Wednesday, July 3, 2019

Happy 4th of July

Happy 4th of July.  Remember when we celebrated the Bicentennial in 1976?  I do, even though I was a young pup a mere 12 years old.  We are celebrating our countries 243 birthday this year. 

I am going to also share my I Like Thursday post #70 at the same time.  Thank you LeeAnna of Not Afraid of Color for encouraging us to look around us to find, and share things we love. 

I love my garden, between all the rain it is starting to bloom among the weeds, which really need to be pulled.  Again.

The Licorice Anise is starting to bloom.  I accidentally pulled most of it this year while trying to get rid of the catnip that grows like crazy in my gardens. 

My new cone flowers are blooming already!  I also have some that came up from last year. 

My hollyhocks which I just love.  I need to find some other colors to add to my garden.

Lupine which I just planted.  I was pleasantly surprised to see a bloom, usually it takes a year or two for them to get going.  I like my old decorative fencing that I have picked up here and there and use to keep the chickens out of my flowerbeds. 

The Lantana is blooming I think this one was called raspberry lemonade.  Along with petunias which are planted in 1/2 a whiskey barrel on the porch.

I also have this beautiful petunia which is a coral color.

I like my new little garden art I found at the feed store.

I think it is made for bird seed but the colors made my heart happy.

I like this hanging basket I found at the farmer's market, but the shepherd's hook didn't want to stay in the ground so it got sat on the stump. 

If you look to the left on that stump you will see a hole.  I have a family of bluebirds which have taken up residence.  They are fearless of me. 

Speaking of being fearless we have a small bunny that seems to think the garden by the steps is an awesome place to hang. 

If no one is outside I have spied him with the chickens in the driveway. 

These guys have been right up to the house lately.  Enjoying the Maple helicopters that John cleaned out of the gutters.  They are having a regular smorgasbord.  Many times I look out and there are 3-4 squirrels out there. 

I like with Gabe's help on a hot sunny day we got the raised bed built, filled, and raspberries planted.

We knocked berry vines back, weeds, and got er done!

Finally I love these muffin/cupcake cups made of silicone. 

I got them from Amazon 2 dozen for like $8 and boy do they work nice!

I tried them out on these Lemon/Raspberry Streusel muffins. 

Now head over to LeeAnna's and check out the other I Like posts, and have a safe and fun July 4th!


  1. Love your bluebird garden ornament and your real bluebird. We had mr woodchuck munching in my garden, mr bunny running around and baby chipmunk hanging out near the rececyle bin. Nature is fun to watch

  2. Love that ornament, too--I wondered about those silicone muffin tins--they sound great...Happy 4th of July to you and yours...hugs, Julierose

  3. Love all your flowers and wildlife. Those muffin tins look pretty cool, too (love the colors).

  4. Oh I wish I could grow lupines which grow in the wild and so beautifully at home. I've tried a few times here with no luck. Yours look very healthy as does all the garden. I've never tried the silicon baking these colourful muffin cups. Enjoy a wonderful Independence Day!

  5. All of those flowers are just lovely. I really like that garden art. The colors really stand out. Happy 4th. mary

  6. I don't think I have ever seen a bluebird in real life. It's beautiful!! I am a petunia killer. I stopped buying them because I kill them every single time. *lol*

  7. Oh I remember the bicentennial, I'm a little older than you. I danced in a city production even! Pretty flowers!

  8. You have lots of pretty things blooming in the garden! I love the lantana especially. And your new piece of garden art is so much fun! Those kinds of things make my heart happy, too. Your streusel muffin looks yummy, and how great to have those reusable "papers!"

  9. Such gorgeous flowers! Gardens are just beautiful this time of year. My daughter loves those silicon cups. I've never used them but I might give them a try!

  10. I've never seen silicon muffin cups, but I guess I shouldn't be surprised they exist. I don't bake much any more. Lots of pretty flowers at your place. I have a similar lantana in my barrel. How nice that you have some nesting bluebirds. I see one occasionally, but I don't think they are nesting close by.

  11. I just love visiting your garden! Lemon Raspberry muffins sound divine!! I'll have to find a recipe for that as my husband loves mufffins! Cheers and have a happy holiday!


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