Wednesday, May 13, 2020

I Like Thursday #109

Welcome to my 109th post of I Like Thursday.

We have had some cold days, but I loved a short walk around my yard.  Since I let my chickens free range I was worried if I would have any flowers left.

Leconium Gigantum also known as a giant snowdrop.  I love the little green dots at the edge of the petals.

I had a couple of purple tulips bloom.

The Lamium is blooming already.  I need to figure out how to keep the chickens out of my flower beds so that it can have a chance to spread.

The bleeding heart that I planted last year returned.  I hope it takes off and gets larger.  I had transplanted one I found under a bush when I first moved in years ago.  It did alright but the past couple of years it struggled, and I think finally died.

I saw this bag of M & M's at the store.  Made me smile.

The kittens are now 3 weeks old.  One has a slight eye infection so she gets an eye wash a couple of times a day.  I was told her name is Tangiers.

One of her sisters is obviously an aspiring model.

Isn't she just too adorable?

I had a bookcase that was sitting still in a box and finally decided what I would do with it.  The middle boy came over, and I am so freaking impressed with him.  He managed to put it completely together, with power tools in about 15 minutes.  I asked him if he needed the true male fashion, nah I got this, it is a basic build.  He did it and didn't make one mistake.

Into the sewing room to hold some kits, and my hoard of Bonnie and Camille fabrics which I have been using in 2 separate quilts.

Have you been wearing a face mask?  Work provides them, and I have one I made, and some others in the making.  Ever wonder if wearing a face mask may become the new fashion?  One to match your moods?  Anyway, the downside to a mask, especially for me at work, because I am in and out of freezers, and the dish room which is hot and humid, my glasses are constantly fogged up.  Jeff used to swear by a wax called Zooke.  I found the one he had stashed, um it was empty.  So I ordered some from Amazon, but I was not going to receive it until June.  I read somewhere that shaving cream would work.

You take the shaving cream, wipe it on your lenses, and rub it in using a microfiber clothe.  I will say it takes a wee bit of work, but it helped greatly and I spent one day almost 5 hours in the freezer restacking pallets to pull our product out.

The Zooke's arrived.  It is actually used by divers to keep their face masks clear.

I tried it.  Worked too, but has about the same effectiveness as the shaving cream.  The shaving cream is much cheaper though.

Finally my books of the week are by Molly MacRae.

Plaid and Plagiarism.  Janet Marsh, her daughter Natalie (Tally), Christine, and Summer have purchased Yon Bonnie Books.  A bookshop, tea room, and bed and breakfast, the 4 women have left their lives in America to live their "what if".  I will say that the book made me laugh quite often.  I am currently reading the 2nd installment titled Scones and Scoundrels.

Thank you LeeAnna for encouraging us to find things we like, and share them with others.  Now head over to LeeAnna's at Not Afraid of Color to check out the other I Like posts.


  1. Good morning, Colette! That's so cool - M&Ms in a sharing size. Would those short picket fences keep the chickens out of your flower beds? Maybe they would fly over it to get at the flowers. Oh, those kitties!!! They have such sweet faces. Thanks for the tip about keeping your glasses clear! Thank you also for the new book titles and author. I'll see if I can get those at the library! Take care. ~smile~ Roseanne

  2. Those kittens are cute! I used to spit in my mask to keep it from fogging (which doesn't always work). Shaving cream sounds like the way to go! Wow, your bookcase looks well stocked!

  3. I love seeing your blooms - my favorite time of year! That new shelf looks handy, and how nice that your grandson put it together so handily! M&Ms are my favorite candy - it's always fun to see what the M guys are doing!

  4. Nice plants. Love those kitties. Soooooo cute. And m&ms to share? um what? I hoard them....but i would share with you

  5. Those books sound like fun-thanks. Shaving cream on glasses-who knew?I love those Snowdrops and Tulips. I died over the bigger M&M bag-hysterical. I need to find that for my daughter.. And, those kittens are just adorable. What a fun post.mary

  6. Yes, the fogging glasses are really annoying when wearing a mask. It was pretty cold the day I went grocery shopping and it took about 10 minutes before my glasses cleared enough to see what I was picking up. Fortunately, I only had to wear the mask for an hour while shopping. I really sympathize with workers like you, who have to wear them all day. I planted some snowdrops I bought at Costco last fall and they all came up, so I guess the squirrels, chipmunks and rabbits left them alone. We're finally warming up a bit (after several bouts of snow in the air over the last week). I hope it stays that way. Cute kittens.

  7. Snowdrops are so pretty, as are all your other flowers. Those little kittens are just precious! Glad you found a solution for your foggy glasses. I wear glasses and I wear masks; however, I don't wear my glasses with my mask - I can see well enough without them.

  8. Snowdrops are one of my favorite flowers! Yours are blooming alongside your tulips which never happens here! I love your bookshelf and such pretty fabric! Yummy! Have a great week!

  9. I enjoyed visiting your garden. Isn't it great to have help with putting things together. I can do it but don't like it and have never enjoyed power tools. I'm glad you sorted out your steamy glasses...quite a nuisance. I wore a mask the other day and found out right away that it's a nuisance to wipe your nose which was wet because it was cold!

  10. Thanks for the shaving cream tip! We are wearing masks full-time at work, and I don't have too much problem with fogging while just working at my desk, but as soon as I'm up and about working in the lab or especially on the microscope, there's immediate fogging.

  11. Love the flowers! The weather has been a little better lately. It finally warmed up. Those kittens are so darn cute! The book shelf came out great. My husband never reads directions either. His projects don't always work out!


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