Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Unaccompanied Minor

My ex- husband tagged me on Facebook with this cartoon a few days ago.

I told him, in my defense, I am essentially an unaccompanied minor, wandering around by myself.  Don't be judgey. 

I like that we are on friendly terms.  Even after all these years we still give each other a bad time. 

Holiday sales are my kryptonite.   

I have an inkling to make a Chicken Quilt.  Using Chicken fabrics. 

I also picked up some red fabrics. 

One day I had to go to Maumee, Ohio to a store called The Quilt Foundry.  I decided I needed these greens for my t-shirt quilt, and then I saw these cute fat quarters. 

It was also skinny bolt sale day.  I bought the purple for $5.99 per yard, it is a little under 2 yards.  I thought it would make a good backing for a table topper I made a while back. 

I also just had to go to Joann's because I needed sequins pins to make the pine cone for guild.  I always look at their white on whites to see if there is anything that would make a nice addition to my stash.

I don't know if you can see it but there are arrows on it.  No the dark spot is not a stain, Lucy hair. 

Remember my tiny friendship stars? 

I used it for a border for one of Jeff's shirts.  This was a thermal shirt, but he wore it a lot of the time during the winter, so I had to include it.

I used this cute little green and yellow flower print around the John Deere Logo from a shirt sleeve.

Here are the shirts I have done so far.
I think the rest of the shirts will go together much easier than the cross stitch, and thermal.  Need to choose the next shirt and figure out another border.  9 patch, 4 patch, maybe a twist of some sort. 

Things are getting done around the house.  The daughter's SO tilled the garden so I got my tomatoes and peppers planted.  He weed whipped the pumpkin hill, so the boys planted some pumpkins, I also managed to finally get my flowers planted, and some of weeding done.

My poppy plants are full of buds.  I think all the rain has done weird stuff to the petals.  I have a flowering almond that is always full of leaves and blooms, this year, it looks like a pile of sticks.  :(

My flower garden is also full of columbine. 
I couldn't get over this chubby bumble bee. 

Last year Jeff brought home a 5 gallon bucket full of Lily of the Valley, someone had thrown it into the garbage pit at work, I threw them into the dirt by the garage.  I had a bunch of them actually come up and bloom this year.

The flowers make me smile.  Such a sweet memory of my sweet husband.


  1. your tee shirt quilt is gonna be awesome! love it.
    good that ex and you are on friendly terms. that cartoon about sums it up for us doesnt it? I left some behind too LOL your chicken fabrics look fun.

  2. Those t shirt blocks are looking great! You are balancing them well. I may have acquired some new fabric this week too, it is hard not to when there is a sale involved :)

  3. Love the surrounds on your tee shirts--and nice fabrics you got--I think you showed a lot of restraint...;))) in that store...(jes sayin'); I like that white on white, too--they've always been a favorite of mine...
    (The chicken fabrics are a hoot--or is that a cluck hahaha)

    The only flowers in bloom here right now are irises and some sad looking marigolds....in the RAIN!! Still raining this morning...and gray again...
    hugs, Julierose

  4. John Deere is looking good. Like fabric buys. I have been extra good about using my stash. My son gave me a gift card for my birthday and I got a set oh loc-bloc rulers and some off white to have on hand for background. Watch those Lily of the Valley flowers, they spread like crazy.

  5. Your John Deere blocks are looking fabulous. It is going to be a wonderful quilt.

    Your flowers are looking so pretty. The poppy is such a pretty color and the Lily of the Valley plants are always so nice. They remind me of my grandmother who grew them.

  6. I love flowers too. I wish I had the knack for planting one of those gardens where there are flowers everywhere that just grow into each other and look so amazing. Terry bought me a Columbine yesterday. I have wanted one forever. It is very deep purple. Your T-shirt quilt is coming along nicely.
    xx, Carol

  7. Oh, I forgot to tell you. I love Pickles. I see a LOT of Terry and I in that comic strip, lol.
    xx, Carol

  8. I really love those teeny tiny stars. They really set that shirt off nicely! You have been a busy bee yourself! I am almost ready to plant the place we dug up in the front yard on Mother's day. Just need to get some wood chips for when it is finished.


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