Sunday, October 16, 2016

The New Normal

Wow it has been over a month since I last posted!  Life has a way of spinning out of control at times it seems.  Since my last post the AU (Ancient Uncle) has had two stints in the emergency room as well as a huge fall.  The fall was the final straw and the AO (Ancient Ones) were moved into our house.  We are starting to get a routine and almost a new normal.  Still not much sewing time for me though.

I did manage to get my sewing room cleaned up "just enough" after the big move that I could get my Guild friendship block for the month of September finished.

I squeaked under the wire getting the bag lady block finished late the night before guild.

Even though I Amy not be sewing I have been planning and shopping!

I have wanted an Accuquilt studio for a while, and I have weighed the pros and cons.  After discussing with DH I realized I would only really want the strip dies which you could then subcut into squares.  Also many patterns I make start out as strips which are cut down.  I then saw the Stripology Ruler.

Now years ago there was a ruler out which was similar, but it was kind of flimsy and I could see myself knicking that one with the rotary cutter and ruining it quickly.  When I saw this I watched YouTube videos and decided that it may better serve my purpose.  Last month at guild the speaker designs patterns for creative grids and she had the Stripology ruler there with a 15% discount!  I have yet to use it, but I can't wait to try it out.

I also bought some of this cute fabric from Birch Organics called Wild Land.

Now I don't have a lot of time to sew, also I have a roadblock to blogging, my computer died.  I did appropriate the boy's tablet, but I have fought with it for several days trying to write this post and add pictures.  Trying to read blogs on my phone, blog and add pictures is very time consuming, something which I just don't have much of.  Today I was going to help DH with wood, but the pouring rain started, and I was sent into the house to stay warm and dry. The AU needs some cookies, and it is almost supper time for the AO.  I am happy that I can manage to afapt to rhe new normal.


  1. Wow! You are busy!. Good to know the AU will be so much safer with you guys. You are a real treasure for them. Love the fabric you bought. Never heard of a stripology ruler - sounds like fun. It'll just be great to catch up with you from time to time when you are able to blog. Best wishes and blessings

  2. So great to hear from you once again--sounds like that ruler will really work out for you. I only have used my GO!BABY really for strips and squares so far, but will try out my other diesthis coming year for smaller projects.
    Glad you are settling in as much as you can; it is not d=easy, but definitely rewarding what you are doing...(Many gold stars for your crown for sure!!) hugs Julierose

  3. I thought of you this past week, when at my family reunion. 2 family members are very frail, and are almost to the point of having someone with them. They usually are at all parts of the reunion, but, only made one event this time. I saw how bad they were, when I stopped in at their home to see them, before the reunion. At least they do have some family nearby.

  4. Miss you in Blog land, but you are a very busy (and kind) lady! The Ancient Ones are very greatful for your tender loving care! Enjoy your new ruler and fabrics!!

    Pugs and kisses,

  5. glad to hear from you. I was getting ready to send out a posse! your new fabric acquisition is so adorable. I know what you mean about the not being able to sew. I go crazy when I cant. that is why I am up so early in am. it is ME time LOL good luck with the AU and AO. it is tough to take that on but they are so lucky to have you.

  6. What a Busy life you have and what a blessing you are to lots of people. I am truly in love with the Indian fabric !

  7. I hope the AO's falls and demands ease up so you can get a bit of your life back. No computer? Yuck! Blogging and commenting on an iPad or phone is hard, I know. As hard as it is on you, the AO's are very lucky to have you, Colette. I have no ancient ones stopping me from sewing, but the home improvements had put a stop to my sewing. Things are slowly getting put back in place, but there's several rooms that still need painting.

  8. I'm behind on my blogs too, did you move houses? You will have to let me know how the ruler works out, I've thought about getting one also.


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