Monday, June 26, 2017

Playing Catch Up

Sometimes I succumb to peer pressure and I join a QAL or SAL, but lately the few that I have joined have kind of languished hiding under tables, in bins, in ziploc bags, shopping bags--patterns sitting on the printer, you get the picture. 

Sunday I decided to pull out my farm girl book, blocks, and fabric stash and started cutting.  I lost track of how many blocks I cut out Sunday, so that when I was ready to sew I could just go. 

Today I decided to sew.
I made the 12 1/2 inch Kettle's on block.

I also made the 6 1/2 inch churn dash block. 

I actually have a plan worked out on how I am going to construct this quilt.  I have a lot more blocks to make. 

Recently I went way out of my comfort zone and signed up for a class to make a Quiltworx pattern.  Why is it outside of my comfort zone? 

1.  I am taking a class with people I do no know, yes hard to believe, but I am very shy. The teacher had been a special speaker at my guild and when she discovered that I had signed up for the class she sat me next to a great group of women. 
2.  I am not a paper piecer!  I always struggle, but in order to make this gorgeous pattern you are going to have to paper piece to get those spectacular points. 

I went to the first class in June, and discovered that I am a----Slow Stitcher!!!  During class most of the women had all of their parts from the first step finished after 6 hours.  Me I had 2 portions completed out of 8, and had started to chain pieces the remaining 6 pieces, but was not finished at the end of class.  I pulled it out and finished these up this morning. 

I have some pieces to cut so I am ready for the next class in a couple of weeks.  So far I am feeling pretty confident, I think I may be able to make a pattern that I purchased years ago.  The pattern is called Sand Devils.

I actually finished something too!  I had bought a pattern which used a side kick ruler.  I bought the fabric then wondered, what if this doesn't work well?  So I used a handful of 2 1/2 inch strips, and a yellow fairy frost scrap and made this pattern called Rock Candy, a table topper which uses the side kick ruler.  I will say that the pattern instructions were great, and I can't wait to work on the next quilt.

I quilted it just doing simple arcs from point to point within each diamond.  I do probably need to put a label on it, but hey it is done!  Also gave me an opportunity to use my new quilting machine.

I also made a small contribution to the quilting economy.

Seriously who can resist a stack of gorgeous fabrics, many printed on white in a rainbow array? 

I have lots of  projects that I have started in the past to keep me busy.  I have farm girl blocks cut out and ready to sew, I have a couple of dog beds that need to be sewn close, I have an Ocean Waves quilt, a bag lady block for guild, and lots of flimsies to be quilted. 


  1. Oooo, lots of pretty sewing completed here :) You have brightened my morning with all these to look at. That star is amazing! I have found with paper piecing that slow is good...less mistakes made. That said, I hardly get anything done when I take a class - I try to just learn the technique while there then do most of my sewing at home. It could be that I talk to much in class...ya, I am that one...

  2. So many nice projects--I do love that kettle block for your Farm Girl...;)))
    I only went to one class ever--and it was a scrapbooking one and I hadn't even begun to set up the page and everyone else was onto their 2nd, I am definitely a S L O W worker also...I mainly don't take classes as I hate that rushed feeling--I need to let things sink in" and think about them...
    I hope you enjoy your paper piecing--glad to see you back in the saddle with your sewing hugs, Julierose

  3. That paper pieced project is going to be stunning! Remember, the turtle won the race, not the rabbit. It's not how fast, but how accurate you are. Relax and enjoy the process.

  4. Beautiful paper piece! I'm not comfortable in classes either, so maybe someday I'll be brave like you and join a group. :O)

  5. Classes are much more fun with a friend. But good for you going and learning new things! I love all your projects and have found myself admiring some Lori Holt projects too. :)

  6. I totally understand that being a risk. I rarely go out, but early on I took one class. It was small so I did okay. I'm a very slow sewer. Most of the ladies can make 6 blocks to my one. Slow is good for me, because I only sew for my pleasure. Love all your blocks. You go girl!!

  7. Love the fabric you used for the kettle - gorgeous! love the paper piecing - it is going to be so amazing - super points! I like pottering at home and learning stuff at my speed too.

  8. Your paper pieced project is just gorgeous. I can't wait so see where you go with it.

    I never started the Farm Girl blocks, but love the ones I have seen. You will be happy to get those done and together in a finished quilt.

  9. love your teapot and your paper piecing is fabulous. I too am not a joiner. I would rather sew at home with my friend Jacky LOL
    great job catching up.......

  10. Good for you taking a class and the quilt is going to be stunning!!

  11. I love the tea kettle block! I need one in red and yellow for my kitchen!


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