Wednesday, July 6, 2022

I Like Thursday #211

 It is Thursday so it is time for an I Like Thursday post!  Welcome to my 211th I Like Thursday post.  What is I Like Thursday?  It is a post sharing things that a group of bloggers have seen, done, read, heard, that we like, love.  LeeAnna of Not Afraid of Color is the host weekly.  

The store seems to be carrying a lot of tin signs.  I like them, they remind me of the signs from back in the day. 

We have been hot, but we had a lot of rain today, but with the humidity starting out at 95% early this morning, I was surprised at how dry the chicken run is.


I am trying out a new vanilla that had a very high rating.  I love trying new things.

I don't know it if will every compare to the vanilla Jeff and I made one year.  I have a wee bit left, with the vanilla beans still in it.  

I like that the kids finally signed their paperwork for their home today.  Early this morning, they loaded the kids, dogs, building supplies and headed up to close, then go explore their property.  When they originally viewed the property and home, they only had 30 minutes due to the real estate agent having another appointment scheduled, and because of a tornado that went through a town just a few minutes before they arrived, they were late.  While it is going to be strange not having them right next door, I am thrilled for their new chapter on life. It will be a few weeks before they are completely moved.  

With that being said, I need to up my game and get things packed so I can get my home ready to sell.  I am kind of thinking if I cannot get both properties sold by October, perhaps I should rent the house next door.  So much to do when working full time.  That being said I managed to get 12 boxes packed on my day off between doing laundry, cooking, cleaning.  Mostly my stash.  All I can say is I have a long way to go.  :D 

I like that my little wisteria is blooming again.  The big one isn't so I looked up what could be the problem and was told to add phosphate to the soil.  So I will try that to see if I can get it to bloom.  

 Since I was not going to garden this year, I thought it was kind of serendipity to find some tomato plants on sale the other day, so I planted them in my porch pots.  

I got this notification this week and it made me smile.  I wasn't aware that Kindle gave out reader awards.  LOL 

Speaking of books....

The new series I have been reading is the Lady Fan series by Elizabeth Bailey.

The Gilded Shroud starts with Otillia Draycott taking a position at position as Lady's Companion to Sybillia, the Dowager Marchioness of Polbrook.  Emily Fanshawe, the Marchioness of Polbrook is found murdered in her bedchamber, her husband has mysteriously disappeared, and it is left to the younger son Lord Francis Fanshawe to sort things out.  Otillia, and Lord Fan work in tandem to unravel the secrets to the murder of the former Marchioness, and in doing so begin a budding relationship, much to the delight of the Dowager.

Otillia is married to Lord Fanshawe, and they are currently traveling when their carriage breaks down in the village of Witherley where the body of the local blacksmith has just be found in the ashes of the smithy.  There are rumors that a recent newcomer is a witch and she has foretold the death of the smith.  Lady Fan has to investigate further.  

Lady Fan is dealing with a difficult pregnancy, but her interest is piqued when a new neighbor Sir Joslin Cadel has recently arrived from his plantations in Barbados, along with some very interesting retainers. When Sir Joslin is discovered collapsed on his doorstep, his ward Tasmine Roy claims that she killed him.  But anyone talking to her sees that she is not quite right.  Why did Sir Joslin return to England, and what happened to Tasmine's parents, there are a lot of secrets to unwind.

A young woman's body has been discovered, laid out in a coffin in the cemetery surrounded by candles in the sea town of Weymouth.  The Colonel stationed in Weymouth is tasked with discovering who the killer is, and so reaches out to Lord Francis Fanshawe for assistance.  With the stillbirth of their child, and Ottillia's deep depression, Lord Francis thinks this is just the puzzle to bring her back to him, as well as a change of scenery.

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  1. Oh, packing up a house is a lot of work! Best wishes with that!

  2. It's nice that things are moving forward for your daughter's family and their new adventure is under way. I don't envy you trying to pack up during the heat of summer while working full time.

  3. Always fun to see your likes, Colette! That's great about your kids and their new place - I bet it makes you all the more ready to move on, too. The Kindle message is fun - I diknow they did that either. Those books look good!

  4. So happy for the family's new home. I don't envy you packing. I have moved 5 times. That's 4 times too many lol you quickly learn how much stuff you have accumulated over the years. Good luck girl

  5. All good likes this week. The kids must be excited to explore their new place. Continued good wishes on your packing.

  6. Vanilla is the one thing I buy the real not the imitation as I do think it makes a difference. How exciting for the family to have a new place. And change ahead for you too. It sounds like you are on top of the packing...a little bit here and there adds up. Glad you got some rain. Have a good weekend, Colette.

  7. Packing up a house to move is such a huge job! I've never heard of making your own vanilla but I bet it's much better than what we buy at the store. We need rain and are considered to be in some form of drought. The lawns don't look too good!

  8. Moving is so difficult. Best wishes to you and your family. We also need rain here, it is so hot.


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