Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Rowing Along Part 2

Yesterday I shared all of the Oregon Rows that we picked up.  I was sad that we could not find any California Rows to pick up while we were there.

I picked up just a couple of Washington Rows.

Long Beach, Washington has Boardwalk Quilts.  

Cute shop with lots of samples. I also purchased a couple of raffle tickets for a quilt raffle in 2016.  They had a kit that I fell in love with the pattern called A Crooked Mile by A Quilter's Dream.  I most definitely need that pattern, I just loved it. 

When we visited Mt. St. Helens we stopped at The Quilted Nest in Castle Rock, Washington.

They had a cute pattern and I loved their fabrics so I purchased the kit.
Unfortunately we left to head toward home on a Sunday so even though we went past lots of  Oregon, Washington quilt shops, most were not open. We also missed out on Idaho, and Montana, but I found a few in Wyoming after Yellowstone.  I really wanted to stop in Cody, but we could not find a motel within 100 miles of Cody.  Yikes.

We stopped at The Quilter's Fix in Sheridan, Wyoming.  Their kit was very cute, but they were out so I had to order it to be shipped. 
I will say I am not disappointed the fabrics are Northcott with the cowboy batik it is a sweet little kit.

The next stop in Wyoming was ET Quilts in Buffalo, Wyoming.  Cute shop, I have purchased from them online before and they had a sweet row, but I knew that I would never be able to make it so I bought the kit.

Some of the really cool things that happened in Wyoming at Yellowstone, we saw plenty of Bison which the boys loved, but we also saw Elk, and deer.  After leaving Yellowstone late in the evening, by the time we found a motel it was in a little town called Lovell.  When we left we went up a highway called 14 Alt, which took us way up into the mountains where we saw moose of all things.  It was a gorgeous drive through Wyoming, and we went past a prehistoric Native American site called the Medicine Wheel, which we had recently been reading about.


  1. That's a lot of rows! Will there be separate CA and WA quilts?

  2. There is no place as magical as Yellowstone ! So nice to hear about your adventures !

  3. Sounds like you had a wonderful trip and saw so many fascinating things. It's good to get out and get away and also, good to get home...hugs, thanks for the share, Julierose

  4. What a fun trip you had! I've never been to most of those places but it makes me want to jump in the car right now.

  5. Sounds like you're having a great trip! I picked up a few row patterns and kits on my travels too...will play with them over the winter!

  6. You are going to be sewing a long time


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