Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Goodbye 2014- Hello 2015

2014 is slowly ebbing away today and I managed to have one last finish for the year.  My plans for December were pretty lofty.

1.  I need to square up my Farmer's Wife blocks which are finished.  I would at least like to get that finished this month, and possibly start to put the lattice around it.  I also need to decide on the setting squares.
Didn't touch one of them.  I do have the fabric for the lattices though.  Still cannot decide regarding the side setting squares though. 

2.  Aurifil Block of the Month it was posted on Sunday night.  The block for December was designed by Carrie Nelson of Miss Rosie's Quilt Company.
I haven't finished it either.  I do have the pattern all printed. 

3.  Finish binding my Lazy Sunday Mystery Quilt.  There is even a label on it!  All washed and in its crinkly goodness. 

4.  I have a few more of these to make.
I stitched 8 of these tea towels.  This is the last one and it is mine. 

5.  And these

I made 13 chap stick holders for stocking stuffers.  I need to make one more.

6.  Grand Illusion Mystery Quilt Along.  I have step one completed.  I am only a few steps behind....4 right now.   I did prep my EZ Angle ruler so that I can work on step 2. 

7.  Yellow Brick Road I would love to finish up the blocks for this quilt this month.
There are 3 different blocks for this quilt.  I have one set completed,but that is about as far as I got. 

8.  I have lots of quilting to do.  After cleaning up I never got my quilt back out to quilt. 

9. My quilt group BOM.  I am about 8 blocks behind now!   I think that I am even further behind than 8 but I have had my focus elsewhere. 

 10.  Drunkards Path quilt

 I have some more blocks put together and a bunch of pieces sewn.  Again I had to kind of put a lot of stuff up for the holidays. 

11.  Words of Wisdom Red Work.  I stalled on N. 
I actually picked it up and started stitching again on it after I finished everything else.
12.  I am hoping to get some more pillow cases completed for gifts for Christmas.

10 completed and delivered.


I made 16 of these guys total for stocking stuffers. 

I made 8 of these travel size tissue holders.  I need to make one more of these too.

Add on top of that working, family cookie day, shopping, wrapping, shipping and Christmas I think that overall I had a pretty productive month. 


  1. You did better than I did, I am still working on Christmas presents

  2. You had a very busy month! I love your Lazy Sunday quilt. The colors are stunning!

  3. Inthink you got a lot accomplished! Especially with how much you have been working and then Christmas. I really like your Lazy Sunday quilt! Great colors!

  4. You need the nick name "The Bionic Quilter", it's amazing all the things you accomplish every month ! Happy New Year !

  5. You did lots on December. I just finished some stuff, then lost my mojo. I'm supposed to be finishing some exchange blocks, but, I'm trying to catch up on blog posts instead. Happy New Year!


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