Saturday, May 27, 2017

Moving Forward Slowly

I am starting to adjust to being a "single" person.  I have lots to keep me busy, but there are times I just don't have the energy.

I have done a bit of sewing.  I have been making 3 inch friendship stars.  I needed to make 20.

I finally finished them, and they are all pressed.  I need to get them sewn together to border one of Jeff's shirts for the t-shirt quilt.

Have you seen Kris's Colfax County quilt?  Check it out here!  It is gorgeous.  Of course I think I need to make one but I want to do it in reds.  So I ordered the pattern.

Then I chose some fabrics.
Lots of gorgeous reds.  Lots of HST.  I think it will be very therapeutic for me, HST are sew, press, trim.

The Quilt guild for our Christmas Charity Christmas Tree we are making fabric folded pine cones.  I received a ziploc bag with an egg shaped Styrofoam form, and a bunch of squares.  I was told to find a tutorial online.  The problem I had was that all of the tutorials I have found they use 2 inch squares.  Big difference between doing 2 inch squares and using 1 1/2 inch squares. 

I decided to press the squares first.  Then I started. 
I had to take it apart about 4 times. 

This is what it turned out like.  I have many places where the sequins pins show no matter what.  I still need to add a hanging ribbon. 

I have been working on this post for a couple of days.  The last two days have been much more productive.  I have had a few peaceful days and it helps so much to stay focused and get things accomplished.


  1. 3 inch friendship stars yikes! love your projects. that little pinecone came out adorable.

  2. I was given one of those pinecones as a gift (put together). Not sure I'd ever figure it out.

  3. Love your (very!) little friendship stars--hst's and me don't get along very well..wonky i can do though..
    that little folded egg looks like it was VERY fiddley ;000
    to put together--nice work. I like your red fabrics--they will be lovely in that pattern hugs, Julierose

  4. You have more patience than I would have working with that adorable pinecone.

    I loved Kris' finish and am looking forward to seeing it in reds. It will be gorgeous.

    Those are tiny friendship blocks, but they will make a great quilt. How big will it be?

  5. Three inch, too tiny for me. Love the pine cone.

  6. My goodness, you do love small pieces don't you! Those HSTs will be beautiful with your fabrics! And your Christmas egg sure looks great to me!

  7. We did those pinecone thingy's one year at guild...lots of folding I remember. Your reds look beautiful, can't wait to see your stars. Those friendship stars turned out great, I guess you do well working in miniature! Thanks for the nice comment on my Colfax quilt, I will admit to being happy with the finish but wow! it was a process, you will enjoy the journey.

  8. The pinecone looks great - not sure I have the patience to work with such tiny pieces!
    Kris's quilt looks great in blue, but I can't wait to see yours in red, as that is one of my favourite colours - it will be a lot of work I reckon.
    The friendship stars will look great as a border. Glad you have time to do your quilting.

  9. I thought the block was good when I saw it. Then you said 3 Inch and I thought it was AMAZING!! Too tiny for me! I think that pine cone is pretty cool. I can see it would take a lot of fiddling to make it come together correctly. Just what you needed to focus AND how gratifying it must have been to have such a great finish.

    Great stitching accomplishments.
    xx, Carol


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