Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Little Sewing

I have been a wee bit busy lately.

Last Thursday was quilt guild.  During the day was the charity sew day.  We make gurney quilts that the VFW sends to the military, they are used to transport injured personnel home.  The quilts measure 36 X 60 and are supposed to be  manly.  Unfortunately a lot of our fabrics are donated and have a tendency to be florals, or have metallics in them which cannot really be used.  Anyway we had a lot of 10 inch squares that we divided up and made into about 40 quilt kits for our members to take home. 

I came home with a huge box full of 2 1/2 strips---must figure out a way to use them, and  pile of 4 1/2 inch squares in orange.

I thought I could do pretty manly with these if I had a few more oranges and a gorgeous brown to pull it together. So off I went to the LQS to do a wee bit of shopping.  These are my donations.

Isn't the orange camo looking fun?   The brown ombre scrolls were a great addition for the sashing.   And check out this super cute selvage.
With an hour or two sewing I put together a quilt. 

Now to quilt it and bind it. 

Saturday was the Quiltworx class.

I managed to get my diamonds made even though I had a couple of hours sewing at home to finish them up.

I then started working on my arcs.
I have 16 arcs to make.  8 left, and 8 right.  So far I have 6 sections sewn on 8 arcs.  I still have 15 more sections to go!  Oh my!  Lets just say that these 8 took about 3 hours to get this far. 

I started sewing together small shoofly blocks for Jeff's quilt.

I have also been working on my tumblers as leader and enders.

I sew them into twosies, then foursies, then make groups of 10.  I calculated that I needed about 270 strips of 10 to make a queen size quilt.  I am well over 100 so far. 

In the evenings when I am trying to unwind and listen to a book, or when I am listening to the Bible in the morning I have been working on hexies too.

I have been just randomly sewing them together, you can see my creation sew far at the top.  I guess these are 1/2 inch hexies.  All of the hexies come from fabric scraps while I am making other things. 

Of course I have had some stash enhancements.

Chicken fabric, and chicken feet, and some chicken wire.

Aren't these girls too cute! 

I had also pre ordered Lori Holts Spelling Bee book and it arrived.  I see some patterns which will find their way into my farm girl quilt.

Of course there are times that a certain something needs attention. 

So much for any sewing or cutting today.  Maybe it is time to go into the A/C and work on a Quiltworx quilt. 


  1. You have been BUSY! When my dog decides that I've been on the computer long enough, she stands near my chair and barks at me. I think she just wants to go lay on her bed in the sewing room (she can't climb the stairs by herself, bad knees).

  2. Hi Lucy! lol Dunks gets in my face too. and he whines if we dont go into the sewing room. love your little guerney quilt! save those orange scraps my friend for our little Fall slab session. you wont want to miss it! nice chicken stash enhancements too. Jeffs quilt is coming right along....hugs

  3. I really like that "manly" quilt you made--nice work. And you have been so busy...your hexies look so TINY!! I am working along a bit each day resting back and hands as is SO DANG HOT here--humid as all get out. So our AC is cranking for sure...hugs, stay cool Julierose

  4. Another project filled post! You are really sewing right along! Give Lucy a job...snuggling on a quilt perhaps? I pre-ordered the Spelling Bee book some of the blocks in there - the typewriter and the telephone...squee!! :) We are dodging raindrops at the moment but I think it will give some relief from the heat soon?!

  5. you have been busy! at least Janie left you something that no body else wants!

  6. The cats face is hilarious!!! Do they just pop the quilt over the injured person on the gurney cause they are quite narrow quilts aren't they. I love the orange camo and the brown is a perfect partner

  7. I love all those oranges! It would take me an hour of two just to look at the fabric...giggle. Cute kitty.

  8. wow! Pretty strips and quilt from them! Of course I do love orange energy!
    Kitty needs petting... or she'll eat a hexie!


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