Wednesday, January 12, 2022

I Like Thursday #189

 Wow Thursday already?  Perhaps my days and weeks are all melding together to make one huge blob of activity.  COVID is hitting hard in our part of the world and I have had a couple of co-workers who I work closely with catch it.  This means more work for me while they are out since there is no one to cover my shift on my days off.  But it also translates that I pretty much make my own hours right now. 

I saw this by Bonnie Hunter and thought how appropriate.

This too shall pass.  

Anyway welcome to my 189th I like Thursday post where a group of bloggers share things that they have found, or done that they like/love during the week.  Throwing a little positivity and love out into the universe is important!  Thank you to LeeAnna of Not Afraid of Color for encouraging us to find those small things throughout the week.  

We have had very cold weather.  Not much snow but in the single digits and barely the teens during the day with winds that throw the windchill factor back to the single digits.  I realized I do like being out, as long as I am appropriately attired.  

I really have been working on managing my time better and getting some reading, sewing, and a small workout in.  

Sewing I managed to get all the sections for the Joy in the Journey Quilt.

I auditioned some fabric for a border, but because I was using scraps I don't have enough of anything.  

I decided on orange.  Now I am contemplating whether I should put a thin border of white, a place for the eye to rest before putting on the orange border.  Of course with the after Christmas sales I found some great deals while looking for fabric.

I found this neat orange batik which I think looks good with the quilt.

I also found some nice bundles of white, and flannel.

Since the quilt is off the wall, while I simmer on my border ideas, I grabbed a UFO and started working on it.  This is Ribbon Star and it was a Missouri Star Quilt Company pattern using yardage and a jelly roll.  I am  using an old Bali Pop, but I may need to add some fabric to make it a wee bit bigger.

These are the stars I had already made.  I cut out 4 more and managed to get one sewn together even.

My parents sent late Christmas to my family here.  My dad had been out wandering around some local garage sales and found this and knew it was the perfect gift for me.

It has 4 booklets and it appears that it was possibly published around 1937.

Since I have been getting home I have been feeding Bobbin.  For some reason this morning I looked at her bowl and seeing it empty and on the floor thought someone had came in and fed her.  I gave her, a spoonful of her canned food.  But she went back to "Place" where she goes when commanded. 

I told her, you have already eaten all your food, don't tell me you haven't eaten, your a fibber.  I got this look from her.  Is it contrition or perhaps, um mom no you are losing it, I didn't get my dry food yet.  I finally remembered I knew I was going to be home early enough that I didn't fix her dry food bowl.  Yep, mom was wrong.  

I have read several books this week.  I read books 8 and 9 in the Sebastian St. Cyr Mysteries.  

I like this series set during the Regency Era in London and Sebastian St. Cyr, Viscount Devlin, the youngest son of the Earl of Hendon, who has bucked tradition had a well known lover of a famous actress Kat Bolyn, and an uncanny ability to get caught up in many different intrigues.  In the 8th, and 9th books he is now married to his enemy Lord Jarvis's daughter Hero.  I like seeing how their marriage  and they have grown as a couple, even though neither of them really liked each other.  Lots of political intrigue and a little history thrown in as well.  

The Devil's Den is book 2 in the Nicole Rayburn series by Irina Shapiro.  Nicole and Kyle Walsh take a trip to a guesthouse in the Lake District when the COVID lock down restrictions are lifted.  Across from the manor house on an island in the middle of the lake are the ruins of Montrose Abbey, the last known home of Lady Isobel Devlin who mysteriously disappeared in 1540.  Seeing an excellent book opportunity Nicole works at discovering the history of the Abbey and the disappearance of Lady Isobel.

Finally I found this book and thoroughly enjoyed it.  Wicked Autumn by G.M. Malliet.  Max Tudor former MI5 agent is trying to adapt to being the vicar of St. Ewold's in the town of Nether Monkslip.  But not all is well among his parishioners.  Especially when Wanda Batton-Smythe, leader of the Women's Institute is discovered dead during the Harvest Fayre. 


I saw this and I love porcupines.  First there was Teddy, and now there is Rico!

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  1. Love your quilt.that orange pops it nicely. Those mussouri star blocks are fun too. Can't wait to see the outcomw

  2. Love LOVE your projects! I love that sampler quilt and love the orange border! Missouri Star Co. does such a nice job with their tutorials and I love your stars!!! Have a great day and stay well! Hugs!

  3. my heart is full watching that widdle pork-upine delicately having corn on the cob. It's so sweet. Bobbin says she needs more food to keep warm in that cold weather. Milo eats more in really cold weather, if we have any which we don't. 60 today again. And blazing sun as if we live in AZ. The orange is a beauty, white would allow the blocks to all float, if that's how you want the finish. It would give them space but orange is a great choice for a border whenever it starts.

  4. "This too shall pass" is my mantra these days, too - if only it would! Your quilt top is beautiful and I love the orange for a border. Bobbin looks she's saying, "Geez, Mom!" A teenager look!

  5. Hi Colette! Oh yes, this too shall pass. I sure hope you don't get the virus. And I also hope you are not worked too much! Aww, sweet little Bobbin gave you the I'm starving look. And Rico enjoying the corncob - how delicate they eat it! {{Hugs}} a bunch for you, my friend. ~smile~ Roseanne

  6. I love that orange batik. I really like those stars, too. I hope work doesn't wear you out too much - stay healthy! I recognize that look on Bobbin's face! lol

  7. I have great appreciation and sympathy for the front line retail staff, medical personnel, school employees, and transportation workers, who all keep showing up and doing their best under the circumstances. I feel very lucky to be retired and able to just stay home, although it's getting really old after as we enter the third year. Who ever would have thought it would last this long and I'm not sure we will even know when it ends. I'm glad you're getting some sewing and exercise in, despite your overlong work schedule. It's cold here to and a snow storm is brewing.

  8. Hi Colette, that sucks about having to fill in for unwell workmates. Yes, we all hope that this will be the variant that stops all this nonsense completely. Meanwhile that orange looks so pretty and I've read about having a white strip to "rest the eyes". Ned is not as food driven, but Murphy definitely knew meal times and had no problem communicating when it was food time. Neat gift from your parents. You hang in there...winter and covid days will end.

  9. I love the batik orange you bought and I think it will look great with your quilt. It seems this Covid variant is everywhere. I double masked yesterday when I tutored at the library. It's so bad right now. Stay healthy and rest when you can!

  10. Great quilt top. Yes to the little white border before the orange. Great orange fabric you found. Nice gift from your dad. I hope your co-workers recover quickly so that you can get a break.

  11. Love the colors in your Joy to the Journey. The ribbon blocks are looking good. My reading time is much more limited. I will be lucky to finish one book this year at the rate I am going. The bread recipe looks yummy. I may try this with one of the bowl breads that I have been making lately as a weekend snack. Thanks for sharing Thursday with me ... :) Pat


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