Friday, August 26, 2016

Auction Haul

Over a month ago I gave a sneak peek of some things that I had purchased at the local farm auction and tractor show which was mid July.  I have been so busy that I never showed what else I found.

I got a large glass jar full of vintage cookie cutters.  How do I know they are vintage?   There is a horse and elephant in there that are exactly the same as some that belonged to my great grandmother and she had them for years--if she was still alive she would be 120 years old.  Yes I know there are some newer ones in there, but the vintage ones I loved including the lion you can see there in the front.   Not a bad purchase for $17.50

I purchased a large box full of Lego building blocks.  Looking at some of the parts these were from the early 80's because there are building pieces in there for a Star Wars Tie Fighter, and I remember my little brother having them.  I got the big box for $15.00, which is nice there are blocks for the kids to play with at grandma's house.

According to the serial number this is a Singer 66 made in 1927.  Overall it does not have bad decals, and it is freed up which is nice, but she is a dirty girl.  I mainly purchased them because of the bobbin cases and bobbins.

This was my teaser photo....from over a month ago.

This is the 2nd machine I picked p it is a Lotus again the machine decals aren't too bad, but bed decals are completely gone though.  Not too bad for a 112 year old girl though.  She is a singer 66 from 1904.  I purchased both machines for $2.50. 

Life here is still going at a mad wobble, but some decisions have been made much to the chagrin of some of the family, and neighbors.  We are going to rearrange our house--we will essentially be moving almost all of our belongings upstairs.  The downstairs will get a small bedroom added in the great room (yes with 4 walls and a door, our great room is that big to make a room at least 8 X 10 ft), some cheapy carpeting for consistency throughout the downstairs which is what the Physical therapist, and nurse stated the AO needed to have to get rid of trip hazards since we have hardwoods, I guess they are not good with walkers with wheels, a set of glass french doors to give them a living room/sitting room of their own with privacy, and their own front door, and finally a ramp to the driveway so they do not have to negotiate stairs---so it's a boy and girl  they will be moving in so they have 24 hour care.  I have already been doing their cooking, for the past couple of weeks so it will make life a wee bit easier on me, and hopefully life will settle down once all the work is completed.  Thanks for all of the well wishes, we are managing the minefield of elder care.  My suggestions, read, read, read, find a good nurse/doctor who will be a true advocate for your family members, not just someone looking to make a few dollars off of referrals and stuff. 


  1. you got some great finds. good luck with the moving in of the AO. hopefully it will be easier on you to stay on top of things
    life sometimes throws us curves but we need to be able to bend into the curve and make it a success.

  2. Oh so glad you've made the decision--being on the fence is never a good feeling. Sounds like you have this well in hand...
    Nice haul you made there. Maybe you can get to some relaxing sewing...hugs Julierose

  3. Good luck with a speedy renovation there. It is always easier to move forward once the decision is made.

  4. I remember those cookie mom had some. You are in constant movement and always seem to be moving from one room to another. I remember doing a lot of that when my kids would move in and out. You are a wonderful person (which I already knew) to take on caring for them. Good luck!

  5. I've been stitching on my 1914 Singer 66 with Lotus decals. My decals are great, but, the center of the bed is not great (a bit better than yours). Glad things are working out for you with the elder care.

  6. Great haul of things you bought. Love lego. Great some decisions have been made about the olds. I hope all the renovations go smoothly. They will certainly benefit from being surrounded by your love, great cooking and the fact that someone cares for them again.

  7. Great auction finds. I`m always looking for those bobbins too. Can`t wait to see your renovations. Elderly folks need a break. You are doing great things.

  8. I love auctions but I have not been to one in a while.

  9. It sounds like you made a good but difficult decision. They are so fortunate to have you in their lives and be able to live in your home. All the best as you continue your renovations to make it a safe home for them.


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