Thursday, June 30, 2022

I Like Thursday #210

 Welcome to my late, 210th I like Thursday post.  Each week a group of bloggers, hosted by the fabulous LeeAnna of Not Afraid of Color share things that we have seen, done, heard that we like/love during the week.  

I have had a busy week, going back to work, the deadline for the kids to sign the papers on their home is imminent.  

I will say this for pre moving for me.  I am getting organized again.  I used to be very organized, but after the last few years, it became a disaster and once that happens it is so hard to get control of it again.  It is coming along slowly.  I think I have almost everything in the kitchen packed for storage that I will not need in the immediate future. I jokingly tell my kids I have met the maximum box to kitchen space ration.

All boxes are labeled and surprisingly they are not a hodgepodge but specific.  Cookie making supplies, canning supplies, bird feeders, extra utensils, you get the drift.  

I have started on my fabric stash and sewing rooms too.  If something is for a specific quilt/project it is packed in a 2 gallon Hefty bag and put into a box marked kits.  If it is just a specific fabric designer, and I don't have a plan for the fabrics, it is packed by the designer.  I don't have many precuts so those will go into a box, and then I will tackle the folded stash.  I just need to make sure my boxes don't get too heavy.  

I have been trying some new recipes, and per request an old one.  

I made a broccoli, ham, and pasta salad which was from cooking light, it was really good, sorry no pictures, but I did throw in a lot more veggies, including celery, and olives.  The by request was for edible cookie dough for the kids.  No eggs.  

 I have found that some of the spices I purchased recently are "stale" and I use a lot of spice, so I splurged to restock the ones I recently used, and ordered them from The Spice House.  I love their spices!  I use a lot of Cumin and I was very disappointed when I ran out a couple of months ago, and replaced with the grocery store Cumin.  Much different quality.  

I have been trying to get the yard under control too, but unfortunately my stars are not seeming to align.  I somehow messed up my battery operated weed whip, so had to take it to be repaired, the closest place was 1 hour away in Ohio.  Anyway since I could not weed whip, I thought I would mow some of the tall weeds down, that was a major fail too.  No gas in my mower, and for some reason, on this farm, I could not locate a gas can.  My middle daughter's comment that day was it was God's way of telling me to sit my butt down and relax.  

When I went to Ohio, to the small tool repair shop,  I decided since it was not terribly hot, I would go on a small hike and check out a place I had read a little about in history books.  I visited The Fallen Timbers Battlefield--  1.5 mile hike, with lots of signage and history.  

Per Wikipedia The Battle of Fallen Timbers was the final battle of the Northwest Indian War, and was fought on the 20th of August 1794.  The Natives were rising up against the white settlers who were entering the Ohio territory which had previously treaty territory.  Interestingly enough the name of the battle is because a tornado had swept through and many trees in the forest had fallen.  Lewis and Clark fought in this battle as well as future president William Henry Harrison.  

The original battlefield was thought to be about 3 miles south and is marked with a monument which has been there for many years.  Not until the late 90's was it actually determined where the true battlefield was after an archaeologist was granted permission to do a dig, and located musket balls and found  what could have been a mass grave where the only surviving objects were what they call frog legged eagle buttons which were a feature on General Mad Anthony Wayne's Legion.  

I loved the scent of clover, and saw these beautiful wild roses blooming in perfusion.  It was a lovely hike. And not many bugs!

I purchased a FitBit a little less than a year ago, and every now and then I get these funky notifications.  I thought this one was very cool.

It tells me that since I started wearing my FitBit I have walked almost 2,000 miles!  In a little less than a year! That is equivalent to walking the length of India.  When there are some days I just don't want to do anything, it helps me keep focused. 

Thanks for stopping by to my late post, please head to LeeAnna's to check out the other I Like Thursday posts.



  1. I so often learn something new from reading your blog on Thursdays. :-) I can sympathize with getting stuff under control after it's gone wild. I have a little spice shop I try to buy from - like you I find it's so much better than the grocery store's spices! Yay for walking 2000 miles!

  2. So glad you're feeling more organized as you prepare to move. That's such a big job! Will you be putting your place up for sale? Yum on the pasta salad, too - that's always one of my favorites! The visit to the historic battlefield sounds fascinating. Congratulations on that message from your Fitbit! I don't have one anymore (just use a step counter now), but I did always enjoy those funny messages.

  3. Yes you need to relax too. It's accomplished my friend. Bobbin must be a big help. If I walked that far you would Need to scrape me off the pavement

  4. Is Bobbin getting worried about being packed in a box yet? I am impressed with the idea of walking that far! Nice to have a way to add it all up. It will be so nice to be so organized again.

  5. So glad that packing is going well! You really are organized! I wondered how Bobbin is taking the boxing up situation too. Your recipes sound yummy and I LOVE that your fit bit keeps you motivated!! What a neat thing! Have a safe weekend!

  6. I’ve enjoyed reading your post. You are so organized, amazing. I have a Fitbit watch and if I sit too long, it will vibrate to let me know to move, lol. I miss my old Fitbit! I loved those messages of encouragement. Hugs to you and Bobbin. Be safe.

  7. I agree with the organization comment. I also used to be pretty well organized, but got way behind and it is taking way too much time trying to get organized again. I can't even see the light at the end of the tunnel anymore. Not being in town most of the past 4 months doesn't help any, and now the holidays are coming and I'm behind again (as usual).


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