Tuesday, October 18, 2016

A Little Bit More

II had a wee bit more time and had an opportunity to sew a wee bit more.

The Friendship Block for quilt guild.

Bag Ladies block

I also finally finished the charity quilt binding!

Unfortunately I didn't get to take many pictures of the Monroe County Quilt Guild show the weekend of October 7 & 8.  The guild had a rowboat full of fat quarters, and scrap bags too that were donated by guild members to be sold at the show.  There was some left over and so I picked a few up at the last guild meeting.

A couple fat quarters.

A gallon ziploc of neutrals.

A gallon ziploc of greens.

I really need to just delete my emails with sale notifications.  About 1 month ago a store was having a sale on Northcott Stonehenge.  I bought several in hopes that I can use the in future projects that I have planned.

Finally Pink Castle Fabrics was having a Columbus Day sale.

I would love to work on something, I just need some time.  When I do have a 5 minute chunk I have been working on the quilting of the Big Love Layer Cake quilt.

I do know that having some time to sew does help relax me.


  1. Oh what a nice haul you got!! Glad you can grab a few minutes to quilt...hugs, Julierose

  2. I like that 'wood' fabric in your bag of neutrals. Our guild sells out of the fabric before our show is over. If we have anything left, it is panels. They cut the fabric into strips and bundle it, and into charms and FQ's. We also have some as yardage (what I'm always looking for).

  3. that there is some nice stash enhancements. I have been trying to organize mine by color. makes life easier then as I go along if there are small pieces they get subcut and stored as squares, strips etc.
    sewing IS relaxing. take any time you can get and relax. it is good for the soul

  4. Glad things are smithing out for you, we all need to sew to relax

  5. I'm glad you can squeeze in some time between grandkids and Ancient Ones. I've got most of my fabrics organized, but things are still a mess from the house redoing stuff.


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