Monday, November 28, 2016

Organized Chaos

I don't get much time to wander off to my sewing room, so some things have migrated back down to the sun porch---small ironing board, large cutting mat, couple of rulers, (no sewing machine as of yet).   Um yep it made the appearance yesterday.

While I am waiting in the morning for the AO to get motivated to move, I have been working on binding.  I keep the thread I am using next to where I am sitting.  I was working on my pumpkin hanging and went to reach for my thread, and it was gone!  I looked in my bag by the couch, in the couch I sit on, under the arm chair next to where I sit, in the arm chair, in my purse, on my sewing table, in my jacket get the picture.  Even Finn and my daughter look under the couch.  I looked upstairs in my sewing room (gasp!) like it somehow made it there.

As Finn and his mamma were leaving, I pull the couch out and there it is, it had rolled under the couch, and somehow had eluded Finn, and his mamma, even after she cleaned under the couch!

 I finally finished the binding, and the hangers for the pumpkin wall hanging.
Yep it was too big for the Ackfeld table stand that I purchased.  Oh well I am going to display it anyway until I have something else to put up.  I need to make a label for it, but I have been procrastinating while I learn Windows 10 on my new computer. 

With all of my purchases lately I really wanted to sew something, and maybe learn something new.  I decided to play with the side kick ruler that I purchased. I have 2 big shopping bags of scraps to cut up for charity quilts for the guild.  We uses10 inch squares, 4 1/2 inch squares and 2 1/2 inch x at least 12 inch strips, anything smaller can be thrown into dog beds or thrown into the person who is cutting up the scraps.  Because we make gurney quilts which are donated to transport wounded soldiers, anything with metallic flecks cannot be used.  Therefore I ended up with a large chunk of yellow fairy frost, and a bunch of short 2 1/2 inch purple strip, throw in some strips from my stash,  I made the pattern Rock Candy by Jaybird Quilts to test drive the side kick ruler. 

I think it turned out pretty well. I think I am ready to attack the big quilt using my pie making day fabrics.

Of course I still have things trickling in from purchases some several weeks ago. 
 A book from Patch Abilities, now I am not one to make Christmas quilts but I saw a couple of these wall hangings years ago and could not resist. I love the Christmas lights.
 I have been looking at this pattern for over a year also.  I wanted to buy the kit, but they were out at my LQS, and it has never been back in stock since. 
I bought some yardage white fairy frost, and black Moda Grunge. 

Today I needed to escape the house for a bit.  The AO were irritating me, because he needs to go in for a procedure tomorrow and he is whining, and complaining up a storm.  One of the LQS recently moved and I wanted to check out their new digs.  Plus I needed some fabrics for the last 3 months of the RSC, perhaps I will finish up the blocks for the year soon.

Yellows, a couple of oranges, and blue. 

Hmmm I wonder what kind of mischief I can get into next?


  1. I love the Christmas bulbs wall hanging too!

  2. Your pumpkin wall hanging turn out so cute! And your Rock Candy quilt too. I am so glad your are getting a little sewing time in!

  3. Glad that you found your thread. Isn't that frustrating?

    I've been trying to learn 10 too. It is so hard to find things when you upgrade.

    I hope you have time to get into lots of mischief!

  4. love the fabrics you bought especially the white fairy frost! Pretty!.. Your pumpkin hanging is lovely. I usually escape with a dog walk when I get frustrated - the fresh air clears my head and make me happy again.

  5. I miss having a lqs to clear my head...hope ya get things back in balance soon and things up well with the procedure,

  6. love your test drive quilt and the pumpkin. isnt it funny how sometimes we look and look but dont see. that cardinal pattern is adorable. I can totally see why you caved.

  7. Can you come find my custom made seam ripper? It's missing too. Glad you found the thread. The pumpkin is cute.

  8. I am amazed by everything you accomplish, while still being on hand for your family! LOve that pumpkin hanging and would love to see the cardinal when that pattern!


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