Wednesday, March 2, 2022

I Like Thursday #196

 It is that time again.  Time to share the things that I liked for the past week.  Welcome to my 196th I Like Thursday post.  LeeAnna of Not Afraid of Color has encouraged a group of bloggers to weekly share the things that we like/love.

I survived Paczki Day!  After working several 12 hour days I am so relieved that it is finished for another year.  This year was quite different from the previous two years.  This year I only had Bavarian, Strawberry, Apple, Cherry, and Blueberry, and very few boxes of those fruit flavors.  I was missing Raspberry, Cheese, Prune, and Lemon, and daily I was privileged to listen to a customer's harangue that their favorite flavors were missing.  Sigh. 😔 Daily I filled this case with about 160 boxes of Paczki.  

Nightly I was fortunate to have this many boxes remaining.  Many morning this case was completely empty.  

Saturday was my 58th trip around the sun.  My mother sent me some summer sausage made from deer and elk meat that they got during their hunting trips the past year.  A candle, my favorite scent from Bath and Bodyworks Peach Bellini.

A pretty porcelain pill box.

We were all working many hours around here so the kids bought me Chinese take out, and a cheesecake for my birthday.  

I got a chuckle at work when I spied these Peeps.  I am not a fan, but Jeff loved them!

My Shamrocks are blooming, or perhaps I should call them Oxalis.

I like my little succulent called a donkey's tail.  It has new plants coming up in the pot.

After reading all the comments on Jocelyn of Canadian Needle Nana's blog when she inquired about what do you do when your polka dot plant gets leggy.  Mine was insanely crawling all over.  I followed her lead, and just cut it off, and there is a new little plant coming up now. 

Today I decided that Bobbin needed a new collar.  I couldn't find the original instructions I had found on the internet so I tried several different YouTube tutorials.

I dug out some fabric from my favorite Bonnie and Camille scraps.

It turned out very cute, and just the right size.

My dog doesn't sit still very well, but she can pose pretty.

I decided today I wanted to attempt focaccia bread.  I made Jalapeño Cheddar Focaccia using this recipe. Jalapeño Cheddar Focaccia

Take aways...I should have flattened the bread out a wee bit more.  I think a little garlic in the olive oil would have been good, more jalapenos, and perhaps some Asiago cheese.  

 I finished reading the Detective Lavender series this week.  I read Murder in Park Lane and Murder in Willow Marsh by Karen Charlton. 

I liked this series because it was based upon some news articles about the Bow Street Runners and an actual Detective Lavender.  

Murder in Park Lane was a locked room murder.  David MacAdam is discovered dead in his locked room at a boarding house.  Looking at his belongings he is a "dandy".  But upon further investigation is he really a business man from Essex?  But when Detective Lavender and Constable Ned Wood travel to inform his family of his death, they are met with the news that David MacAdam was buried months ago.  

Murder in Willow Marsh, Detective Lavender and Constable Ned Wood are asked to investigate a murder at an isolated estate near the marshes of Ely.  When they arrive, there is a family feuding over an estate, and Detective Lavender discovers that he has dealt with this family many years before, resulting with one of the sons being sentenced to hang.  

I also read the 3rd book in the Ruth Galloway series.  The House at Sea's End by Elly Griffiths.  As historic Sea's End is slowly falling into the sea, the university is researching cliff erosion when they stumble upon a rockfall hiding a niche, and within the niche are a tumble of bones.  Ruth is called back from maternity leave to help catalog and remove the remains, what is very disconcerting is they all have their arms tied behind their back, and a bullet hole in the back of their head.  World War II secrets come to light regarding the Home Guard at Broughton Sea's End.

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  1. Happy birthday to you dear lady! You work so hard so it's nice to get a few special treats. The Peeps are cute and sparkly...heehee! Why didn't I know about the Lavender mysteries? I'll have to check them out! Hugs, Diane

  2. Hi Colette, I remember Paczki Day from last year and what a time you had with all those flavours! They sure are popular. I love Peeps...honestly can't have them in the house as I eat them all, can't stop! which is a ridiculous admission from a grownup. You are so clever to make that perfectly fitting collar for Bobbin. I must get a photo of my polka dot plant as the nipping back does seem to have worked for it too. Belated Happy Birthday and here's a wish to you for many many happy returns!

  3. Hi Colette! Is Feb 26th your birthday??? If so, you have a birthday buddy in our one-year-old Chase. I am so sorry about the harassment over the Paczkis. Maybe next year you can actually have some decent help to make them. Oh Bobbin! You are so pretty in your new collar!! What a good girl you are, wagging for a picture. Your plants are coming along nicely! {{Hugs}} ~smile~ Roseanne

  4. Happy Birthday, Colette! Those look like sweet gifts. So glad you survived Paczki season, even if some people felt entitled to give you a bad time. Your donkey's tail succulent is so fun, and Bobbin's new collar, too. I keep seeing those Elly Griffiths books recommended - I'm going to have to try one!

  5. Happy Birthday. I turned 74 yesterday (3/2). I don't know how I got to be so old. When I saw Paczki in our grocery store last week, I immediately thought of your stories about them last year. I have a huge burro's tail that has had little dark red star flowers the last few years. How nice you could make Bobbin a personalized collar, custom fit.

  6. All sorts of good stuff in your post! That jalapeno focaccia bread looks delicious. I'll pull the recipe and try some myself! We never get enough paczkis in my house and I thank you for your service! Haha! Around here we had custard, lemon, raspberry, blueberry, and strawberry. Seems hit or miss between your house and mine! Happy 58th trip! I just had my 64th trip a week before yours!

  7. Happy Belated Birthday! Now I know I am old enough to be your mother! Our daughter was 57 in December.! I think the Focaccia bread sounds yummy. I’ll have to try your version of overnight oats! I trued them once and wasn’t too impressed ! PB and bana would be an improvement. Then add chocolate and sea salt!! Gotta be a winner!

  8. After years of reading your posts about Paczkis, I finally got to try one out. They're delicious! Happy birthday! Bobbin looks great (and happy). That bread looks delicious.

  9. Happy birthday! Lovely presents, and your plants are pretty. As is the cute little dog, so proud with the new colar ;)

  10. Happy belated. I wish I were closer I would help you bake the paczki . Look at Bobbin all cute sporting new collar. Love donkeys tail used to have a hanging basket with it about 3 feet cool and fun

  11. Happy Late Birthday!!! Hope you had an amazing time. Love all of your flowers.

  12. that collar is astounding! So well done, and bobbin is so pretty girl!
    Good for you to survive the ritual baked things... I've never had one of those. Happy b'day week to you... celebrate for maybe a month even!

  13. I missed this last week. I hope you had a happy birthday! Bobbin looks very handsome! I remember Paczki Day from last year. Glad you survived!

  14. Such wonderful baked goods. Yum yum. I wish I was closer and I would come buy them. ( Although Wisconsin is not too far. )
    I love those berry Peeps with the new tangy flavor. And your shamrock is doing well. You accomplish so much. Wow


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