Wednesday, January 9, 2019

I Like Thursday #51

Another Thursday is on the horizon.  I can't seem to grasp how quickly time seems to fly lately.  Welcome to my 51st installment of I Like Thursday.  Thank you to our encourager LeeAnna at Not Afraid of Color to find things in our world we like weekly.

I was thinking I didn't have anything to share this week.  Not that I don't have anything I like, love, adore.  I was just thinking I hadn't taken any pictures.  Imagine my surprise and delight when I discovered I had been taking pics.

I love daffodils and narcissus, they are one of the first real pops of color as winter is waning.  Imagine my delight when at the grocery store they had a pot of these beauties.

They bring a smile to my face.  I will say after Christmas sales extend to plants sometimes.  I got a super cute Norfolk pine for $3 too and it is a couple feet tall. 

During the holidays I don't get many cards, but the few I get I like to display.  I bought the red and white baker's twine, and using command hooks strung some twine on the wall.  But how to hang some of the cards?  Then inspiration hit.  I found these tiny clothes pins, and SQUEE how super cute.

I see myself using them for other things too.  I have  huge bag. 

Poor Bobbin has a pretty robust collar for training but the downside to it is it rubs her little neck raw in a spot.  So I decided to get her a new collar and be still my heart!  It had hearts.  I think it goes fabulous with her fur too.  No more rubbing and I still have the control I need.

Finally a funny story I shared with a few people already. 

I had been kind of dating, but never really met someone I saw more than once.  This guy started talking to me right after Thanksgiving.  I looked at his profile and was well 1.  You are 10 years younger than me.  2.  You have kids still living at home. 3.  I don't want to be a mama again.   He was so cute about it.  His answer 1.  Age is just a state of mind.  2.  Yes my kids live at home I won custody and I adore my kids.  3.  I don't need a mama nor do my kids.....Darn it I just want a beautiful woman who is smart, witty, to go out with on my weekends when they go to their mother's house.  An adult to talk to. 

We met for dinner one afternoon at 4....we closed the restaurant down.  He invited me to lunch one day, LOL he had to clean his house he didn't want me to see it and think he was a total loser.  He does pretty good for a guy, I will say I am duly impressed. Then I invited him for dinner one evening at my house.  When the words came out of my mouth all I could think of what in the world was I thinking?!?!?!  Unfortunately he accepted before I could rescind the offer.  Which meant....  I had to clean...really clean my house.  I had to get organized, carry boxes and boxes of fabric upstairs and put away, clean off tables, counters, OMG my house is amazingly clean.  I will say it must have paid off, we have went out several times since.

Anyway since my house is pretty clean now.....except for the bedroom with the charity stuff.  I have been trying to clean at least one tote, box or drawer a week.  Yes I know not a lot but there are times emotionally it can be very challenging.  This week I tackled the first aid drawer--this was the great aunt and uncle's first aid drawer.  I wish I had taken a before picture.  This drawer was so packed with adhesive bandages, gauze pads, gauze bandages, and other stuff that you couldn't open it, and you could never find what you needed.

This is the drawer cleaned up.  I am down to 2 boxes of gauze pads, 3 boxes of gauze bandages, and a zip loc sandwich bag full of adhesive bandages. Oh there are 2 boxes of butterfly band aids too, but they are 2 different sizes. 

These are the 13 boxes that I emptied, condensed, broke down and threw away.  I am mighty proud of myself.  Boxes are being emptied, getting broken down and taken to the garage, and Bobbin has room to run like the wind from the front of the house to the back, knocking over garbage cans, running into cabinets, and just being her crazy happy self. 

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  1. Lots of things to like. Your flowers are cheerful. I bet Bobbin loves her new collar and um can you come over and get me organized?

  2. Then you can make a stop at my house, after er..sewing any rate...
    i just cannot seem to get myself going with organization lately...
    I am more in a vegetative state (soup's on from Dawn hahaha)
    hugs, Julierose

  3. Beautiful yellow flowers! A nice bright touch for the cold, gray winter days. Your new guy friend sounds really nice and fun. Hope you enjoy your weekend in your newly cleaned home!

  4. I sympathize on the energy it takes to clean out large amounts of stuff. But super kudos to you for tackling it a little at a time! I love the new heart collar; it's super cute, and the daffodils are so so sunny!

  5. Hi Colette! Michele told us only 69 days until spring, so your pretty daffodils are very timely and lovely. I see you have a sliding barn door in that room - oh how I need one for my bedroom closet. I don't think Sue and I can tackle that project ourselves though. Aww, poor little Bobbin but that is an adorable collar. Just perfect for the good girl she is. And, I love his responses to your list. I always told my friend be careful what you ask for - you just might get it. {{Hugs}} Fun with friends is always a wonderful thing. No one has enough friends - that's my motto. Happy Thursday to you. ~smile~ Roseanne

  6. like the others, I respond to yellow daffy flowers! And the hearts are so sweet, as are the tiny little clothespins. I imagine how cute barbie clothes would look on a little line in a girls room.

  7. What a wonderful post. I'm happy you are seeing someone.Love love love those daffodils!

  8. can't wait for daffodils to bloom again, rushing my life!

  9. Love the posies and best wishes for you and your new friend, he sounds like a great guy :) I am trying to clean up my sewing room AGAIN...why will this job never end?! lol!!

  10. I love the daffodils, too, and often buy some when I first see them in the store! Glad you've found someone to spend some time with. It's always good to have a reason to clean the house, lol! It's amazing what we find that we've stashed away!

  11. My dog has been scratching at her collar for a long time now. Maybe I should break down and get her a new one. Dating.....interesting. My grandmother dated a younger guy, with a son at home, for many years. She wouldn't marry him since she didn't want to raise another child (the boy was younger than her youngest grandchild). They had fun together for many years.

  12. Too bad we weren't close by, I could share a few of my dating site experiences...all good but humourous too. It's wonderful to have this kind of friendship in your life. Enjoy it. It's such a good sign that he has his kids like that. Meanwhile, we are under a frostbite advisory, so thinking about daffodils is badly needed. Company coming is always a great way to get the house cleaned up!

  13. Great collar! I love the hearts too! Stay warm and have a great week!

  14. I don't see daffodils much anymore. Funny how that is. They used to be all over. Your guy friend sound nice. That's funny how we go into cleaning overdrive when we invite people over. I tell the Husband that we ought to have at least 2 parties a year so that we will clean the house. lol

  15. I love those little clothespins. Oh, daffodils can brighten a dreary day so quickly. What a great story! :-)


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