Thursday, August 4, 2016

Greater Ann Arbor Quilt Guild Show Part 3

I took so many pictures that I killed my batteries.  I thought maybe I would run out, so I brought 2 more sets just in case. 
**Helpful hint**  If you get free batteries and there are like 40 in the package more than likely they won't work.

The two sets didn't work, my camera sure didn't like them at least. Also my camera was hot and just did not want to work anymore.  I actually finished up taking pictures with my phone.  Oh by the way the grandson used the batteries in making a small engine and it seemed to work fine. 

 I liked the stars in this quilt. It wasn't huge, but the colors, and the scalloped border were great.
 The next three quilts were part of a set.  I thought they were marvelous.

 This quilt was in the art quilt area, I thought it was great.  Loved the colors she chose.

 Once upon a time the oldest grandson was a huge Thomas the Tank Engine fan, he would watch the shows, and movies over and over. I liked how the quilter built the landscape and paid just as much attention to that as the focal point train.
Don't you just love how a simple block like a shoo fly makes such a statement?

 I liked the whimsy in this one.

 This is the 2nd quilt that DH liked.  He was amazed that it was made of just two fabrics.  I am going to assume the blue was an ombre. 

 This poppy reminded me of the flowers in my garden.  Too bad poppies do not last longer than just a day or two.

 This was a small crib size quilt.  All of the animals were made dimensional.
 A couple of the small/mini quilts
 This quilt was great too for a small quilt. If you look closely it was made from photos of this lady's world travels. 
I will say I really like this quilt and her different reds.  Especially since red is one of my favorite colors. 

There were many more quilts but I did not get pictures of them.  It was getting busy and harder and harder to get a picture of many of the quilts.


  1. Beautiful quilts--love those feathery Friendlies..great colors--thanks for the share...hugs, Julierose

  2. They are beautiful, lots more quilts than show in Chattanoog

  3. It looks like it was an amazing show. Thanks for sharing the pictures of the quilts with us.

  4. Another great lot of quilts - love the crib sized African animals quilt - spectacular!

  5. That looks like a pretty large show! There are so many different kinds of quilts - so much eye candy to enjoy :*). Thanks for sharing with us!

  6. So much inspiration in those quilts...what a great show!


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