Friday, September 16, 2016

Quick Updates

DH has taken some more vacation to work on the house in order to get the Ancient Ones moved into our home.

The pantry is done, so everything from the pantry cupboard is now in the walk in pantry.  I am going to eventually get a pantry door. 
I still need to figure out where to put everything.  I still have another 4 foot wall I could put more shelves on.

Sorry for the mess, it is a work in progress.  The refrigerator was moved from the right side of the room to the left where we removed the weird wall, the flooring is very inexpensive vinyl strips which look like wood which is temporary, a little dark for my taste.  The island is actually two cabinets placed back to back with the counter which was on them previously cut down to size.  This is our make do, for a more user (translate walker) friendly space. 

The little boys helped me get my sewing room moved, they really were a huge help.  But when I look at it I just get discouraged right now.
This is where the quilter is located and miscellaneous piles.

Where my cutting table, and table, where I sew piled high with stuff including my bulletin board, and coat hooks. .  You can see the sitting room where part of my stash is now housed as well as some of my computer equipment.  Part of my problem right now is that these rooms are electrical outlet challenged.  These 2 huge rooms only have 4 electric outlets total!  Also the sitting room has no light, and I can't seem to find one that suffices to light it up adequately. 

Unfortunately some of my sewing stuff is in one of the guest rooms, and there is still some in the hallway too.
Tomorrow will begin the great painting escapade.  The kitchen, the area that will be our sitting room, the ancient ones' living room, the old sick room/sewing room (which will be the ancient uncle's room) and the ancient aunt's room.  Then on to find carpeting and arrange for it to be installed.  This is only the beginning of our adventure.


  1. lots of changes but once they are done you will be able to settle down and enjoy.

  2. Manoman!! big changes--once you get settled you will be able to "find" stuff. I am not changing and STILL cannot "find" stuff lol...
    I love the look of that pantry--great storage units...I have a few old cupboards mounted on the wall of my small back laundry room...having a door to close it off is great--..hope you can get a "little" bit of sewing in between--or knitting??? hugs Julierose

  3. Going through the remodels is always a nightmare. I hope it all works well when it is back together.

  4. As for your sewing room, just walk in when you can, and put up 1-2 bags at a time. Pretty soon, it will all have a home, and you will have space to stitch.

  5. It looks like it's moving along, though I hate how things always look messy before they look organized. We're planning on tiling our house soon. I'm not looking forward to the messy stage of that! Having just spent a week with the MIL, I totally admire what you are doing for the ancient ones.

  6. You have a lot on your plate but I am sure you are excited with all of the changes. I would give my right arm for your pantry...looks great!

  7. Lots of changes and moving around. Great that the boys helped move stuff. Great that DH has got some vacation days to do some of the work. I know there is heaps to do but it is gonna look so great when it is finished.

  8. Well I have to say I`m happy to see your progress! You`ll get through the clutter. It`s a lot of work and looks like it`s gonna be great!


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