Thursday, March 24, 2022

I Like Thursday #198

 Welcome to my 198th I like Thursday post.  What is "I Like Thursday"  it is a post filled with things that I been encouraged to find throughout the week, thanks to LeeAnna of Not Afraid of Color, and share with others.  

I like that we have actually had days where we were substantially over the freezing mark.  In fact one day we were 70!  Ok that night we were below freezing and the next day we were only in the 40's but not having multiple days in the 20's as a high is a plus in my mind.  One of those days Bobbin got to go for a ride to run errands.  She was so happy she just had to give me kisses.

We went to the library to return books, and to the dairy. The day was so nice we had the sunroof open!

One evening the moon was huge and I liked how it just hung in one of the trees. 

A couple of my clucky girls have decided that they are too good for the run, so on a daily basis they escape.  We found where they were laying eggs!  So daily now it is an egg hunt to see where they thought would be a good idea to lay.  

The old half buried wash tub is a good spot I guess.  That is my daughter's dog Gaia, she and Bobbin are besties and they enjoy a good run together almost daily.  Even in the snow, rain and wet.  Downside, Bobbin comes in all muddy, but I love seeing her get out to play.  

While on the egg hunt I have seen signs of spring though.

Not much sewing going on, but I decided it would be fun to do the Moda Blockheads round 4.  I decided I wanted to do a quilt in the fabric line Home to Roost by Wilmington.  I ordered extra of the white that looks like chicken wire for my background.  I will also add some more fabrics that may match from my stash.  You can find out more about Blockheads from the link above. 

I am just waiting for it to arrive....per the USPS website it is actually in Detroit.  Perhaps today or tomorrow. 

I only have 1 day off this week, and am looking forward to some sewing time today.

The books I read this week are the following:


Coal River by Ellen Marie Wiseman.  Emma Malloy must return to Coal River, Pennsylvania after the death of her parents.  Coal River is full of painful memories.  Memories of the death of her little brother, memories of living with her pretentious aunt and  uncle who expected her to be a housekeeper/maid to the family, and their spoiled son.  Emma's uncle is  a manager at the local coalmine so they live very well compared to most of the other inhabitants of Coal River.  When Emma sees young boys missing legs, and hands she starts to question what happened and learns of the "breaker boys" (the boys who sit over a coal shoot conveyor belt and grade the different sizes of coal).  Emma becomes determined to make a better life for the breaker boys and the other coal miners against her family. 

Odessa Sea by Clive Cussler.  This is the 24th book in the Dirk Pitt Series.  Dirk, and his son and daughter are investigating are investigating an underwater wreck, when they are attacked and the things they have salvaged are taken.  Throw in the Romanov's a possible treaty with Great Britain, and Russian aggression in the Ukraine, and as always you have a high speed, adrenaline filled adventure.
The Bluebonnet Battle by Carolyn Brown.  In Bonnet Texas, Liddy Latham is the queen of funeral dinners which is a mix of southern comfort food, and tradition of the community coming together to show support.  When Matilda Monroe, returns to town, determined to break Liddy, the fur flies.  Townsfolk take up sides, stick with tradition, or succumb to Matilda's demand for catered events, offering only healthy, vegan food.  Then horror of horrors, Liddy's niece, Amelia, catches the eye of the new man in town Nick Monroe, Liddy's one and only child, and he is determined to woo her no matter the long standing family feud. 
The Chalk Pit by Elly Griffiths is the 9th book in the Ruth Galloway mystery series.  Street people are disappearing, and the architect of a new restaurant has discovered bones in a sub basement of his new renovation. 
Trophy Hunt by C.J. Box.  Joe Pickett stumbles upon a mutilated corpse of a moose, and the mutilations look almost surgical, is it tied to the mutilations of local cattle?   Next a local landowner, and one of the local cowhands are discovered on the same night, with similar mutilations.  Alien theories are thrown out as an explanation, throw in a rogue grizzly bear, and newly opened natural gas fields.  Are these random events?  Or are they tied together in some macabre way? 
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  1. I love that pic of Bobbin giving you kisses. So sweet! It looks like Easter every day at your house with those egg hunts. Too funny.

  2. Awww! Bobbin loves you! I don’t know much about chickens, but yours seem to be independent! You have been reading a variety of genres this week! All look good! You almost tempted me to start Blockheads 4! I’m going to check it out and see what fabric I might need to add to what already lives in my stash. Hmmm?

  3. That photo is adorable...of course Bobbin loves her mother! LOL How neat that the chickens are finding such places to lay though work to track them down. Lots of great book choices as always, Colette.

  4. Love the picture of you and Bobbin! The Home to Roost fabric looks perfect for you. I'll enjoy seeing what you make with it. The Moda blocks are alwats neat ones. The bunch of eggs in the wash tub is hilarious - hope you can get those girls to stay home! I just got the first Elly Griffiths book from the library - looking forward to reading it.

  5. Bobbin loves you! Love your fabrics! I think the chickens have a mind of their own. So many great books to read!!

  6. Bobbin with kisses - how cute! Good luck with your egg hunt! Enjoy your sewing.

  7. Aw Bobbin kisses are the best. Smart chickens using the washtub.semi protected from rain even. A smart chick turned into unhappy Hen that you found her clutch lol

  8. Hey ya, Siouxzyq! I can always count on finding about intriguing novels when I come to visit, thank you very much. Your chickies know how to keep you on your toes, lol.


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