Thursday, October 20, 2016

Summer's Last Gasp

I know, I am learning how to post using the IPad and my phone to take pictures.  I think yesterday may have been our last gasp of good weather.  We were still sunny and in the mid 70's which is uncommon for Michigan in late October.

I have Veronica still blooming and lavender too.....and weeds.

I love herbs and perennials.  That is why the daughter calls my flower garden the 'hippy garden'.  This is borage.  I planted 4 seeds and they were all planted from seed in July.  I transplanted them to my berm about a month ago.  They struggled with the very hot, dry weather, but they have made a turn around now.

I keep hearing about purslane.  While many consider it a weed I have read that the leaves are edible, and they have beautiful flowers in many different colors.

I still have roses blooming!

I even managed to get a couple of small zinnias.

I had some time to wok in the sewing room.  Look what Infound!  The teflon pressing sheet for appliqué.  I have looked and looked for it for quite a while.  Moving was fortuitous.


  1. Yes, I wore capri's and was barefoot today, until I had to leave the house (mid 50's when I left). We're supposed to warm back up some this weekend.

  2. The flowers look so pretty. I love that hot pink! Don't you love it when something reappears like that? Glad it resurfaced.

  3. your flowers are so pretty. glad you found your sheet. I know in my room there must be MANY treasures I have "lost" LOL

  4. Love the flowers and finding that sheet was a real prize. I don't know what I'd do without mine. ;O)

  5. I need to go mining in my mess for items misplaced may know what I am looking for! We just got back from a quick trip to the WI Dells which was gorgeous but there is no place like home and the leaves here are singing too :) Your pictures look great so you must have gotten past the learning curve!!

  6. Beautiful garden pictures. Hard to believe it`s fall. We`ll be almost 80 again today.


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