Monday, November 14, 2016

This or That and Sometimes The Other Thing

Once upon a time when DH and I could go out to dinner sometimes when we couldn't decided one of us would think of two choices and say This or That.  Once the choice was made there was no turning back. 

Remember my purchase from Craftsy?

I decided I didn't want to put it up on the shelf and allow it to languish.  While cruising Pinterest I saw this very cool quilt and I knew that it was the one I needed to make.
The pattern is called August Stars by Jaybird Quilts and how fortuitous for me because I found it on sale for 25% off, and it uses the Side kick ruler which I had just purchased last week.
The last order of business?  To choose a background.  I decided I wanted to go with a solid.  So I asked DH what he thought.  Black, white, gray or something else?  We both decided to go with gray so I ordered the 4 yards I am going to need.

I did finish up the applique on my little table top quilt.
The plaid is the backing.  I just need to sandwich and I am ready to quilt.  I pulled out a gray and a variegated. 

As to the Other Thing....we do not have any fur babies.  I like to be able to go places and not have to worry about getting home to feed, water, at a specific time.  Once upon a time I loved having dogs, and cats, but I am kind of over that for the time being.  The AO came with some furry baggage.
Meet Miss Lucy.  We have a love hate, relationship.  I was told, "Oh don't worry she won't go upstairs."  Yep she made a beeline directly upstairs to the one room without a door, and made that room her home. The problem?  That room is the one that belonged to the one grandson who is severely allergic to cats.  Guess who had made that room her own, kitty litter and all, and christened it immediately by yacking in the middle of the carpet.  Lucy stalks me waiting for me to go into my sewing room, trying to sneak in.  She then waits outside the door, and when I start to head down the stairs she goes shooting past me, through my legs, then stops on the step right as I am ready to step down. 

Life is starting to sort itself out more and more, even with my furry stalker. 


  1. You and I are such kindred spirits. I have been eyeing that pattern. I have the sidekick ruler because I bought the Gravity kit last year (no, still haven't made it). Let me know if you like the pattern. Naughty Lucy (I am not a cat person). I can send over LarryPug to straighten her out.

  2. love that fabric you chose and the pattern looks like a fun quilt too. Lucy is a little bugggar huh? funny how they "claim" things as theirs and love to stalk. My Dunkin does this and if Phoebe EVER thinks something is hers, the fur will fly! never dull for sure

  3. Ah, yes...cats are an acquired taste, lol! Love her face in the pic!

  4. August Stars will be fabulous! I knew there was a reason that we don't have furbabies. ;-)

  5. I love your furry stalker! LOL!! Looking forward to seeing this quilt.

  6. ha...ha....Miss H has a similar relationship to Luna!! Who she has always called Lunatic!

  7. I miss having a cat, but the yacking in the middle of the floor is kind of a turn off. My dogs do enough yacking as it is. LOL Can't wait to see your quilt or anything else you make. So glad you're finding time to make some things to inspire me. :O)

  8. I loved working with Pie Making day fabric. Such great colors! Be kind to the fur baby her home has been disrupted too. I know you will! Happy Thanksgiving!


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