Wednesday, July 28, 2021

169th I Like Thursday Post

 Thank you for stopping by for my 169th I Like Thursday post.  A gigantic thank you to LeeAnna of Not Afraid of Color for encouraging us to find and share things that we like/love during the week.  

I love how my patio pots are looking.

Too bad I can't keep up with the weeds in my flower beds and gardens.  

I tried a new project.  I usually buy these fabric covered dog collars since the nylon ones actually cause abrasions on her neck.  The only thing is the collars are about $20 a piece.  I used Google and started reading and watching videos, bought the supplies, and surprise!  I actually made it in about 1 hour total.

Bobbin was even willing to model.  Not too shabby for the first try. 

I have been shopping my stash a lot lately, but I couldn't resist these fall fabrics.  

And of course you always need neutrals!  I also loved this sweet little pattern.  

The animals are all on the mend, then this happened.

A grandchild was sent to water the chickens, and the babies.  This is the grandchild that came to visit the summer from Oregon.  They returned and asked where did you get babies from?  I looked at them, and thought, you goober, you have been feeding and watering the babies for the past 3 weeks.  I told him, you have been feeding and watering them.  He told me no, not those.  I looked at him quizzically.  He said the little fluffy peep, peeps.  I was really confused.  I told him to show me.  Out in the chicken yard these were running around.  Twelve!  Yes twelve baby chicks.  There was a chicken that managed to get under the chicken house through a hole which was about 3" x 5" and had a huge stash of eggs, which turned into these little fluffer butts.  We grabbed them up and put them in a trough in the garage.  The mother hen was all upset, so we put her in the trough as well.  I will say that these chicks seem to be much more calm with their mama around.

I think I mentioned that I learned a new way to listen to books on my phone.  Since I seem to be working a lot of 12 hour days because people keep calling off I listen to at least 1 book a day if not more.  

 A Bucket of Ashes by PB Ryan.  This is the final installment of the Nell Sweeney Historical Mysteries.  Nell is at Cape Cod with the Hewitt Family for the summer, when she is informed that her brother, her only living relative has been killed in a fire, but the stories just don't add up.  When Will Hewitt returns from the Napoleonic wars Nell must make a decision, should she marry the local doctor, or stay with the Hewitts, caring for Gracie, and put aside her love of Will. 

A Rueful Death the 5th book in the China Bayles Mysteries by Susan Wittig Albert.  China is struggling with her successful business, and relationship.  It all seems too simple, so she decides to go on a retreat to St. Theresa's a few hours away from Pecan Springs.  A couple of mysterious deaths, some fires, and an old flame give China many things to consider. 

The Darling Dahlias and the Cucumber Tree.  The Darling Dahlias is a gardening club in Darling, Alabama during the 1920's.  Rumors of a bank failure, the disappearance of one of the local honeys, and a ghost digging around the Cucumber Tree near the Dahlia's clubhouse, and garden.  

Another fun series by Susan Wittig Albert.  

A Vow of Silence by Veronica Black

Sister Joan is sent to Cornwall and the Daughter's of Compassion due to a mysterious last letter sent by a nun.  A missing novice, and many secrets.

Now head over to LeeAnna's at Not Afraid of Color to check out the other I like Thursday posts. 



  1. Look at you all green thumbish and making dog collars too. Lol Bobbin makes a great model. And how sweet to find little fluffer butts. We used to have a hen on the farm that did that too. Boom we now doubled our flock ha ha

  2. What a cute dog collar and a sweet model (with a great name!) Those little chicks are pretty irresistible.
    I saw your comment on Diann's blog and hope your Dad is doing better.

  3. Bobbin looks dapper in his new fabric dog collar. Good work! Baby chickens look fluffy and cute and they have a good mama. Love those fabrics and pattern. I am starting to pull out my fall fabrics. Usually this does not happen until August and those first few nips in the air. No signs of seasons changing here, although it has been such an odd summer, it may arrive any day. Thank you for sharing Thursday with me ... :) Pat

  4. Oh, look at those little peeps! What a fun surprise - or maybe not, lol! I love your fall fabric purchase, and the collar for Bobbin looks great, too. Your book choices always sound good!

  5. Bobbin will be the best dressed dog in the neighborhood and what a great way to use of some stash and save some money. Quite the surprise to discover another hatch of little peeps. I've read all the China Bayles books, but only the first of the Darling Dahlias. I'll have to get back to those. But 12 hours days must leave you exhausted.

  6. Your patio is so pretty with all the flowers! Bobbin is looking very nice in the newly-made (Yay!) collar. Those little chicks! How fun!

  7. Your patio plants look terrific! So cheery. Look at those cute little fuzzy chicks! There's a dozen eggs you don't have. lol

  8. LOL about the chicks! Congrats on a gorgeous dog collar! You go girl! Have a great day!

  9. Love your patio! So pretty! So funny to find chicks you didn't know about! It's great you learned to make your own collars. Bobbin will be looking good!

  10. Oh those chicks look so cute and imagine them being hidden like that. How neat that you learned how to sew a dog collar and it looks great and a good colour for Bobbin. Yes, to pretty fall fabric. September will be here before we know it.

  11. I love love your flower pots....don't come and see my gardens....the chickens destroy any flowers I put in there so it has basically gone to weeds....hummm Thanks for the book reviews, I am always looking for a good series.


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