Thursday, February 24, 2022

I Like Thursday #195

 Welcome to my 195th post for I Like Thursday.  What is I Like Thursday?  Weekly a group of bloggers hosted by LeeAnna of Not Afraid of Color share things that they like/love during the week.  It can be things they accomplished, music, art, new recipes, books, all sorts of things.  

I had an uninspiring week.  One of those weeks where you just wanted to curl up in to  a quilt with a cup of something warm, your favorite fur baby and read.  

I did try a new recipe.  Everyone talks about overnight oats.  In my wee brain all I could think of is cold gooey oatmeal.  But I saw a recipe on Tik Tok and tried it, and it was more like a dessert (think rice pudding).

Peanut Butter Banana Overnight Oats.  I didn't have to buy any ingredients, and it is finished off with a crunchy chocolate shell topping with walnuts and sea salt.  The recipe he gave was for 2, but I made 3 and probably should have made 4.  

I am constantly amazed at the things in our pet food aisle at work.  Lately we have had a lot of shortages when it comes to cat food, especially canned cat food.  But I saw these and it made me smile.

Pup-Pie Birthday Cakes!  This one is for a girl, but there is also one for a boy, and then a gender neutral one too.

I saw this on Facebook a post by Severe Weather Updates:

Later on someone posted that the whole week in a way was palindrome 22122, 22222, 22322....But Tuesday was a palindrome, and an ambigram.

While I read several books this week, these two were my favorite.  

A Rule Against Murder by Louise Penny is the 4th book in the Inspector Gamache series.  

I realized one of the reasons that I really enjoy this series, is the dialogue flows so well, there are jokes, jabs, jibs and it feels like you are listening into a conversation of very real people.  Which then made me realize that very few writers are that adept, and the books that I seem to enjoy the most the dialogue flows like a real conversation.  

The 2nd book I read was Braiding Sweetgrass by Robin Wall Kemmerer.

I would call this book a series of essays on her life, her experiences, what she has learned, relationships, indigenous culture and her knowledge as a botanist of plants.  The book was very good, in my opinion, and I was surprised reading the reviews how many people she triggered telling the creation story of the Falling Sky Woman, and her comparison that the indigenous story had Sky Woman as a nurturer of the earth, but Eve who was supposed to be a nurturer of Earth, but after being cast out of Eden, that nurturing of the Earth ceased to exist. 

Finally there are so many changes that occur in life, some rapid, some slowly.  In December we had a huge wind storm, and I awoke, because my roof sounded like it was rippling.  Now my roof is over 160 years old, it is standing seam steel, and last year we sealed a portion, fixed some nail pops, etc.  I have never heard it ripple.  I late checked and everything looked OK, but then a couple of days later I noticed some cracks in my bedroom ceiling, soon those cracks became bigger, and actually connect all the way around the ceiling on the outside walls of my bedroom. 

Too cold, windy and wet to try to get onto the roof, and the crawl space entry is barely 2 X 3 so almost inaccessible for most of us.  To stay safe in case the ceiling collapses I have moved to another bedroom, but I can't get days off from work to shift my bed, dresser, and other belongings to another room for a couple of weeks.  I was fretting about it one day when I remembered a scene from the movie Parenthood.

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  1. Life is definitely a roller coaster at times! I love the Louise Penny books - and always look forward to a new one coming out. It has been the same way here this week - I mostly crave a warm quilt and a good book. We need spring to come!

  2. That recipe you tried looks pretty good. I stayed home a lot this week reading a book. It must be the time of year! We had a really warm day yesterday but will be getting snow tomorrow. Another good day to stay home! I've been having trouble getting canned cat food. I hope it doesn't run out completely.

  3. omg colette and still she baked will be your mantra! pup pie... love that

  4. The oats look good. Never tried overnight oats. The pup pie is a cute idea. Those cracks would be worrisome to me too. Oh my. You always seem to have adventures don't you. Snowmageddon here again too. Dunks and I will be sewing if you need us.

  5. Wow those overnight oats look good. That pup pie is a hoot. Those are good books!

  6. Yes life is messy, a roller coaster and a merry go round sometimes. Cute movie clip.
    Yes, you'd best stay out of that bedroom till you can find out what's going on up there. I know nothing about roofs; cracks in old ones is common, I think.
    Neat overnight oats recipe!

  7. Holy cow, Colette! That ripping sound - OMG. Anja who is participating in the SAHRR just had her roof collapse on her house - just a portion of it. I certainly hope that does not happen to you. I am a huge fan of the overnight oats - there are loads of recipes to try out until you find several that float your boat. Thinking of you - take care. {{Hugs}} ~smile~ Roseanne

  8. I recently finished the suspense novel by Penny and Hillary Clinton. Wow, what a story! It stayed with me for days. I was impressed with how the dialogue moved the story forward, which must be Penny’s skill, after reading what you said. I’m definitely going to look for a Penny tsle the next time I’m at the library.


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