Sunday, June 4, 2017

Anti String Piecing

I have so much to do, and there are times I just kind of stall. Or I forget what I am doing. 

The friendship block of the month for guild was a string star.  Let's just say maybe I should have foundation pieced instead of just building on the white and black.

I was supposed to add blues and purples.  I don't have a lot of purple in my stash so it was tough.  I will also say that I took this block apart probably 50 times trying to get everything right.  Obviously string piecing is not my forte.

The bag lady block was a wee bit easier.

Ghastlies fabric.  Isn't it fun! 

I did another t-shirt for Jeff's t-shirt quilt.
I had bought some charm squares years ago, and discovered they were not 5 inch squares, they were 4 inch squares.  They came in handy for this.  While this is not a John Deere shirt, it is a shirt that Jeff had when he belonged to the 2 cylinder club.  It was a group that restored antique John Deere Tractors, it was something he absolutely loved. 

Of course I had some fabric acquisitions that arrived.  Darn Memorial Day sales!

Some greens, and yellows for my Saw Toothed Square block, and some text fabric. 
And some more chicken fabric.

Then I took a short jaunt to Pink Castle Fabrics to pick up an order of Blueberry Park which is low volume.

Then I looked through their sale bins and found some more treasures.

I love text prints, and I just adored the red flowered fabric, but they only had 3 fat eighths. 

I spent a lot of time cutting squares and strips Saturday, and tumblers. 

I worked on the pool this weekend.  I can't quite figure out the filter, and pump and how it all works together.  I have looked up different schematics.  Tomorrow Lucy goes to the vet, then afterwards I will hit the pool store again.  Hopefully I can get this beast going soon, before the summer is over. 


  1. I thought about you each time I saw something that was John Deere, when I was on my trip. I visited lots of antique shops, so, I saw lots of John Deere items.

  2. Love how those ghostly blocks came out--perfect fabric surrounds! great fabric snags you made, too.
    We won't be using any pool (or the ocean) anytime soon here-rain, rain and more RAIN!! Good luck setting yours up--
    I really like that next installment of the tee-shirt quilt--neat!!
    Hugs, Julierose

  3. I am totally not and don't think I ever will be a traditional block quilter. Little pieces that are supposed to fit together perfectly annoy me. BUT, I love to see what others can do and enjoy reading about their take on their progress. I always have loved the Ghastie fabric line and love your block.

    One time someone told me that a happy day is when you buy your boat. Your second happy day was when you sell it. I agreed. I felt that way about our pool too. Our's was too close to I large maple, though the boughs did not hang over it so how did massive amounts of black ants make their way to it. And that pump system. ACK!! I did, however, love to watch my grandson push our Yorkie around it on a float. I will admit we had a hard time keeping out other dog out of it. He used to just stand on his four legs and leap into it. He lept like that onto the platform that was attached to their fort/swing set up too. Hope you get that figured out.

  4. Love the Ghastie block and the friendship block. Good luck with the pool.

  5. Your strings look good to me, the Ghastlies do too. I remember enjoying the one trip I made to Pink Castle but I believe they have moved since I visited. Nice day for the pool, hope you had success.

  6. I think the string blocks look great. The Ghastlie fabrics were always so much fun. Cute block!

    I hope you can get the pool filter figured out for summer use. I'm sure the kids would love it.

    Fabulous fabrics. Love the low volumes.

  7. loving your tractor tee quilt. so so fun

  8. Been a busy week - catching up looking at post while at the centre and the gym being used for Basketball - your blocks look great! . We had a pool when we lived overseas- I could never figure out how the filter and pump worked. Fortunately it never broke down too often. Miss H, Karen and Baa. xxx

  9. You have accomplished a lot since last time I dropped by. Your John Deere work is beautiful. Love those Ghastlies! I`ve been cleaning the dead grass and weeds from my land getting ready for fire season. Clouds are slowly coming in telling me monsoons and lightening are coming. Hope it holds off a bit but we need the humidity. I enjoyed my visit!

  10. OK, so you were within 10 minutes of me and you didn't see if I was around to go to Pink Castle with you?? LOL I need some more low volume fabrics. I keep going through the stash I have on hand. Love your choices. Maybe next time! Do you need help with the pool? My hubby might be able to help you out if so.


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