Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Happenings Down on the Farm

I spent Sunday cutting out many blocks to play catch up for the Farm Girl quilt--at least I thought.

I showed the two blocks that I had done on my last post which was GASP!  10 days ago.  Sorry still not great about blogging. 

Churn Dash

Then I got serious.

Chicken feet.

Mama Hen.
Pears---helpful hint.  Don't try to sew these late at night.  Let's just say I had to cut some portions out again. I still have the embroidery to do for the seeds.

Mixer.  I need to do the embroidery for the cord yet.  I have seen some that used rick rack instead.  Not too sure yet.

Old barn.  Yep that looks like my barn with an old truck blocking a door.
Postage Stamp.

I have been doing some other things.  

Last Wednesday the daughter took the oldest grandson to Boy Scout camp over near Muskegon on the west coast of Michigan.  We only have 1 car-out of 7 sitting on the driveway that I trust enough to drive that far, so I drove them over and left them.  Pick up was Saturday morning at 8:30 am and I was just not up to driving 4 hours in the early hours of the morning so I left Friday morning and went to do a little exploring (translate quilt shop stalking).

I stopped at a shop in Jackson, Michigan called Country Stitches.  They had fabric, but mostly they sell machines.  I had wanted a Juki for a long time.  It was nice to finally see one, but I will admit that it definitely wasn't what I thought it was, so I am over it now.  LOL  

 I found a gorgeous green for Jeff's t-shirt quilt, and a white on white, a reproduction which will go in my saw toothed square blocks, and some chickens.  I know you have seen a lot of chicken fabric lately haven't you?
 The white on white had safety pins!

My next stop was at a shop in Portland, Michigan.  Such a pretty town, and what a great shop!  It is called Around the Block Quilt Shop.  Not only do they have a lot of fabric, they have a thread side with cross stitch, and embroidery supplies also. 

 Quilters always need white on white, and black on white. 
 Here you can see the prints a little bit better.
I also picked up their row for the Row by Row.  I couldn't resist it was just too cute.  Love the bear in the canoe. 

I went on to Muskegon and luckily had already reserved a hotel room, thank goodness.  By the time I got there, I was hot, tired, and so I curled up in the hotel room and read for a while, before heading out to boy scout camp for family night. 

This outing went much better than my previous attempt a couple of weeks before,  which ended up with me turning around and coming home after driving for over 3 hours. Baby steps.....


  1. LOVE your farm blocks and your fab enhancements. that was a great idea to go on Fri.

  2. Those farm girl blocks are so adorable! I love the fabrics you chose for them!! You seem to have had a lot of fun on your own shop hop too!!

  3. Boy you had quite a journey...nice haul...I love that chicken fabric--it looks French somehow...your FG blocks are so pretty--they are lovely--you are a wonderful piecer..all those little pieces n' points (pas moi!! ack!!)
    hugs Julierose

  4. Your blocks look great! I noticed on Facebook that you have not visited Massachusetts! I think you should make plans to come visit me!
    Pugs and kisses,

  5. I've done most of my traveling by myself, over the years (hubby can't take off that often), since both of our families live in Texas (20 hours away). It does get old, but, I keep doing it. I'll be driving to Battle Creek, MI in a week, to play with vintage sewing machines. I guess I should book a room.

  6. What about the Juki? Great blocks! Hugs sweetie you are getting there!

  7. The farm blocks are so cute. I love the teakettle and that mixer.

    It sounds like that was the perfect way to break up the long trip and you came home with such fun goodies too.

  8. Great blocks and glad you were able to do some quilty shopping.

  9. Your farm blocks look great and the quilt shop/boy scout trip sounds like fun. The trip was some big baby steps for you!

  10. Love your blocks, especially the mixer :) I love my Juki...use the rabbit speed for everything now. lol!!


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