Wednesday, September 8, 2021

I Like Thursday #174

 Oh man it is Thursday again!  It has been a busy week, again. What is it with the end of summer/  You seem to try to cram as much as possible into those last few days?  We have had awesome weather, still a bit hot, but evenings are much cooler.  We have had some severe thunderstorms, and a tornado warning Tuesda night, but overall it has been pretty pleasant.  Not all the hurricanes, that others seem to keep experiencing.  Welcome to my 174th I like Thursday post.  Each week a group of bloggers join together to share things they have discovered that they like/love the previous week, thanks to LeeAnna at Not Afraid of Color. 

In the mornings when I get home from work I take Bobbin out, and the other day this pretty girl stopped to visit.

I see a lot of goldfinches around (I guess the upside to my thistle problem) and I think this may be a female.  She sat for quite a while.  

I saw this fun fabric pumpkin at work.  No I didn't buy it, but I liked the gray buffalo check type plaid.

I like the Mrs. Meyer's soap, most of the time I like the Lemon Verbena but the other day I took a sniff of this and loved it!  Mum!  It is kind of a peppery floral scent. 

Are you a kitchen gadget type person?  I love my insta pot with the air fryer, Foreman grill, Cuisinart, immersion blender, and mixers, but there are times the clean up is more than I really want.  Often if I am just making scrambled eggs, I grab and old hand beater, you know the one that is people driven?  I get such fluffy eggs and it is a quick clean.  Well I decided to try a Mandolin for shredding veggies and I will say it works awesome!

I used it to shred brussel sprouts the other day.  I am not a Brussels sprout fan, but I found a recipe which consisted of, a couple slices of bacon fried and broken into bits, garlic and shredded Brussels sprout.  It was really good, much better than the frozen slimy ones my mom used to make. 

I used it today to shred lettuce for tacos.  Much cheaper than buying a bag of shredded lettuce at the store! I just need to make sure I am careful.  The mandolin even came with a cut glove. 

I saw this neat afghan a while back on Stitching Farm Girl's blog.  The pattern is on Ravelry it is called Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds.  I have had this started for a while with just a couple of rows crocheted.  Lately I have been trying to do at least 1-2 rows a day to relax.  I am currently on row 17.

I am not too sure why, but I love fall.  Maybe it is the saturation of colors, and I would say that orange is not my favorite color, but I seem to have a lot of orange fabrics. I had seen this quilt last year and I wanted a small quick project, sometimes a quick project finish helps your sewjo.  

Not like I don't already have a bunch of projects in the works. (Insert rolling eyes).  I got one block done.  I enjoyed playing with the curvy log cabin trim tool by creative grids. This is the smallest ruler, the blocks end up being only 4 inches. 

I need to make 11 more.  

I also learned that I need to keep a list of the patterns I already own.  Even though it is only $4.00 I looked, couldn't find the pattern, and so purchased a downloadable one, only to discover the actual one I had purchase a year before the next day.  Sigh.  

I had some fun reads this week.  

The Burger Bar Mysteries by Rosie A. Point.  The series consists of The Fiesta Burger, The Double Cheese Burger Murder, The Chicken Burger Murder, The Breakfast Burger Murder, The Salmon Burger Murder, and The Cheesy Steak Burger Murder.  


Boston Homicide Detective Christie Watson has returned to her hometown of Sleepy Creek, to stay with her best friend Griselda and work at Griselda's restaurant The Burger Bar since she is currently suspended from duty.  While in town Christie gets involved in several murders while trying to discover who killed her mother years before.  

The Restaurant by Pamela Kelley. Three 30 something sisters- Mandy, Jill, and Emma inherit a restaurant on Nantucket that they must work for 1 year before they can sell per the terms of their grandmother's will.  The ladies learn about themselves, their grandmother from a diary, and learn to move forward with life on very different terms. 

Class of '59 by John A Heldt.  This is the 4t book in a time traveling series called American Journeys.  I enjoyed the first three so I was ready to read the next.  2017 Mary Beth McIntire settles back to enjoy some coffee while visiting a family friend's historic mansion in Los Angeles.  When Mary Beth spies someone coming through the back garden, and it appears that they had left the basement or the mansion she is determined to investigate, only to meet Mark Ryan a young college boy from 1959 LA.  Mary Beth's younger sister has decided that she would like to experience 1959 as a high school senior so the girls accompany Mark to 1959 LA.  Of course there is some intrigue involved. 

I read these 3 books in the Relic series.  Raptor Canyon, Wings over Ghost Creek, and Diamonds of Devil's Tail.  All three books take place in the southwest, even though the only constant is Relic a moon-shining hermit that in each book helps save one of the people who has happened to stumble on some sort of mystery involving pot hunters, land speculators, or treasure hunters.  

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  1. Love that gray check pumpkin too. We love old fashioned hand beaters too! Got ours for like a dollar at an estate sale. That bird saying hi is so adorable too. Great likes

  2. Rheema, I always enjoy your posts and likes and projects--thank you for having your blog when many have gone completely to IG (also fun to look through :). Your pumpkins will be very cute; Autumn is a lovely time here in CT.

  3. I had to look and look on our library to find one of the ebooks the restaurant... all her books seem to be on hoopla which my ipad won't support but then, success there was one ebook available on kindle! We had a bright yellow bird kind of small in the yard this week. I wonder what it is

  4. Hi Colette! Those Rosie A. Point books look fun!! She has another series, too, but our library doesn't have them. Darn it. Your Rose of Sharon bush is doing so well. It's gorgeous. ~smile~ Roseanne

  5. Goldfinches are so much fun. Tornado warning! Haven't had one of those around here in a long time. We love our mandolin. Love your little log cabin. Good stuff.

  6. I love my mandolin too. The gloves make all the difference in the world. Fearless slicing! Love the log cabin pumpkins. The Buffalo plaid pumpkin is really cute too.

  7. Sauteed sliced brussel spouts are one of our favorites. Our local grocery sells them already slice during the fall season. We've finally cooled down here with temps in the 50's at night. Back to mid-80's early next week, but that won't last long now.

  8. Great catch on the female goldfinch! I love seeing them in our yard, too. The grated brussel sprouts dish sounds yummy! Love the Boo project! Those log cabins are a neat way to make the letters.

  9. I might have to look for a gray plaid pumpkin! I’ve worked on a cute little table topper that could really use a gray pumpkin! I have a mandolin but don’t use it often because of the “fear factor “ I need a glove! Mine didn’t come with one! You sure did a lot of reading this week! Awesome!

  10. Your Burger books made me hungry! Haha! Keep going on Lucy, a couple rows a day and you'll get to the finish line. Every little bit gets you closer. Love that adorable BOO. You've reminded me that I need to quilt & finish up my BOO. After all, after losing my first one, I did go to the trouble of making a second! Happy Fall! My favorite time of year too.

  11. Those burger books look like fun! Love that afghan. It looks like a fun pattern. I think I have the directions for the BOO runner. I haven't made it yet. I think I've bought patterns that I already own too. Ugh!!

  12. I too like that pattern that is showing up now with row 17...going to be neat and a couple of rows a day will get you there. Love your little log cabin block. That's going to look great and fallish no matter how you use it. I agree there is something comforting and agreeable to the eye about the fall golds and deep reds.


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