Wednesday, December 18, 2019

I Like Thursday #88

The holiday season is usually hectic.  Throw in what seems like a shortened season because of when Thanksgiving fell, starting a new job, and I can't believe it is Thursday already.  Welcome to my 88th installment of I Like Thursday.  Thank you to LeeAnna of Not Afraid of Color for encouraging us to find fun things to share each week.

I mentioned that I started working again and I work in a bakery.  I have a couple of days a week that I do a donut shift which starts at 3 am.  I think that decorating donuts is much like free motion quilting.  I like that I can practice a bit.

I need much more practice.

I like this cup I saw, they also had a shirt.

I am sure there are days that the boys would like to sell my daughters to the circus or the freak show.  Thank goodness they have extreme amounts of patience.

I love this fabric.  I thought it would make an awesome pillowcase for one of the kids.

There was a matching fabric with some grunge and it turned out fabulous.

I saw this truck on the way to work.  I couldn't slow down because it is sitting in a weird spot.

It's kind of neat to see on the way to work early in the morning.

We had a few warm days again, which translates to above freezing, but we are back into the teens for a high, so Bobbin today was sporting her new black jacket.

She thinks it is slimming.  The downside it shows everything, especially when you shed like there is no tomorrow.

Some interesting things I saw and read this week.

Someone developed and app to teach the Blackfoot language.  I think it is important for indigenous people to learn their language and to keep their ceremonies and customs alive.  For too long they were outlawed.  You can read the article here.

The Dog Waiting for Santa made me smile.

I don't know if you have seen "Rita's Quilt" long story short a lady found an embroidery piece on a wall at an estate sale and decided to purchase it. Nearby was a box and inside were birds and flowers of every state to be embroidered.  She bought the box, then put a call out in Instagram.  What happened was amazing and it was shared on the Kelly Clarkson show.
One of the customs of my culture was for women to have facial tattoos.  When I was a kid I was aghast that some of the older women had them.  An artist created painting celebrating the culture.  You can read more about it here. Indigenous Tattoo Culture. 

I read Bucket List by Emily James, book 8 in the Maple Syrup Mysteries.  I shared about this author previously, and speaking of previous I shared this song previously too, but it is well worth the 2nd listen.

Now head over to Not Afraid of Color and check out the other I Like Thursday posts! 


  1. I love your Thursdays.... I used to make donuts for Walmart a long time ago. Would go to work at night and have the donuts ready for customers in the morning. That was when we actually made the donuts and not frozen. When I left they went to frozen donuts to be thawed out and then cooked. Don't know what they do now. Looks to me like you like the bakery. Love all the things you showed but the bakery stood out in my mind most.

  2. Oooo those donuts look yummy. Love that fabric with books too. So fun. I also saw that quilt on Kellys show. How awesome quilters and women are. Nice to see togetherness in a world filled with seperation of many kinds.

  3. those doughnuts do look luscious!! Hope your days slow down for enjoyment of the holidays...hugs, Julierose

  4. Hi Colette! How cool that you get to practice your FMQ skills at work! The Rita quilt story is SO heartwarming - you need to add a tear jerker disclaimer comment. And how sweet does Bobbin look in her stylish, slimming black coat?! Of course, she doesn't need the slimming feature at all. Sweet girl! ~smile~ Roseanne

  5. mmmm ... those donuts look good enough to eat ... I once worked in a candy shop where I put the top loops and such on the chocolates ... it was very repetitive but I made it fun by making it a work of art ... :-) Pat

  6. love the dog having a cookie before falling asleep. I wondered how she resisted!!! So sweet. I sure like all your likes Colette. I think this work is working out for you... it's stimulating, but I'd eat the donuts I'm afraid.

  7. I love you're doing freemotion practice on donuts. Excellent. Neat lit-up truck. I like those fabrics, too.

  8. I love the squirrel and book fabric! Where did you find it? It did make a really fun pillow case! The Christmas lights on the truck are just great, too. Merry Christmas, Colette!

  9. I love the fabrics! You can practice your free motion quilting on donuts! So fun! Bobbin looks very nice in her new outfit!

  10. Oh donuts and your pretty swirls. Now do you get to keep the ones that are not perfect. I always wondered about that with bakeries. That really is great pillowcase material. It is vital that indigenous people retain and pass on their language and customs. I still remember some of the Inuktitute I learned when teaching in far north. The kids were taught in their own language till grade 4 then 40/60 split with English. They also spent a day a week on cultural inclusion which was elders from the community coming in to teach the old skills, beading,working with seal skins, and the like. I always hoped it was helping.

  11. Great likes! That lit up pick up truck made me smile! Your pillowcase is fantastic! Have a safe and happy holiday!

  12. I'm still chuckling about the thought of your practicing your free motion quilting on donuts! LOL!!! LOVE IT!!!


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