Tuesday, January 5, 2021

I Like Thursday #142

Welcome to my 142nd I Like Thursday post.   I have had a strange but awesome week.  I think work is tired of paying me double time and triple time and a half on holidays because they have been making sure I have days off.  I had Wednesday the 30th off, New Year's Day, Sunday, and Tuesday.  The first couple of days I did sleep a lot, but since then even though I have been working every other day I have been cleaning up, putting Christmas away (except for my Christmas Tree) and working on some sewing projects. I think it is a huge like.

I want to thank LeeAnna for encouraging a group of us to find and share things we like or love during the week, to throw some positivity, and love out into the universe.  

My Christmas cactus is blooming.   I think the poor dear is confused and also needs a repotting, but after reading up on it, I need to wait for a while before I do that.  I will call it an Epiphany cactus since Wednesday was the beginning of Epiphany.  

I don't know about many of you, but I like the beginning of the year.  I clean up my computer folders, download files to my external hard drive.  Start new 2021 folders.  I need to clean out my file cabinets an file paperwork. 

While Christmas is barely in the box, I am getting inundated with plant catalogs in the mail, and Valentine's and Easter things at work.  I did love these two dog shirts/sweaters.

It says:  Feed me and tell me I'm pretty.  It has picture of donuts on it.  Isn't it perfect for my Bobbin?


 Then there is the Soul Mate sweater.  I will admit this little girl had my heart from the first moment I saw her picture.  She is my doggy soul mate.

 With so many friends who knit and crochet I saw this at work and it made me giggle.

This yarn cake is about 2 1/2 feet tall.  It looks like it may be chenille. 

Recently I had to go to a different feed store for bedding for my chooks.  I got a chuckle at the mascot at the door.

 The pup looks a wee bit like my Bobbin.  It is reminding people to wear masks, and socially distance.

While there I spied these socks.  There was some fuzzy sheep, longhorns, horses, goats. 

I ordered a couple of more ornaments, and I just loved the hen and chicks on a nest.

I have done a bit of sewing.  I made these two strip quilts called Timber Gnomies.  I think I will be putting some borders on them eventually.  I have also been working on the Bonnie Hunter Grassy Creek Mystery Quilt.  I have step one done, and am working on step two currently.  (Currently as of last Friday they were on step 6).  

Today was a stressful day for many reasons.  So Bobbin and I went for a drive and got a Starbucks.  Here is Bobbin enjoying her Puppercino.

 I have been enjoying some beautiful art from a Native American Man from tribe.  How to select just one piece is difficult.  Check it out!  Carl Avery Studios

With so many free days I have had a lot of time to listen or read books.  

Booked for Murder by Eva Gates the 2nd in the Lighthouse Library Mystery Series.  

The Moonstone by Wilkie Collins.  Purportedly one of the 1st books written considered to be in the mystery genre.  

The Secret of Dunhaven Castle by Nellie Steele.  Cate Kensie an untenured professor at a small university is approached and informed that she is the last legal heir of Gertrude McKenzie.  In order to be the heir she must live at Dunhaven Castle in Scotland.  Once there strange things start to occur.  

Ye Olde Antique Shoppe:  The Edward V Coin by Margaret Brazear.  Another book where a long lost relative inherits an old shop and home.  Rachel enters the Antique Shoppe and takes an old coin which she figures she can sell after consulting with her friend Peter Atwood.  They step out of the shop and into 1483.


Death at LaFenice by Donna Leon the first book in the Commisario Brunetti series.  A world famous conductor is found dead in his dressing room after an interval during an opera.  An opera house in Venice full of suspects, including an orchestra and the cast of LaTraviata. 

Now head over to LeeAnnas at Not Afraid of Color and check out the other I Like Thursday posts.


  1. Oooo Bobbin deserves both sweaters for sure. Too cute. The chicken ornament is adorable and the strip quilt is fun great likes

  2. as always you're my "mystery book" source! thank you for standing strong today in seeking the goodness around us.LeeAnna

  3. I'm so glad you've had some time off and a chance to rest and get caught up on things. I love seeing dogs getting their Puppacino at Starbucks - they're always so excited! Your hen and chicks ornament is perfect for you, and the Timber Gnomes quilt is adorable!

  4. Yay, for days off (even if it means a little less money). Free time is good for your health if not your wealth. Funny to see Bobbin enjoy her Starbucks.

  5. I like all the titles you've read. They're all going down on my list, thank you very much.

  6. Ooh - lots of reading! Love those sheep socks.

  7. I’ll bet those days off have felt wonderful. Love the pic of Bobbin enjoying the treat!

  8. I think the Castle book sounds good. Glad you are finally getting some time off. You need it.

  9. It's so nice to have days off! Cute dog sweaters and socks! I love seeing Bobbin enjoying a treat!

  10. Lovely Christmas cactus (or Epiphany cactus ;D ), it's always nice to see them blooming, when other plants are just green. Cute socks, and great books!

  11. I hope what ever was stressing you has passed. I am sure your dog loved the ride. Enjoy you reading list.


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