Wednesday, December 8, 2021

I Like Thursday #186

 Welcome to my 186th I Like Thursday post.  Each week a group of bloggers post things that we have found we like/love during the week.  Our intention is to put a little positive out into the universe.  Thank you LeeAnna at Not Afraid of Color for encouraging us to continue with this weekly spot.  

I finished the final block for the QAL I have been doing with my friend called Joy in the Journey.  This is called Broken wheel.  Now to figure out how all of these different sized blocks go together.  

I wanted to try a new project so grabbed some Christmas fabrics, but couldn't find enough that I thought went together.  I don't think I am happy with the result.  I haven't glued it together yet, so I can still change it up. I think I may take out the yellow and add another set of white.  What is it about Christmas prints, it seems that they are always large scale.  I will admit the red was not a Christmas print, but I kind of liked the fabric.  A Lot! Perhaps I will pull the green and the yellow and do a blue and white instead. 

Wow we are already 9 days into December.  I have all my Christmas presents for the west coast purchased.  I need to wrap a few things then get them mailed.  But while prepping for Christmas I decided to do some baking on my days off.  

I made some Russian Teacakes (oops forgot to get a pic), some awesome molasses ginger cookies which I have been told are super yummy (again forgot to get a pic), crown jewel cookies with and without nuts-  it is hard to find cookie recipes without nuts for the kid with the nut allergies. 

Peanut butter blossoms.  The recipe is from my ex MIL who passed away earlier this year.

I like making these peanut butter cup cookies.

What is even better are these super cute little paper cups which I use in my tiny muffin tins which I had found on closeout last year, and put them away--and I could find them when I was ready to bake.  That is a huge win in my book.

If you are looking for more cookie ideas head over to Just Let Me Quilt.  For the past 9 years Carol has hosted a virtual cookie exchange, and there are so many awesome recipes to be had.  

I read a lot of books and at times I see recipes, and wonder....are they any good?  I just finished a book called Wheeler Dealer by Rita Moreau and there were a bunch of recipes in the back.  I decided to try the Kahlua Cake recipe. 

The cake turned out moist and yummy.  The downside is that I picked up a towel that had fallen on the floor and it was full of Bobbin hair and it got onto the cake.  So the majority of the cake was thrown away, because it was chocolate it couldn't even go to the chickens or pigs.  :(

As to the book.  I have found a genre of books-- women who are living and traveling in trailers instead of waiting for life to happen.  

Mabel Gold isn't too sure what happened, her plastic surgeon husband of 40 years just traded her in for a blonde, gold digging bimbo younger than their  youngest daughter, and Mabel has retreated to Florida.  But living in a retirement community isn't Mabel's idea of a good time and when her friend Lili suggests that she travel with her and her husband, Mabel likes the idea of travel, just not being a 3rd wheel in an RV.  So Mabel buys herself a vintage Airstream trailer and a brand new truck named Thor to set off on the open road with Lili and her hubby and some other campers.   Their first stop is Savannah and when one of their number is found dead, the trip is put on hold and Mabel and Lili are determined to find out who killed the man.  Oh did I mention that Mabel's trailer is haunted by an ex showgirl/madam trying to earn her way out of purgatory. 

My fun find of the week at work is this super cute reindeer cup.  I would love to have it, but I am trying to put my acquisitions on hold since the more I have, the more I have to pack when the kids are ready to move.  

My Christmas Cactus looks like it is ready to bloom.  

The other book that I enjoyed this week is An Eggnog to Die For by Amy Pershing.  It is Christmas in Fair Harbor on Cape Cod and food critic Samantha Barnes is in for a rough holiday.  Her parents are coming to visit for the holidays, her boyfriend Jason Captiva seems to be preoccupied, and Samantha just found Santa dead in the office of the new restaurant she is reviewing, The Ginger Jar.  Will Samantha survive the holidays, and her family visit and solve the murder of Santa?  

 Please keep Oxford, Michigan in your thoughts and prayers.  The more that comes out about this school shooting the scarier the world seems. It makes my heart hurt.  Pray for the families of the victims.  

Have a fabulous week, and head over to LeeAnna's to check out the other I Like Thursday posts!


  1. I love those folded fabric stars. Yours is really pretty. All those cookies! I love peanut butter and chocolate together. What a shame about the chocolate cake.

  2. Your cookies are making my mouth water! Those crown jewel cookies look delicious! Fun projects too. Heartbreaking about the school shooting. I'll include the families in my prayers.

  3. Hi Colette! Oh, the shooting in Oxford is just sickening and disappointing. I do pray for all of the families. Your Broken Wheel block turned out so nicely. I love those fabrics!! Yowza - loads of delicious cookies. Those paper muffin cups ARE cute, and a huge yippee for being able to find them this year. It would be doubtful that I would be able to!! Your cactus is about to pop. That will be gorgeous. What's the status and timeline on the move? And where to?? Thanks for the book suggestions! {{Hugs}} ~smile~ Roseanne

  4. Your quilt blocks are so pretty! I'll enjoy seeing what you do with the QAL. Yummy cookies, too! I'm not contemplating moving like you, but I still have to keep myself from buying those cute little things. So many of them around here!

  5. Gosh I love the fabrics you used, including the yellow! I often use red or green prints that aren't Christmas prints too. Your cookies look amazing. I love every single kind you made. I read a book very similar to that one, where the main character had been divorced and bought a travel trailer of some sort. I read as many of that particular series as I could find, because they were easy reads and very enjoyable.

  6. you find the best books!! I cannot keep up with them as I'm kind of slow reader though... they'll be here for me to look back on tho. All those cookies are making me squeal like a pig. Your blocks are gorgeous

  7. I love the orange in your wagon wheel block and the Christmas star looks good to me! I don't think I'd change one fabric!! Yummy cookies always indicate celebration and the Christmas season is quickly approaching. The bits I've caught about the Oxford School killing has definitely been disturbing. I try to keep in mind that there are more good folk than bad. Thank goodness we have lots of "Like" posts to read and keep our thoughts positive!

  8. Super post, Colette. I love the look of that star you made. There is an old saying that every quilt should have a little yellow in it. I also like that wagon wheel block. You are really good at the blocks. And cookie making too it seems. Delicious!

  9. Your cookies look delicious! I love your Christmas star. I've made one and I didn't think it came out that good. I should try again. Love your QAL block too! I wish we could do something to prevent these school shootings from happening. We have too many of them.

  10. I had to go back and read several weeks of your posts because I've not had much time lately for fun stuff. So your kids are moving? Are you moving with them? The cookies look delicious, the dog hair on a towel is something that happens around here (ugh), and a leaky roof sounds no fun. Bobbin is probably thrilled that he didn't look like a cow, though he would have been cute!

  11. I haven’t been doing Christmas baking, but I love peanut butter blossom cookies! And the Christmas-y cupcake liners are to “ die for”! I certainly understand about trying to resist the acquisitions. We are not planning to move, but realistically it will happen in the future. If only to Asst Living or to Heaven. And I don’t need any more “stuff”!

  12. Your Broken Wheel block is so pretty! Your baked goods look delicious! Yes, will pray. So very tragic...


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