Thursday, February 10, 2022

I Like on a Late Thursday #193

 I am going to try to eke my I like Thursday post in this afternoon.  Every Thursday a handful of bloggers share things they have done, found, saw, heard that they like/love during the previous week.  LeeAnna of Not Afraid of Color has been kind enough to host for well over 2 years now.  

The pet aisle at work always has something interesting.  

These cutie pajamas with cutie pie on the bum.  

Did you know that Oreos are 110 years old?  

They have chocolate confetti cake Oreos to celebrate.

I had a hankering for a scone, but I wanted one that was tender, not too dry and flaky.  I found a recipe for cream scones at The Flavor Blender.

Oh they turned out so yummy.  Nice and tender, and the left overs could be reheated in the microwave for 20 seconds.  I put blackberry jam on mine.  Definitely not on my diet!

We had a warm, sunny day and it helped some of the snow/ice melt.  Bobbin and I were lounging in the sunroom when there was a huge crash that shook the room.

Here you can see the couple of inches of snow/ice on the roof.  The roof is metal, so as it warmed the sheet of ice/snow started to slide off of the roof.


You an see the ice that slid off and broke into the blocks.  I think that they were at least 3-5 inches thick. 

Back to work so many neat items about women recently.

These awesome towels!  

A quote attributed to Calamity Jane.

Another quote attributed to Mary Anne Radmacher.  

Then there were these cute Llama planters with succulents.  

I have been readings some great books lately.  My current reading trend seems to be historical murder mysteries.

Murder in the Crypt by Irina Shapiro.  

Captain Jason Redmond has arrived in the village of Birch Hill in England to claim his inheritance, there are so many moving parts in this book, that all tie together to create a character that you empathize with.  Constable Haze too has many things going on in his life.  When the body of a young man is discovered in an ancient crypt Constable Haze is quick to pass judgement and arrives at the estate to apprehend the perpetrator, only to discover that Captain Jason Redmond is the new Lord of the manor.  Redmond and Haze form an unlikely alliance to discover who killed the young man in the crypt.

A Woman Scorned is the by Suzanne Downes is the 3rd book in the Inspector Lazarus Mysteries.  

For Dead Men Only by Paula Paul is the 5th and final book in the Dr. Alexandra Gladstone mysteries. 

I finally left the past, well kind of and read  The Janus Stone by Elly Griffiths.  Archaeologist Ruth Galloway has been asked to investigate a skeleton of a child unearthed under a doorway in a house that is being demolished to build flats.  

Finally Heather and Homicide by Molly McRae is the 4th book in the Highland Bookshop Mysteries.

Finally LeeAnna mentioned that she was enjoying watching The Olympics curling competition.  When I saw this I had to share. 

Now head over and check out the other I Like Thursday posts. 


  1. I love that video! We were just watching it last night, and it's so hysterical! Your scones sound good. I haven't made them in a long time and a recipe that doesn't turn out dry sounds like a keeper! You alwats show lots of good books. I also saw The Janus Stone on another blog, and it does sound good!

  2. Ooh - lots of good stuff. Long ago lived on the first floor of a 3-floor house and the roof suddenly sloughed off the snow... shook the whole house (thank goodness no one was in the driveway). So I can imagine the nose that snow/ice made! Go girl power! :-)

  3. Love the cute Jammie and are you trying to tell me I need to celebrate with oreo


  4. Great likes but Cutie Pie Jammies wins as best! Have a great day Collette!

  5. Love those groundhogs curling! Cute things in the store all the time and for every season. Our roof is metal too and it sounds like gunshots with all the ice letting go and crashing to the ground. I had quite a mess on the front steps that I had to shovel. Very slowly for a long time cause I didn't want to overdo. At least the roof is completely ice and snow clear now ready for another snowfall. LOL You and Bobbin take care around any of that falling ice!

  6. Such cute things! Love the dog jammies! The llama planters are adorable! Do you buy a lot of stuff from work? It all looks too tempting! Our ice is just melting. We didn't have much on the roof but the driveway was awful. Today is supposed to be warm and I hope the ice finally melts away.


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