Wednesday, April 20, 2022

I Like Thursday #201

Welcome to my 201st I Like Thursday post.  Weekly LeeAnna of Not Afraid of Color encourages others to share things that they have discovered during the week that they like/love.  

I love flowers, and I enjoy my garden which is a work in progress.  I am a willy nilly gardener.  I put things where I want to see them, no real plan other than does it need sun/shade, how tall is it?  While it is too cold to garden here yet, I loved these flowers that I spied at work.

Lovely tulips which are yellow with hints of pink and green in the petals.


While it is hard to tell these hyacinths were almost a yellowish peach color.  I sometimes contemplate, perhaps I could buy them, and plant them later.  But then cooler heads prevail the less things to move the better, right?  The other reason why I don't buy plants yet is this:

I saw a meme the other day and it made me giggle:


My housekeeping style can be best described as "There appears to have been a struggle"

I liked these magnets I saw at work.  

 I saw a recipe to make strawberry brownies and so I thought I would try it.  They were quick, easy and very yummy.  The glaze is a lemon glaze.
The brownies were made with a strawberry cake mix, 1/3 cup of vegetable oil, and 2 eggs.  

Also it is that time of year one of my favorite ice cream flavors is out.

I haven't done a lot of sewing this past week because I worked 8 days in a row.  I did work a bit on my wool applique.  I had a pillow that Dawn of Relaxing Robin had given me and it is  great size to sit on my lap and do my applique. 


I also found a little chicken pincushion I made and use it to stick my pins that I used in the applique piece.  

I love doing wool applique and using the lana wool from Aurifil.  I have some motifs which were not really red, but not really pink either, so I ordered some of the smaller spools in hopes one would work.  


Wednesday was my first day off and I worked on the Moda Blockheads 4 bonus block from a couple of weeks ago.  The 9 inch block was easy.

 But I didn't like the 4.5 inch block since it was just a quarter of the 9 inch block.  I tried to calculate the math to make the 4 1/2 inch block and I think I had a mental block.  I started one and thought it would be too small.

So I started again and it was too big.


Recalculating I determined that the first block was the correct size.  I managed to get another quarter done before I had to leave for an appointment.  I still have 2 more to make.  I also need to do the blocks 4 and 5 which are available.  

I realized that I had only a couple more books in the Sebastian St. Cyr Mysteries by C.S. Harris, so I decided to finish up the series.

London 1814 and the body of a beautiful music teacher is discovered in an alley in the middle of a blizzard.  Is her death related to her ties with the royal family and Princess Charlotte?
Sebastian must investigate the death of Lord Ashworth, the husband of his niece Stephanie.  Ashworth was a dissolute, handsome man.  Investigating Lord Ashworth's death, Lord Devlin discovers just how wicked Ashworth truly was, and worries that perhaps Stephanie murdered him. 
Nicholas Hayes the 3rd son of the late Earl of Seaford was convicted of murder and sentenced to hang, but at the last minute he is transported to Botany Bay, and was believed dead.  During a warm summer evening Nicholas Hayes body is discovered in London and as Lord Devilin investigates, it is discovered he also has been seen with a young boy.  Who killed Nicholas Hayes, and where is the young boy?

The war in France is finally over.  In 1811 two families are viciously murdered, it is believed that a young seaman John Williams is the culprit but hangs himself in his cell before he is brought to trial.  When the lead investigator Edwin Pym is found murdered much in the same manner in 1814 the city fears that a serial killer is back on the loose. 

Thanks for stopping by, now head over to LeeAnna's and check out the other I Like Thursday posts.  


  1. Greetings Collette! That hyacinth is sure an unusual color! Your housekeeping quote cracked me up and I love your magnets! Your moda block looks great! Have a wonderful day!

  2. Pretty spring flowers! So sorry there is still snow at your place. We could use some moisture here - it's just been dry and windy for weeks! Those strawberry brownies look yummy. Wool applique is a nice way to sew when you don't have a lot of extra time. I have a kit for a Christmas-y design that I bought a while back. Should dig that out!

  3. You have so many fun things to share. I have never heard of strawberry lemonade ice cream. I will have to look for it. My husband is a chocoholic so I tend to make and buy things to appease his "addiction" Love your Blockheads blocks. Boy, is the extra one small. I am enjoying making them as well. Cut little pincushion! Love it. Thanks for commenting on my blog!

  4. OMG strawberry brownies.... crikey! and what are you doing with OUR snow? we've had none, and it's freaking 83F! The wind nearly blew me, not a lightweight, off my feet today
    I've used that thread and it is great

  5. Hi Colette! Snow! We had some on Monday, too. Dang it! Strawberry brownies and strawberry lemonade ice cream?!! I've never heard of either one but they sound delicious. I hope you get a few more days off in a row - it sounds like you deserve it! Happy Thursday to you. {{Hugs}} ~smile~ Roseanne

  6. Goodness, snow? I like your little squares. Cardinals are so silly - so flashy and loud, and yet so very, very timid!

  7. It’s too early to start gardening here, too! But I’m ready! Strawberry brownies sound so yummy! Anxious to see all your Blockheads complete!

  8. Such pretty flowers! We had snow flurries on Easter but no accumulation. Strawberry brownies sounds good! The books look great!

  9. Wonderful list today,Colette. We bought good strawberry ice cream that would go with those yummy squares. Love all those quotes. Ned’s messes would definitely look like a struggle! Such pretty flowers! Hope you are getting a well deserved break now. Happy reading!

  10. I’m a wily-nily everything, housekeeper, gardener, blogger, cook, reader, crafter, sewer, and so forth and so on. Life is grand. You’ve got me thinking about sewing scraps together. Good cheer, Siouxzq!

  11. That book sounds good, My email lost you , I though maybe you quilt but just now found you

  12. Nothing like strawberries to signal spring and those strawberry brownies sound pretty amazing. I think I'd love to try that strawberry lemonade ice cream too. I'll have to look for it in my store although we don't carry that brand. Cute blocks and I'm sorry the first small block seemed too small and turned out to be the right size after making a larger one. Oh well, good practice, right? Have a great week!

  13. Strawberry brownies and lemon strawberry ice cream? I'm in. Yummy. Tulips are pretty. Mine are just blooming now. Red and yellow


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