Wednesday, March 17, 2021

I Like Thursday #152

 Welcome to my 152nd I Like Thursday Post.  Thank you to LeeAnna of Not Afraid of Color for encouraging us to find and share things we like for the week.  

I love the different doggie outfits I see.  

How about a bunny outfit?  Or maybe just a headband of bunny ears?

The weather has been much warmer, but still not warm enough for Bobbin. 
This is my laundry room it is barely 6 foot wide.  There is a huge heat vent and when I am in the laundry room Bobbin parks herself as close as she can get to it.  The only thing that keeps her from getting closer is my drying racks.

I am always amazed at how fast merchandise for holidays come out at the store.  There were these two signs which I thought were amusing.

I tried a new recipe called melting sweet potatoes.  You cut the potatoes into 1 inch rounds and

Then bake at a high temperature.  This recipe called for maple syrup and it was very yummy.

I did a little sewing this past week.  

I finished up the paper piecing block "Hope".

I also did another of the 3 inch blocks.

My company has been encouraging wellness programs.  One of them is called Hinge, which works on helping strengthen joints that may be causing you problems.  Hips, knees, back-upper or lower, shoulders.  Many years ago I injured both of my shoulders at work.  I tore my rotator cuff on both sides, even after many months of rehab, cortisone shots I never was back to full motion.  I have been having some pain lately so I hope this program helps.  Just for signing up they sent me a yoga mat, tablet, power bands, electronic sensors to ensure that I am doing my exercises correctly, a plan, and weekly call with a coach.  I like that they are working on prevention.  

I read a few books this week.

Plunder another installment of the Faye Longchamp Mysteries.  After an explosion on an oil rig in the Gulf of Mexico, Faye, and Joe are hired to do an assessment of an area which they fear will end up being destroyed by the oil. 

A Thread of Madness by Blythe Baker.  The Dickinson sisters own a dress shop in 1800's England.  When one of the sisters witnesses a man killed by a shadow, it is determined that they must find the killer to protect their good name. 

The Weight of Night by Christine Carbo.  This is the 3rd installment of the series which is set in Glacier National Park.  Multiple fires are raging, and one of the hot shots ends up digging up a body.  Add to it a missing teen boy and Monty a Park police and Gretchen a forensic's expert realize there is a pattern.  Will they find the missing boy in 5 days?

The Hanging Tree by Irina Shapiro.  A Writer's retreat at an ancient manor house is the setting and Nicole over hears an ancient legend about Alys Bailey who was hung as a witch in the 1640's.  Nicole feels that there is a story and as she researches, Alys's story unfolds.  

Ghostland is the 3rd installment of the Mitch Bushyhead series by Jean Hager.  While walking through the woods on of the local spinsters trips over the body of a child.  Mitch comes in the investigate the murder of the child from the local Indian School.  

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  1. I'm hoping it warms up soon for Bobbin! I haven't been in a store so it was nice to see what is "in" right now! Love your "hope" block and that small block is adorable! Have a safe and happy week!

  2. Glad your company is supporting a wellness program. Good luck with it. Your Hope block is great! I’m not good at paper piecing!

  3. Your hope block is amazing! Looks labor intensive. The company wellness program sounds great - hope it gets you feeling stronger. The Glacier mystery series looks interesting to me. I went to see what my library has, and they don't have the first book in the series. Does it matter if I start on Book 2? I never want to miss out, lol!

  4. Roasted sweet potato rounds are a regular at all our Christmas/Thanksgiving dinners. Amazing how the baking enhances their sweetness. That company is certainly forward thinking to be on the preventative plans...good for you. You must be so good at paper piecing...that Hope block looks complicated though beautiful. Great book suggestions too.

  5. Hi Colette! Wow - that Hinge program sounds wonderful! I hurt my shoulder somehow - those exercises sound like they will do the trick. I adore your Hope block. Are there other blocks that you've made or will make in the series? And sweet Bobbin! I don't blame her for getting as close to the heat as possible. I would sit right on top of it, if I could. ~smile~ Roseanne

  6. I’d be fighting with Bobbin for that warm spot. I hate the cold. So glad to hear that they are taking measures to prevent injuries. That’s a great idea.

  7. Ooh - lots of good stuff. I agree with Bobbin - heat vents are wonderful things. Love those signs. Maple and sweet potatoes - yum! your piecing looks wonderful - what a cute itty-bitty block.

  8. I'm with Bobbin. I'm ready for it to warm up (and stop snowing). It makes sense for your company to have a wellness program. Seems like it would help prevent injuries and absences. And I'll have to try those sweet potato rounds.

  9. That tiny block looks amazing! The wellness program sounds great too.

  10. Bobbin has the right idea.cold here too.brrrr.move over Bobbin! Lol sweet potatoes sound yummy.i love them many ways.maybe i should grow some

  11. I want to see Bobbin in a bunny costume! I can't blame him for wanting to stay warm! The sweet potatoes look delicious. I think wellness programs are great. Your books look good. You read so many!

  12. I want to see Bobbin in bunny ears!!!! she is such a good companion isn't she? I must try your sweet potato oven candied recipe... they sure look good

  13. Wow for the book reading! I can barely get through one a month for book club!
    I love sweet potatoes and will definitely try this. The maple syrup on them sounds so yummy.

    Those two blocks you made were both pretty intricate. Three inches is so small.


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