Wednesday, July 20, 2022

I Like Thursday #213

Welcome to my 213th I Like Thursday post.  Each week a group of bloggers, encouraged by the talented and lovely LeeAnna of Not Afraid of Color, post a list of things that they have done, seen, read, heard that they like or love.  

I went to visit the kid's new home Sunday and Monday, and took a load of their belongings to them.  With 6 people in their family, they ended up with 2 big uhauls full of belongings, a truck load, a trailer load, and there is still stuff remaining.  While it may not seem like a thing to like, I am very happy for them, and while it is summer I do love their new property.

They live in a 3 bedroom 2 bathroom manufactured home which has been updated with a metal roof, a sliding door with a pergola off the kitchen, a mud room, and a set of french doors to a deck with a hot tub which is covered with a gazebo like structure.  There is a river that meanders through the property that the kids, and I went wading for a bit, the bottom all sand.  Then much to my surprise Bobbin dove right in and waded and swam right along with the rest of us.  

I like that they are off the road a bit, but not far, but it is very private.  I like their cabins.

This is the original cabin.  It needs a new floor, but overall it is in pretty good condition.  But the add on is fabulous!

There are 10 bunks, a table, couches, and refrigerators as well as years worth of hunting trophies on the wall.  

I like that they are only about 10 miles from Lake Huron and the nearby town has a real beachy vibe.  I will say that what little I saw, I loved.  I liked how quiet and peaceful it was, and of course getting away from the 90 degree plus weather was nice.  I scoped out some homes around there, some in town, and some nearby.  There are so many possibilities.

LeeAnna has asked us to share something in our kitchen that we like/love this week.  Since I love to bake, and cook, even if it is just for me, it was a very hard deciding what my favorite tool would be.  I have 2 which I use a lot.

 I spotted this drying rack in a little store and snapped it up for $1.00 years ago.  My grandmother used one like it to hang dishclothes and dish towels on over the sink. I use it to hold strainers, canning jar lids, since it is a great place for those items to dry.  

My other favorite is an old egg beater.  I have a whole drawer full, but this is the one that is in current use.

There have been some fun things at the store lately.  I love this trash can for a bathroom.

But I am sure it could be used in other places.  

I am still working at packing, but also have been trying to get rid of things.  Our local Salvation Army closed so I went to the next one and would you believe they would not take 2 leather coats which I had outgrew?  (Can you outgrow if they are now way too big?)  I was told they no longer take clothes, even baby clothes unless they are current fashion or new.  

I also rented a small heated storage unit.  I decided I would store my sewing stuff and sewing machines there while I am prepping the house to sell.  I will probably also store Christmas decorations trees, etc in there.  

I have done a little reading, but not much else.  I am sorry if I didn't comment on other people's blogs.  Sometimes I read them, but forget to comment, and life has been so busy.  

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  1. Your kids' place looks wonderful, especially with the stream running through! I hope you find a good spot for yourself nearby. I love those old style egg beaters - wish I still had one! Have a good week!

  2. So wonderful that your kids are in such a nice place! And I love your drying rack. I should look for something like that, I tend to have piles of little stuff like that in a pile on a dishcloth and it can get untidy fast!

  3. ooooo the cabin!!!! I love the story of bobbin diving in! And your gadgets are great... I remember seeing dish towels hanging on a rack like that. Leather... it's sacriledge but you could repurpose that leather betcha... into purses or totes or jackets... shame to waste them

  4. What a fun cabin! That drying rack idea is brilliant, and the egg beaters remind me of when my nephews were young. We'd let them play with eggbeaters in soapy water. Made a mess, but they thoroughly enjoyed it. They let their kids do the same!

  5. Hi Colette! What a cool property! I've never seen anything like it. And sweet little Bobbin dove right into the creek and went swimming with y'all?!! You just take your time getting packed. Don't worry about commenting (or even reading). You've got a lot on your plate right now. {{Hugs}} a bunch. ~smile~ Roseanne

  6. A dip in the river sounds lovely. A lot of bunks in that cabin - perfect for lots of friends. I can't believe they wouldn't take the leather coats. Good luck getting packed and organized.

  7. The cabin looks so cozy! I love your kitchen gadgets. I've never seen that type of drying rack. I hope all is going well with your packing.

  8. Love the cabin. Congrats to the kids on their new place. Don't worry about commenting or reading. Life happens quickly sometimes and things take priority

  9. The kids new place looks so nice. They will enjoy it. I like your drying rack. It seems all donation places are limiting what they take since Covid started. I think everyone cleaned out their homes and there was a glut of everything being donated. It is crazy.

  10. The egg beater takes me back to when I was a kid and played with my Mom's!

  11. Just dropping by to say hope all has gone well with the move and Bobbin is good too.


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