Wednesday, April 13, 2022

I Like Thursday #200

 Woohoo!  my 200th I Like Thursday post.  I should have done it last week, but I was just not feeling it.  Sometimes it is hard to have a grateful heart, and it takes everything within your  being to just get through the day.  

I Like Thursday is hosted by LeeAnna of Not Afraid of Color and a group of bloggers share things that they have discovered that they like/love during the week.  

One thing about living in Michigan.  It always seems to me like the seasons change, not gradually, but almost with an explosion!  My daffodils went from this last week.  Barely peeking up through the leaf litter.  Then we had some cold days.

Imagine my delight at the first kind of warm day and I saw these start to open.  Of course my picture I took that day didn't work so picture 2 on a cooler, very windy and rainy day, but the explosion of color!

I took a few days off and I was glad I did.  I kind of had to do a reset.  There were a couple of sunny days and I attempted to sit outside and read.  Unfortunately if I am outside it seems that it is a signal for visitors.  Furry visitors.

What did I do on my days off?  I read, sewed a little.  I got caught up on Moda Blockheads 4 blocks 2.

9 inch block

4 1/2 inch block

Block 3 is done also!

Block 3 9 inch block

Block 3 4 1/2 inch block

One very neat thing I have seen during the Blockheads 4 posts by the designers are Robin Pickens Color Theory posts.  They are very interesting. 

I don't watch TV often.  Perhaps it is because there isn't a lot to watch, but some shows were favorites that I would sit and watch with Jeff, and for the longest time it was hard to watch.  

I will admit I binge watched Outlander on Starz and am actually caught up to the current season and waiting for the next episode which is on Saturday.

I also started watching Bridgerton and have been binge watching that series too.  

The good thing while I am watching TV.  I have been working on some handwork.  An Afghan--the pattern is from Ravelry and called Granny in the Sky with Diamonds.  

 I have also been doing some hand sewing on some wool pieces.  I finished the snowflakes.  I apologize they need to be ironed.  I think I may add some embroidery to these when I am finished with all the blocks.


I am now working on this piece.  

We have had the crazy temps like elsewhere in the country.  One day in the 70's, the next it is barely 20 so when the small gas heater in the sun room quit I was a wee bit frustrated.  Thank goodness for Google and YouTube.  I found the solution and fixed it myself.

I saw this video on Facebook and went to find it on YouTube.  I thought it was amazing watching this very talented lady make vintage inspired lampshades.

I don't know about you, but people seem to love sugar cookies during the spring.  When I saw this video on how they make cookie cutters I thought it was very cool.

Some of the books I read this past couple of weeks.

The final 3 books in the Underwood Brothers series by Suzanne Downes.  


The Girls in the Stilt House by Kelly Mustain. Set in 1920's Mississippi on The Trace, Ada swore she would never return after leaving, but circumstances demand she returns to the stilt house and face her father, knowing there will be a price to pay.  Matilda is the daughter of a sharecropper and wants to escape to the North where she hears that they are treated better.    

The Lace Makers of Glenmara By Heather Barbieri   "You can always start again" is what Kate Robinson's mother always told her, "You just start a new thread."  After the dismal showing of her recent lingerie fashion line, nursing a broken heart because her fiance' left her for a lingerie model, and the death of her mother, Kate has travels to Ireland to clear her head and think of her next steps.  While exploring, Kate arrives in Glenmara and without a bus to leave meets a group of lace makers.  Bernie who takes her in, Aileen, Moira, Oona, and Colleen. 
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  1. You amaze me with your fixerupper skills. Love that afghan pattern and your moda blocks are coming out great

  2. Lovely Moda blocks, Rheema!! Snowflakes are looking so pretty--hugs, Julierose

  3. Glad you got some days off - that always helps when life gets overwhelming. Love all your Moda blocks! I've always thought sewing is good for our mental health. So is being outside. That's a cool video about the cookie cutters - I hadn't seen that before. Hope you're having a good Thursday!

  4. Hi Colette... lots of goodness here. Bridgerton... yummmmmmm we haven't started the new season because I'll be obsessed. Same with outlander... loved every one of the books and the author is just as charming

  5. Thanks for sharing your Moda blocks! Very pretty! I saw the video about the lampshades too! Pretty amazing!
    And you fixed your space heater! You are a handy girl to have around. Kudos!!

  6. I can't believe we've been doing I like Thursdays for as long as we have. So many daffodils! Your furry visitor is cute. Pretty snowflakes, too.

  7. Isn't it amazing to think of 200 of these really does not feel like that long.
    My plants are just poking up and I don't want them to bloom just yet...we are known for freezing rain here this time of year. But so joyful to see yours!I love your blocks with the rooster/chicken fussy cutting. Also enjoyed seeing those wool blocks,very nice. Also your afghan...looks like crochet I think. Wonderful pattern. What a great 200 th post Colette!

  8. I read the Girls in the Stilt House. So good! Your daffodils are so pretty! Your projects are coming along so nicely. Love your work!! Congrats on #200!!

  9. It is good to take time to reset and it looks like you made good use of it. Reading, sewing, and TV bingeing sound great!

  10. Love your blocks, and the kitty photo. 😁

  11. You just reminded me that I need to go and download the next block in block heads.....I have only done the first one. Life has gotten away from me, lots of visitors, now I am pooped. I think you are about a month behind us, my daffodils came last month and are gone now. Iris are now blooming.


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