Wednesday, January 23, 2019

I Like Thursday #53

Good day, and welcome to my 53rd I like Thursday post.  Thank you to LeeAnna at Not Afraid of Color for encouraging us to find something positive each week. 

We had a crazy weather week.  Snow, extreme cold, then ice.  Poor Bobbin seems to fare the worst.  She will wear her coat when it is cold, and she loves the snow. 

In fact snow is awesome fun.
Unless it is very windy, and it is sub zero weather.  Poor little girl actually limped around outside, even thought I tried to keep her in during the couple of sub zero days.  We are prepared for the next sub zero days with doggie booties!

Bobbin will be sporting them next week.  I will say the little girl always makes me laugh and brings a smile to my heart. 

I like trying new things.  The last time I tried to make sourdough bread it was a terrible fail.  I have lots of home time so I decided to try again. 

This is my starter.  I will just say I am thrilled because when I finished making bread today I barely had 1 Tablespoon of starter left.  I fed it and when I saw that it looked like this just a couple of hours later,  I was totally thrilled.

The black line is what it was when I added flour and water to my teeny tiny amount of starter left.  I am going to need to move to at least a 1 1/2 quart jar or even a 1/2 gallon jar to continue to grow my new passion.

I like trying new recipes.  No laughing I never made a corned beef before.  I tried a recipe last week and it turned out awesome.  My next trick was Colcannon which I had read about reading a cozy mystery called Off Kilter by Hanna Reed. 

I thought it was a fun book, and I read the 2nd book called Hooked on You.   Oh colcannon is basically mashed potatoes with bacon, cabbage, and onion.  I cut up what was left of my corned beef and it was awesome.  OK back to my new found love of trying new recipes.

Sourdough bread!

The first recipe I tried used a bread machine.  I think it turned out wonderful, and it has an awesome crumb, and lovely chewy crust.

Nothing like bread with butter and raspberry jam.  YUM!

The next attempt will be an artisan type of loaf.  

The downside to not having television is that occasionally there is something you would love to see.
This documentary was on PBS called Rumble:  The Indians Who Rocked the World.  Awesome documentary it is part of the Independent Lens series.  I actually found it looking on the internet, and could stream it through a television.  It was very good, and the music was awesome.

You would be surprised how many Native Americans were huge influence on American Music.  Jazz, blues, and rock and roll, and how many of the big names had Native American Blood.  I will leave you with one of my favorites.

Now head over to LeeAnna's and give some more I like Thursday love!


  1. Love Bobbins new boots. She is gonna be stylin this winter

  2. Bobbin in adorable ;))) I love making homemade bread--i use a bread machine mostly, but also do that no knead's good too...[Many carbs though;000]
    It's raining here and 51 degrees--no wonder everyone is getting sick!! Talk about weird Winter weather...stay warm hugs, Julierose

  3. Ah yes, we had an ice day yesterday too...I need to go out and run the errands I was supposed to do yesterday today :) Thanks for the dance this morning, fun clips from talented folks. The husband is learning guitar right now and I am constantly hearing I Walk the Line in my head now...or Fulsom Prison. I am curious about whether Bobbin will walk in the boots. None of our dogs would. Have a great day my friend!

  4. Those bobbin boots must be so leeeetle like Barbie boots!! Milo has his on from walking this morning in the snow that started at 7AM. I have to read those books, and the Rumble documentary is going on the PBS list!!! Thanks lots and lots for sharing all this.

  5. I hope Bobbin will keep his boots on in the snow! He looks so cute out in it. And I'm glad your bread turned out well, it looks delicious!

  6. Homemade bread - yummy! Good for you, trying new recipes. I've never made corned beef, so you're not alone - and now you've successfully tried it! Little dogs in the snow are pretty hilarious!

  7. What a great post! Being from Irish, we grew up with the mashed potato/cabbage mixture. Our Jiggs Dinner is corned/salt beef as the meat. But your bread is a real winner. It looks awesome and you are right, bread and jam and I would add a cup of hot tea to make it the best. Our weather has been wild...all over the place.

  8. Hi Colette! I love seeing those shots of cutie pie Bobbin. She will totally r.o.c.k. those booties. And, I would not be at all surprised that Native Americans had a huge influence on music! Just like any art, influences from outside sources come in to play. BREAD! Come on - I can smell it all the way here in Wisconsin . . . and that's a ways. Cripes - why can't you be our neighbor?! I haven't had homemade bread since my sister died back in 2008. Y.u.m. I wonder if John enjoys it?! ~smile~ Roseanne

  9. Snow is awesome. That video is cute. Mmm. your sourdough bread looks delicious!

  10. Your bread with jam has me drooling. Sourdough bread is my favorite, too. Today was experimenting in the kitchen. Cilantro-walnut-pineapple pesto is one of the things I made. Next time I'll skip the pineapple.
    Your Bobbin is a cutie, even more cuter I bet in her booties.

  11. Wow on your starter!!! The bread looked fabulous! Bobbin is cute but we had the same problem with staying in when it was below zero. Hoping we both stay above those temps for the rest of the winter! Have a great week!

  12. I LOVE Bobbin's boots. Those should help in that snowy weather.

    Your starter looks alive and well. My starter is about 40 years old now and has such a great pungent smell to it. You'll find lots of recipes to use it.

  13. Wow- a little Jimi Hendrix in the morning-cool and great choice. Those doggie booties are a great invention. -hope they work. Your bread turned out perfect. Yum.

  14. I'm not very good a making breads (but great at eating breads). I've only cooked corned beef a few times, but I love to eat it. That last recipe sounds yummy.

  15. Dogs' shoes are looking so interesting :)


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