Thursday, March 11, 2021

I Like Thursday #151

 Welcome to my 151st I Like Thursday post.  I don't know about many of you, but doesn't the darkness seem to be lifting, even with the pandemic going on?  Days seem to be much easier even with all the other stuff going on.  The daylight hours are longer, the temperatures are getting warmer things just seem better somehow.  Perhaps that is why I have been struggling to remember to create a post for I Like Thursday.  *big smiles*

I picked up a paper piecing project from last year.  I had joined the Quiet Play 2020 group.  Every month you receive 3 or 4 paper pieced patterns.  I kind of stalled out after the initial introduction which was an asterisk.

The past week I finished the rainbow.

I have been working on the next piece which has 9 sections.  Perhaps I will finish it by next week.  

I had thought I would work on finishing up lots of projects that I have sitting around, and I have been picking up stuff ans working on it, but I was enticed by a project called Little Blocks 365.  Every week you receive 7 three inch paper pieced blocks.  The program began in January. I will admit it took me until mid February to decide a fabric scheme.  I want to do a red and white quilt, and I wanted it to be reproduction fabrics. 

After looking at some of the patterns I also added in gray.  So far this is just block one.  😊

I love working with wool, and have been prepping my next "Taking Home the Tree" blockwhich is quite extensive.  I am ready to start to fuse it all now, but there are almost 60 + parts. I wanted something to sew while sitting in the evening and winding down.  

I saw these wooly mug rugs.  The patterns are free from Shabby Fabrics.

You can buy the kits or just use or buy your own wool.  I have some wool, but I went wool shopping (doesn't that remind you  of wool gathering? LOL   Well technically it is wool gathering, in a way), and found the fun green plaid. 

I love sewing with this lana wool by aurifil.  I would never have thought that wool thread would be so easy to use.

I have been sticking to my eating plan, and finding healthy sometimes is very difficult.  On top of finding food, some days I have trouble eating enough to get to my necessary calorie count. I discovered these recently.

The thins are about the size of a half dollar, and the serving size is 21 thins for about 130 calories.  

My books for the week are Findings, Floodgates, and Strangers all by Mary Anna Evans.  These are the 4th, 5th, and 6th books in the Faye Longchamps archaeology series.  

The book Findings, Faye is working for a friend, cataloging artifacts in his collection for a museum he is going to open.  A break in, his murder, and a mess are left. While Faye is helping to clean up after the break in, she discovers nothing is missing, but her field notes.  Is the murder related to a fabulous emerald that Faye discovered while surveying her property Joyeuse?

Floodgates takes place after Hurricane Katrina.  The body of a missing archaeologist is discovered in a condemned house, what is interesting it appears that the body has been weighted down with a pile of heavy objects.  Was Shelley killed during the hurricane or in a much more sinister way afterward, and why?

Strangers--A very pregnant Faye, and her husband Joe are running a dig in St. Augustine on the property of a 100 year old mansion.  A woman disappears, her abusive boyfriend find murdered in a nearby canal, a 400 year old journal, and a gilded age murder all combine together to form a puzzle.  Or do they.

What I like about this series is Faye is a strong woman, she meets Joe and their relationship slowly develops over the books, until they are married and starting their family.  Archaeological sites, local folklore, Native American legends, old journals all work together to weave interesting books.  

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  1. Thanks for all the book recommendations! You always find such interesting ones! I am interested in the Shabby Fabrics wool mats! I just haven’t got it all together yet! Handwork is hard lately, I’m experiencing some pain in my left ( hoop holding) hand! I must grip too hard! :)

  2. I love your paper-pieced blocks - they are just great! When I very first started blogging, I participated in a paper-pieced qal that Kristy did, and it was all sewing themed blocks. It's still one of my favorite creations ever. She's pretty amazing! Those books sound really good. I'll have to look for that series. I'm with you - life is feeling a bit lighter these days. A good feeling!

  3. You have some fun projects going. I have to look into Little Blocks 365. I enjoy stitching with wool, but haven't done as much lately. Isn't lana wool lovely? I like the feel of it. Nice book recommendations, thanks!

  4. Lots of fun things to like
    Getting lighter each day.yay

  5. I do feel much more positive these days, but I chalked it up to getting my first vaccine dose and the days getting longer. It also helps that we've had a lot more sun than we normally do this time of year. And the crocuses are blooming.

  6. Hi Colette! I've missed a few weeks but I hope you are doing well. It sounds like you have some fun and different projects lined up for your free time. Have you hours been lessening at work? How is sweet Bobbin? ~smile~ Roseanne

  7. I love the green shamrock project. I hadn’t even heard of wool thread before. It sounds interesting. Those Ritz crisps are so good.

  8. I'll have to check out those crackers. Yes, sometimes it's hard to get all the calories in. I just ate a square of dark chocolate to get my calories in for the day. Purple Cow has some frozen yogurts that are only 130 calories for 2/3 cup. A nice treat after supper.

  9. I like the pieces you've been working on. Not heard of wool thread (but I guess it makes sense - there's plenty of wool yarn!). It's a pretty green. I am feeling the extra daylight - it's wonderful!

  10. I have to agree with you. Spring is coming and it's so uplifting! I love your paper pieced projects. I have tried those Ritz crisps and loved them!

  11. Hi Colette, yes stitching on wool is lovely and even stitching on felt is quite nice too. I have not heard of wool thread...always learning. You've got some great projects to work on. I really like your colour scheme of reds in reproduction prints with some grey thrown in. I like rice cakes, minis too and yes I know they taste like cardboard but with peanut butter and cranberries they go down well and low calorie too. Anyway, hope this week is going well for you!

  12. The Quiet Play blocks are adorable and turn on my feel goods with those bright colors. The rainbow is pretty intricate paper piecing though.

    Mary Anne Evans must be a good writer and you seem hooked.


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