Wednesday, January 20, 2021

I Like Thursday #144

Welcome to my 144th post of I Like Thursday.  Weekly LeeAnna of Not Afraid of Color encourages us to share things we have found that we like/love.  

I don't know about many of you, but I will say today while I didn't get to see the whole inauguration I did get to see the poet Amanda Gorman.  All I can say is WOW!

 I will admit I felt a sigh of relief as if a huge weight had been lifted after the events of the past few weeks.  

Paczki season started, and then they came up with an idea of making some "designer" Paczki.  

A Bavarian Turtle Paczki....a Bavarian Paczki, topped with fudge, pecans, caramel, and chocolate drizzle.  

Raspberry Creme Paczki....Raspberry Paczki filled with cream cheese icing, and topped with a dollop of cream cheese frosting and a smidge of raspberry.

Have you ever had your brown sugar turn into a brick?  I have seen many different home remedies, but decided to try one of these.  A brown sugar saver.  Does it work.  A resounding yes it does.  You soak it for about 15 minutes in hot water.  Dry it off, then place it in your brown sugar.  It actually makes it nice and loose. 

Remember the cute shirt I saw at work that I wanted to get Bobbin?  

My daughter actually went to several stores looking for it.  No luck.  Either small or X-large.  :(  I found something similar though.

It has a crown and says, " Feed Me and Tell Me I'm Pretty."  Gray is not Bobbin's color though.  But it is so cute, and has a sweet little bow on the cowl neck.  

I saw this kitchen towel and thought it was so appropriate for the era we are in.  The last few years I have developed a thing for bees.  

I had to ask my mom to send a picture for me of the Christmas Stockings at her house.  I have cross stitched the tops of each one.

I have a stocking, as well as one for my youngest daughter and her 3 sons that live here in Michigan, so there are 4 more.  I had a stocking for Jeff, my mom returned it to me as a keepsake.  I need to make one more for my middle daughter's man.  I love seeing how our family has grown.  

Speaking of Jeff.  There are times I would like to just close down my Facebook page, but every now and then a memory shows up, and it means so much I hate to lose that.

This is a picture of Jeff when Finn was born.  There were a whole series of pictures with him and the older boys with baby Finn too.  

I have been working a lot this week.  People calling off are a trial--at least to me, it means that I get called in to work.  They keep trying to hire new people, but doing doughnuts seem to be very overwhelming to them, and so they decline the job.  Sigh.  

My books for the week are Chaos at Little Leaf Creek by Cindy Bell.

Cassie Alberta has purchased a house in Little Leaf Creek so she can make a new start.  Things go awry quickly when a sculpture that she would like to have in her yard must be approved by the town historical society, and the head of the group is found murdered in Cassie's yard.  

End of the Line by Emily James is the 9th installment in the Maple Syrup Mysteries.  It is only a few short weeks until Nicole marries Mark the town coroner.  But the town police chief turns up missing and another police officer is murdered at Mark's house.  How does it all tie together?  Throw in a food truck that specializes in cupcakes and police corruption.  Will Nicole and Mark be married?  

Thanks for stopping by, now head over to LeeAnna's at Not Afraid of Color to see the other I Like Thursday posts. 


  1. We watched the Inauguration and were so touched; and we are thrilled that President Biden will now lead us through the tough times to come...what a huge relief...

    I see you will be on Packzi duty...they are so yummy...

    Lovely photos, Colette...stay safe hugs from afar Julierose

  2. We we’re lucky enough to watch the inauguration too! To listen to Amanda Gorman speak her words was the best! Thank for the uplifting post! I like seeing the Christmas stockings. What a lovely tradition. Families do keep growing,

  3. All those beautiful stockings ... amazing! You found the perfect Amanda Gorman photo and quote. Thank you for sharing ... <3 Pat

  4. I loved Amanda Gorman and her poem! She was amazing. Those paczki look yummy - do you end bringing some home now and then? :) Cute sweater for Bobbin and I love the saying on that towel, too!

  5. Jeff keeps poppin in to let you know he is watching over you. Those turtle paczki look awesomely delicious.

  6. Never want to lose those picture's and memories

  7. Everything about yesterday was refreshing (once we got past the worry that something bad was going to happen). A new era is dawning. The turtle paczki don't appeal to me, but I'd definitely buy the raspberry ones. Yum. That Bee kitchen towel saying would look good in a cross stitch or embroidery Wonder if someone has done a pattern for it. Just keep scrolling through Facebook and only stop to look when Jeff pops up. It would be hard to let go of those memories.

  8. I love seeing all the stockings. Those Paczki look amazing. I need to find some. I’ve always used a bread crust for my brown sugar so that sounds fascinating.

  9. I never heard of those doughnuts before. Here in Pennsylvania , the Pennsylvania Dutch eat doughnuts with a lot of sugar sprinkled ontop. They call them fastnachts. Love the photos of those stockings! Wow! Have a happy and safe week!

  10. The stockings are so cool. What a wonderful gift you've given your family! Good cheer to you. :-)

  11. Your Thursday posts always make me hungry! :-) I love all those stockings.

  12. what a cute bobbin shirt! Raspberry cream anything, yes please.
    have a good week my good friend

  13. I agree that Amanda Gorman was wonderful! I love that Bobbin got more clothes! You have so many Christmas stockings. I'm still waiting for my family to grow. My kids are in no rush to settle down. I love seeing all your goodies. Makes me hungry!


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