Monday, July 31, 2017

Quiltworx Infatuation

I checked out Blogger and discovered the last time I posted was on July 19.  Wow time flies when you are busy, but then looking at what I have accomplished, it doesn't seem like a whole lot.

I have been working on the Quiltworx pattern that I am taking a class called Desert Rose. 

This is one arc.  I have finished the 8 which are facing this way.  I have 8 more to finish which face the other.  I also have 8 arcs with flying geese that I need to complete.  I will say that there are many hours put in doing these paper pieced pieces, and you can see how large they are, so I guess that is where much of my time has went. 

I have also been working on the prep for the paper piecing templates, and cutting templates on the Quiltworx Sand Devils quilt.

These are just a portion which I have cut.  I do it in the evening when it gets too dark to sew, or I need something truly mindless to do.

Obviously I am enjoying the paper piecing and I have a Quiltworx infatuation because I saw this  pattern and had to have it.  It is called Cattails in the Meadow.

I actually went on a mission to find the exact fabrics which were created for this specific quilt called Reclaimed West by Timeless Treasures.  Yep that line was out over a year ago, so it truly was a search mission, but after a few hours I think I found all the fabrics that are called for and have ordered them. 

As to other sewing.

I did the quilt guild friendship block of the month.

The guild fabric is the yellow floral.  I will say I just love it.  The fabric pattern is called Harvest, and so of course I had to find some and order it. 

Finally I received some surprise squishy mail from Julierose at julierose quilts.  Look at the lovely butterflies and I am in love with the background which reminds me of birch trees. 

Isn't this fabulous.  Thank you again so much for the sweet gift.  It lifted my spirits on wings of butterflies the day I received it. 

I have other things to share, but being as I hardly post ever....decided I would spread it out among several posts. 


  1. wow you have been busy. love your progress so far. I was never good at the paper piecing thing. too fiddly for me. would rather have a freer style. lol
    that runner from JulieRose is so cute. I too received butterflies from our friend <3

  2. Wow--those paper pieced arcs are amazing--they look very tricky --but beautiful!! glad you like the butterfly topper..hugs, Julierose

  3. I have some paper piecing to do, too, with deadlines, but, mine isn't as hard as yours is.

  4. Your progress looks good to me :) Lots of paper piecing and prepping...I love that cattails pattern, I can see why you want to make it too! Cute butterflies, lets hold onto them and summer a bit longer, yes?! They are predicting going into the 70s next week, what's with August? I will wait with anxiety for the rest of your post, you teaser!!

  5. I understand why you haven't blogged for awhile. You have a lot of paper piecing done and lots waiting. Love the patterns. Internet buddies are the best.

  6. wonderful pattern but i am like Dawn, to fiddly for me. Hugs

  7. You have definitely been busy. That first one looks really hard.

  8. You are making great headway on the Quiltworx pieces. That is going to be spectacular. The cattail pattern is gorgeous too. So glad that you found the fabrics.

  9. Wow! You are doing some incredible paper piecing 0 so complicated. You have such patience! Karen


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