh is a strictly American car buyer when we compared vehicles that we could have at the rental counter the Corolla had the most room, which we needed because the little boys are not light packers!  I will say that it was definitely worth the money because we put on over 8,000 miles in the three weeks we had the car, and it drove wonderful, we averaged around 40 miles per gallon.  In Portland an engine light came on, all we had to do was take it back to the rental agency and we got a different car!  Thoroughly worth the cost. 

Sunday was clean house a bit, a bit of yardwork (mowing the lawn, and pulling weeds from the garden), and grocery shopping.   Tomorrow I watch the kids, and DH is going to work on my car.  He has the whole week off to work on the car, take the siding off the house so that it can get wrapped in Tyvek.  Hopefully it will help with the extreme cold we have had the last couple of years.

Back to the grind.  Ugh!

One last vacation memory. The pink elephant in Wisconsin.  The boys had to have a picture.


  1. I would have had to take a picture with a pink elephant too!

  2. Okay, I am ready for a rest just from reading your blog! Love the row quilt idea. I love the one with the quilts on the clothes line!

  3. thanks for sharing your trip with us. the boys look like they are having fun and a pink elephant pic will be fun to look at when they are grown. you got yourself some great row by rows and fabrics. GO YOU!

  4. I love the pink elephant and the blocks you picked up. Laundry Day is soooo cute! Makes me want to jump in the car and head to Ohio.

  5. Love that "Storm on the river" pattern--boy you have been the "Happy Wanderers" this Summer...enjoy hugs, Julierose

  6. the row quilts look like fun. I haven't had an opportunity to visit any shops around to see what they are doing. Fun elephant.


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