Friday, July 14, 2017

Almost There

I have been working on catching up on the Farm Girl SAL at SewYouQuilt2.  I posted last week that I spent one day just cutting so I would have stuff to work on.

I only have one block to go to catch up, it is the Garden Block, and I will admit I am a little leery of this one because it is all these tiny fiddly templates, with really no directions.  We shall see.  But this is what I did get accomplished.

Cool threads.   I had all of these cute ginghams out and just had to use them. 
Corn and Tomatoes.  I had this cute red fabric with canning jars, and I even managed to make sure my canning jars were all facing the right way!  I will say I love this block!

Country crossroads.  I have been using up the little bits and pieces I have remaining of these Riley Blake prints that I have had for a very long time.

Egg basket.  I just love how this turned out so bright and happy.  

Farmhouse block.  I will say I probably got a wee bit busy with my fabrics.  And doing the 6 1/2 inch block was a bit of a challenge.

Haystack, using up some more tiny bits left over from here and there.

Old Glory block.  Another one that just turned out too cute.

Simple star.  Again I had to pull out the old truck motif. 
Finally the wooly sheep.  OK he is missing his legs, I have been putting the embroidery stuff to the side and will do it all together. 

Here are all of my blocks together so far.  I wanted to do a mix of 12 inch and 6 inch blocks.  I think I need a buttery yellow to use for the sashing. 

So I got brave and signed up to take a Quiltworx class at the last moment in May.  Saturday is my 2nd class and I am ready, I have my homework done.  Since I thought I had a pretty good concept of how the patterns worked I pulled out a Quiltworx pattern I had purchased over 10 years ago, and thought what the heck!  I am going to work on it.  The pattern is called Sand Devils. 

I had bought the package of extra papers so I could make a queen size.  I calculated how much fabric I was going to need and started shopping.

I had seen this batik, of course since I am always a day late and dollar short, it is from a line from a year or so ago, so finding enough was going to be a challenge.  But I managed.

I then was going to need 5 background colors and 5 spike colors.  I decided to choose fabrics based on the colors in this batik.  There are several shops nearby that have loads of batiks, but I decided to head to Tecumseh to The Quilt Patch, because they had a super simple, and cute row for the Row by Row.

These are my selections.  I was feeling pretty smug.  So I came home, and opened the packages, only to realize that I had to make copies of portions of this pattern, unlike the newer ones where everything is done on newsprint.  Now that doesn't sound too daunting, but there are some portions that need to remain in tact because they are a template for cutting and they are huge.  Awe shucks! I am going to have to rethink how to do this now.  I could divide the larger pages into smaller chunks, and do the copies (we are talking of about 20 copies per template and I have quite a few templates).  I am going to have to most definitely think this one through some more.

While there I did pick up the Row by Row, and this cute little mini quilt pattern.

I have trying to be good, honestly, but I wanted a small pineapple trim tool (mini), and I had a coupon for 20% off my total order from Bear Creek Quilting.  Then I saw chicken fabric to add to my hoard stash.  The shop threw in this super cute handy dandy mini pattern to make a lap size quilt. 

 Finally my other purchase was some of the Kimberbell Basics.  I love this print, and I had already purchased the white on white and love to use it in my Farm Girl blocks, I was getting low already.  Of course I thought I most definitely needed to add the red on white cherries, and the white print on red cherries too. 
I see making the Farm Girl Vintage Cherries block in my near future. 

I think it is time to work on a couple more of Jeff's shirts. 


  1. You've been busy. Hope you can figure out what you need for that quilt.

  2. love your farmgirl additions. I have been lax. bad leader.......LOL

  3. Your farm girl blocks look so great together--so that canning jar fabric--sooo cute!!
    that batik horse print is really special--love it...nice job getting all that cutting done..
    hugs for a great weekend Julierose

  4. Your blocks look great, and I love the cherries fabric you bought!

  5. Lots of great blocks. I love the read and pretty.

  6. You've been busy. Beautiful blocks you have finished. Hope you are able to work out the pattern. Good luck and all the best.

  7.'re really going to town on those blocks. I love the cheery gingham your using. They look great.

    That Quiltworx looks like a real challenge. It is going to be gorgeous in those fabrics.

  8. Why try to be good when there's so much fabric just calling your name. You've really progressed on those blocks and they look great!

  9. Busy busy lady...lots of sewing going on!! Your blocks look great and I think you will be happy with that pineapple tool, I sure love mine :)

  10. Love, love all the colours for your farm girl quilt. Baa is a little concerned for the sheep with no legs, but I told him the sheep would be getting them soon!
    Photocopying those templates sounds like a real mission, 20 or so for each
    Karen, Hannah and

  11. Wow you have a great pile of the FG blocks now and they are lookig really great - cute selection of fabrics. Nice shopping haul :-) Your Quiltworx quilt will be a stunner - and a nice little challenge too; love the horsey batik fabric you found!


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